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      Our Favorite Met Gala 2019 Looks

      Lindsay and Jazzmyne review their favorite looks from the 2019 Met Gala! Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos …

      Lindsay Webster

        <3 harry <3 styles <3


          I’ll wait until I see BTS in the Gala!

          Tera Beth Dillard

            I see Harry. I click

            SYDM ASMR

              1:20 is me

              Melissa Goldman

                I loved Jordan Roth’s Theatre cape look

                Kejhari Strong

                  Ezra Miller had me snatched bald was he really not on your list?

                  It’s Kayla

                    Katy Perry wore a whole as chandelier

                    Shallyn Ward

                      Ezra Miller!!

                      Kate Bozarth

                        Can we just take a moment to appreciate those Power Ranger earrings?

                        Grace Veiga

                          I feel like I could take a fat nap on cardis dress lol it looked all soft ahaha

                          haniya ansari

                            Look at Ezra millers

                            Alo Rmz

                              Cardi did say that her dress was inspidered by the female anatomy and expressing the breast and the uterus. Not her exact words but some thing like that


                                You ladies should have bothered reading the first two paragraphs of the exhibition website before giving drag queens credit for inventing Camp. https://www.metmuseum.org/exhibitions/listings/2019/camp-notes-on-fashion

                                Z Grace

                                  not mentioning other stuff cardi b has said and done, her dressed used 30,000 burned and dyed coque feathers, think about how many birds that was and think again about supporting an outfit like that.

                                  O. Tutaysalgır

                                    Lady Gaga is everytrhing..!!!

                                    Casey Finnegan

                                      I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH, OH MY GODDDD. <3 I love alll the looks!

                                      Beren Boylu

                                        Okay camp literally goes back to Louis XIV, had a place in the dictionary in 1909, and was officially explained in 1964 in Camp: Notes On Fashion… and you say black drag queens started it? Get your facts right before you give public information.

                                        Burnt Cookie

                                          Who else got disappointed because they didn’t mention shawn

                                          chesire’s cat

                                            so no mention of jordan roth or ezra miller??


                                              Did no one see Saoirse Ronan??!

                                              Riya Sarkar

                                                Why you are not talking about Priyanka Chopra and Ezra Miller… They seriously rocked the Camp theme

                                                Zora K

                                                  Does Jazmyn has a Power Rangers earring?! I love it!!❤️

                                                  Anjali Sharma

                                                    No one for Priyanka!!..I thought she did good too,I guess its just me.

                                                    Sarah McCurdy

                                                      They didn’t show Halsey’s amazing outfit. She looked bomb!

                                                      shammeera shahid

                                                        harry is the beshtt , I love himmm so f**** mmuchh

                                                        Max Roberts

                                                          Buzzfeed pretending Cardi B didnt drug men.

                                                          Anshu Poudyal

                                                            DID YOU NOT SEE EZRA MILLER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


                                                              so no ones gon talk about kim k?


                                                                what about eric miller?


                                                                  Black and white symbolism #Duality


                                                                    Leto was Disgusting

                                                                    Endesonia Xaxi

                                                                      HOW ARE THEY NOT TALKING ABOUT EZRA MILLER GODDAMN

                                                                      Sophie G

                                                                        Ezra Ezra Ezra EZRA. I absolutely loved his outfit. It was amazing 👍👏❤

                                                                        Milly Simpson

                                                                          I think Lindsey is a bit obsessed with Harry Styles……😂

                                                                          Natalie Kendel

                                                                            clicked this so fast

                                                                            Kristin Cabangunay

                                                                              if harry had just did something more like billy porter (is that his name? the guy from kinky boots? excuse my ignorant arse), I feel like everyone would freak out and like, worship him. just… god. he looks beautiful but I'm really disappointed.

                                                                              Niyati Pathak

                                                                                U guys r racist. U guys dint even mention priyanka Chopra n nick jonas n deepika padukone . Really racist people.

                                                                                neamh U-M

                                                                                  HOW DID YOU FORGET DARREN CHRIS ! also probs to little Shawnie looking stunning with his gold hair

                                                                                  Amelia Broetzmann

                                                                                    My fav was Kendall Jenner’s❤️

                                                                                    Love you Jazz!!

                                                                                    Isabelle Cousineau

                                                                                      You didn't talk about Céline! I mean common! She's like 50 and she looked like the most edgy mamma 😍

                                                                                      ALLISON DELA CRUZ

                                                                                        I am Lindsay when it comes to Harry

                                                                                        Pretty Linda

                                                                                          I like the message behind harry's outfit nd how he showed that everyone can get inspired by the other gender's fashion and he look soo fkn goooood i mean i loove that the tattoos r half seen it look amaziiing i looooooved it omg he killed me he looks like a prince

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