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    Alex Centomo
      OUR OFFICIAL BIRTH STORY! // Cesarean Explained + What it Was Like

      Our birth story during a pandemic and why I needed a cesarean! Official birth vlog: Follow me on instagram: …

      Annamaria Ferenczova

        Omg… I had almost the same birth… I felt a pop but I was home and then contractions started… at 2 am i waited until 6 am i called my doctor ( I was 39 weeks and 2 days) so my doctor says go to the hospital just to check you but I don't think this is that.. so we went.. the nurse check me and I was only 1cm dilated and not at all afeced… she called my OB.. at this point I was all alone because of covid my husband could come in only when I got admitted… hours go by and I had contractions pretty intense contractions but I could breathe through them.. at 12 PM I think my OB came he told to let my husband in because I couldn't leave.. I wasn't dilated more neither affaced… but as he said I had labor contractions.. he thought something is wrong because I should deliver any time soon with the contractions I had but no dilation he talk to us about a cesarean he said that we can try for natural until midnight that day or do it right now….. I never thought that I could have a c cection I had a beautiful and easy pregnancy… and I just cried but we decided to do it.. because we didn't want to have an emergency c cection..
        I go in I try to keep my tears to my self and do the epidural until that time I didn't have anything for my contractions 😣 and the end I had a beautiful baby girl in my arms… later on my OB said that even if we tried she wouldn't be born naturally I had a bone in my pelvis that was stopping the baby coming down and her head had a red mark from hitting the bone and we had meconium also she was born at 14.00… 12 hour labor
        At the end doesn't matter how she was born but that I had her In my arms ❤❤
        Wish you the best Alex to you and your little one


          He has your eyes! You’re brave for switching OBs last minute like that. I wouldn’t do it just because it’s so important to know your ob and how they practice

          Nicole Mendillo

            it warms my heart every time you talk about arkie and how much you love him🥺i love how you are just loving every step of your journey. you are an inspiration 💕

            Georgie Merteuil

              I know this is a really personal question, but does health care cover giving birth in Canada or is it really expensive for you? Congratulations on Arkham Alex, he's absolutely gorgeous and I wish I could smoosh his little face!! xx

              Summer Rossi

                He looks so much like you. Handsome baby boy!!!

                Carissa Halter

                  Congratulations!!! I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant with a baby boy & with a uterine septum! It gives me hope you had such an amazing experience!

                  Rita Reid

                    You are a lovely story-teller (its's not a "story", I know sorry, just cannot find a better word for it). Amazing story – I loved listening to you. 6 days post-partum here with third. 😇


                      also youre a freakin champ alex!! Congrats on your beautiful baby! <3


                        your voice sounds like gigi hadid


                          My water broke 4 days before I had my son but they told me to go home because I wasn’t dilating. When I went to the hospital his head was already crowning I had him 15 mins later lol I was really lucky and blessed to have had him so easily and naturally. Arkie is so precious ✨

                          Tamara Sebok

                            Thank you thank you for sharing your story with us!! Lots of love from Hungary❤️

                            Kasey Belle

                              Have you had any issues with breastfeeding?

                              Lauren Elizabeth Schwartzbard

                                I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU OMG

                                Georgina Hollenbach

                                  I don't understand why she said she would have to put you under general anaesthetic for an emergency cesarean if you already had an epidural… one of the main benefits of getting an epidural during labour is that if a c-section is required you do not need a general anaesthetic. I feel like this is a classic instance of doctors putting false fear into patients during labour.

                                  Julia Dexter

                                    Literally such an amazing role model. I love how you’ve been so open about pregnancy and especially about body positively 💕


                                      So happy for you Alex! Wishing you , dan and arkie all the best❤️❤️

                                      Chelsea’s Bargain Buys

                                        As a nurse working in a hospital, It kills me to continue to see how negative you have been about the hospital policies regarding COVID and visitors. They didn’t do it to be “selfish” or “ridiculous” towards their patients or families. This is a pandemic and it’s important to protect everyone in the community and in the hospital. Just because you are a first time mom doesn’t mean you get an exception. I wish you were more understanding about the policies. You aren’t the only one needing support in the hospital during this time. Cancer and critical care patients didn’t get visitors either and unfortunately, they didn’t have the luxury to be able to switch hospitals like you did.

                                        Kailee Smith

                                          Omg he is ridiculously cute!!!!! How cute is BOO at the end too!! Thanks for sharing your journey!!! 🥰

                                          zoe sun

                                            Oh my god im so happy for you, you guys seem like the best parents ever😭

                                            Κωνσταντίνα Μ.

                                              So happy you're healthy and happy after this whole difficulties during the pandemic with your little miracle ❤️
                                              I was litteraly crying watching your birth vlog, Arkie is the sweetest little human being ❤️

                                              Summer Posey

                                                One of my favorite videos of yours. I was just 4 weeks ahead of you and had such a similar experience delivering during Covid. We will always have very unique delivering stories haha! I’m so happy for you and Dan. You’re such a natural mom and Arkie is precious! 💕

                                                Cath de T

                                                  If you breast feed for one year, you loose alll your extra weight naturally, without exercizing that much at all


                                                    honestly take your time! u deserve a break and time with your new family u absolutely don‘t have to rush anything! 🧡

                                                    Barbara Connolly

                                                      The chances of still birth really increase at 41 to 42 weeks. You made the best choice. The whole idea of birth is to have a healthy baby and a healthy mum. We should never be made to feel guilty for not doing "natural". I had a oxytocin drip 36 years ago. Wish someone had told me it is much more painful and the contractions are full on from the beginning. I would have had an epidural, I had no pain relief for 7 hours and then just had pethidine. I had PTSD afterwards, but back then not diagnosed.
                                                      Looking at Arkies little head he was in the birth canal for a bit. Gorgeous boy.

                                                      marine styles

                                                        I mean this video was so magical especially those couple of moments at last watching you , hold little arkie sharkie and how motherhood is a blessing and an emotional journey that makes you and every other woman out there stronger everyday i mean such courage and grace that a woman experiences this journey of pregnancy and then giving birth in anyway she believes is comforting and then caring for them and going crazy if they cry and feeding them this is so magical and amazing am 17 right now i can’t wait to experience the day i would become a mother and You are beautiful Alex i hope the best for you and Dan and lil baby ark and boo bear🌸🌸🌸🤍🤍🤍 sending love


                                                          super non-related by where did you get your jumper from??

                                                          Caterina Sosso

                                                            Honestly I couldn’t think anything else but “she’s such a good mom” the whole video🥺 Arkie is so cute!!!!!!! Love from Italy xx

                                                            Eline Parlando

                                                              Such a beautiful story ! You and dan are amazing parents ❤️

                                                              Valises & Gourmandises

                                                                I could hear you talk for hours! I love your mindset on pregnancy in general, weight gain, etc. 
                                                                I'm due in October and have had a dream pregnancy so far too. I did get very anxious though when this covid madness started, can't imagine how it was for women very close to giving birth! Congrats again, can't wait to see more videos 🥰

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