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      OUR INVISIBLE ILLNESS... How we deal with Endometriosis ...

      Ovaries, cramps and periods, … we’re talking about talking about it all and hopefully it helps you feel less alone. xo’s ~ Tati TODAY LAST CHANCE FREE …

      Amber Poleet

        thank you for speaking about this. i know the struggle endo is one of the worst pains ive ever experienced in my life and not many people speak about it so thank you<3

        Nathan Worthington

          Girl on left looks like Maggie Gyllenhaal

          Seve Gomez

            I need more videos like this ♥️♥️

            Okay. “Rebellious uteruses” cuz same

            Elin Carlsson

              Love this, I have IBS and so nice that you are talking about this 🥰👍

              Becky Silver-Aunes

                Thank you,thank you,THANK YOU!!!!!!!! This is amazing… And you are right!! You are not crazy… Keep stomping until a health provider listens! Great job ladies!! XOXO

                Rhiana Knight

                  As a girl with pcos and endo running in my family it means a lot to see someone with a big platform discussing this. It’s a daily struggle and people need to be more educated!! You always try to explain and no one seems to truly get it. Thank you tati 🥺

                  j c

                    Honies im 55 i had it for thirty years. C125 blood work


                      WTF its going on here

                      j c

                        Laparoscopy to remove it. Week out of work get scan to see if u need myomectomy. I found good drs i found when you csll obgyn ask if dr works with female problems rather than babies. Most obgyn only do babies not problem. But have it removed. Every time u flow it grows . It can fill your body wrap around other organs.

                        j c

                          I had severe endometriosis for years. You need to get surgery to remove it. It can give you cancer. It will relieve pain ease heavy flows. Mine wrapped around my colon. In the end i was never able to have kids and i got chocolate cyst ovaries and major tumors. I finally had ablation that helped then ended with full hysterectomy. It can make you barren.

                          Carlee F

                            When my surgeon said I wasn’t crazy I cried for days . However my bf works in Ivf which makes me very lucky to have someone who completely understands the pain and the disease .but opening that door made me come to realization of everything I’ve been ignoring like my ptsd , panic disorder and bi polar1 but if it wasn’t for my surgeon to notice they systems and support me with getting help i wouldn’t in a place where I feel like it’s ok. But to sum it all up more education is needed!

                            Calista Capps

                              Thank you for sharing Tati and Erika!!! You're both amazing women. You're both so beautiful too! Icons ✨


                                You’re so open ….. I appreciate that big time love ya guys ❤️❤️❤️

                                Violetta Terzi

                                  So what do you do during a flareup? all I can do is take ibuprofen.

                                  Violetta Terzi

                                    Our healthcare is insanely crazy and not patient oriented. It's a business.

                                    Stephanie Stark

                                      Thank you so much for posting this. This whole video touched me… I have fibromyalgia, I’ve struggled HORRIBLY with inflammation, I’ve struggled with insurance. I have two small children and the struggle is real. I love you so much for posting this. Thank you thank you thank you

                                      magical Fumikoreaper

                                        i also have another invisible disease, hashimotos hypothyroidism 🥺💔

                                        Ask to seduce Miss

                                          I’m 17 and have a gene mutation called mthfr, pcos, and we are thinking endometriosis but haven’t been “diagnosed” yet.


                                            Thank you thank you thank you. More spoonie influencers speaking out is so f*cking helpful. I’m in between a dx of fibro and eds with pots. Invisible illnesses need so much more recognition. Thank you Tati and Erica ♥️♥️ I’m crying and I’m only 5 minutes in.

                                            trinity cramer

                                              I understand about not having health insurance because my mom lost her insurance and was in need of surgery thank god she now has insurance but only for a short time the system is so f'ed up

                                              Stacy Gutierrez Richardson

                                                I’m literally laying in bed In pain and came across this… I was diagnosed 3 years ago, it took 12 years for someone to figure out what was wrong. I still struggle talking about it. I hide my pain on a daily basis. Thanks ❤️

                                                Steve Turner

                                                  Jesus is all you need he can deliver you from this. He loves you.

                                                  Kawaii Kayla

                                                    Also tati I was wondering which supplement you recommend most for antiinflammatory

                                                    Kawaii Kayla

                                                      I'm currently laying in bed from my second laproscopy surgery. I was so lucky to find a second Dr who really knew what he was doing. My first surgery was in Aug of 17. I still continued to have pain and I knew the surgeries were just a bandaid so when the pain became more and more frequent I knew I needed another surgery. By this time I had been referred to another Dr from someone who majorly suffers also. Boy was I glad I did. My doctor affectionately called me 'messed up'. Most of my severe pain was from what was left behind from my first surgery that the doctor was not skilled enough to remove. The recovery has been way harder than my previous surgery and I am once again thankful that my current doctor understands that and will not accept me being in severe pain.

                                                      Heidi Schmidt

                                                        I love you Tati! You are a wonderful person. What you said about the health insurance really hit home.

                                                        Kendal Kern

                                                          I have been asking and pleading and emailing and spending so much money going to the doctor for nothing to happen. Today I finally DEMANDED an appointment and a full evaluation. I have gone in for the same thing over 12 times and no one ever suggested an ultrasound to look at my ovaries. Tomorrow is finally the day. I’m sitting here with my heating pad both scared and hopeful for answers.

                                                          Sharna Keady

                                                            Thank you Tati and Erica. Knowing you are spending rent money on your illness. I have Endo and 3 types of arthritis I am in my early 40’s. I just wish people would mind their own business and not ask me about kids it seems like such a basic question but it cuts like a knife

                                                            Tobias P

                                                              Tati – I finally caved and got the tatcha canvas primer and OMG – THANK YOU I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT <3

                                                              Shafinaz Nasz

                                                                I have both pcos and endometriosis..with pcos, there was a time where i didn't have my period for a year, people thought i was pregnant but i wasnt.. after tht one whole year, my period finally came, it hurts so bad tht i cant even sit, lay down or do anything..i had to get painkiller injection.. I gained weight drastically…from just 40+kg to 70+kg… last 2 years, i was diagnosed with endometriosis after experiencing extreme stomach ache tht lead to body sore, my whole body was in pain tht i feel like im dying..i lost 10kg from tht episode..i dont have any surgery, but the flares visit from time to time…i take painkillers or injections.. its painful, but im trying and taking good care of myself… Im glad u did too 😘😘

                                                                Sarah Morthland Brookhouse

                                                                  Thank you for this video ❤️

                                                                  Misti Christensen

                                                                    Thank you for sharing your stories.

                                                                    Leila Velaski

                                                                      I don’t get how people can say you’re making it up. Do they tell cancer patients that they’re making it up? We can’t see cancer, right? This stigma is so silly. I would never not believe someone who is in pain. Glad you shared this message.

                                                                      Jerrika Chase

                                                                        Thank you so much for talking about bills and surviving. I’m going through that right now and I feel like I’m drowning. It’s so hard. I have a couple thousand in medical bills right now and I get anxiety every time my bills are going to come out of my account. I’m 22 and I feel like it’s never going to end. It feels good to have you talk about it. Somebody who I look up to and is on the other side… you give me hope. ♥️ Thank you.

                                                                        Halley 22

                                                                          Have my first lap in April. I can't wait, praying it helps. Thank you for speaking up about this!! Agree with everything you said.

                                                                          Bree Acosta

                                                                            Thank you so much for this video. I just want to rant a bit😭 when I was younger I would get so sick while getting my period, I would get such bad cramps that I couldn’t do anything but lay in bad, I would feel faint and become very pale, I would dry heave and throw up nothing but liquid. It was absolutely terrible and my mom would not take me to the OBGYN until she witnessed me dry heave out of her car door because it’s that “invisible pain” and she didn’t believe me. I finally was put onto the pill and have been on it for over two years. Recently I’ve been feeling dull and sharp pains in my ovaries, experience bloating and break tenderness, and my lower back down to my legs sometimes hurt. I think it could be endo flaring up but I’m absolutely terrified. I’m getting a pelvic exam and ultrasound done this weekend and I’m so so scared they’re going to tell me I have ovarian cysts or follicles or that I’m pregnant (which wouldn’t make sense because I take the pill correctly every day and we also use condoms) but I’m still so scared for any news😓😓

                                                                            lea rodriguez

                                                                              I was gonna say…first glimpse…are you twins?…

                                                                              Taiz Carrizales

                                                                                I got so emotional with Tati about not having insurance. First year in college away from home I was trying to figure everything out & I had an ovarian cyst that caused me to lose so much weight. I didn’t find out what I had until suffering with it for 5 months. 3 male doctors later finally my 4th doctor (female) suggested a cyst. Not a pulled muscle like the rest. Almost a thousand dollars later & then another 500 after confirming it was indeed a cyst that was causing me so much pain. So many times I went with cents to my name during that time. 2 years later & I still suffer with this cyst. Getting ultrasounds to see if anything has changed is too expensive so I have yet to know if it’s gotten bigger or not.

                                                                                Earthman indeed

                                                                                  I really feel bad for women with this health problem. My ex has it. I had to witness her in so much pain. Shed give herself blisters using a heating pad and id rub her back for i don't know how long. 😥

                                                                                  Nicole Miller

                                                                                    I don't have endo, but I am a Nurse Practitioner/RN, and I find women's health so fascinating–probably because I'm a woman and our bodies are so fascinating!! :-). People also don't relaize that not only is it an inflammatory process, but when your pituitary gland is sending those hormonal pulses to your endometrium, the other scattered endometrial pieces throughout the abdomen (or wherever else they're located) receive those signals, thus increasing inflammation and pain. It's basically like all those areas are menstruating as well along with your uterus. Every area of those endometium are sending pain signals back to the brain. So, so painful to have and I'm so sorry you both have to go through it! SO glad you are shedding light on the subject to other women who may be going through the same issue!!

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