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    Cute Girls Hairstyles

      Our Spring Break BEFORE You Know What...

      Come along with us to #Hawaii for #SpringBreak! You’ll see us, and a few of our family friends all soaking in some sun before we cut the trip short to rush home …

      Cute Girls Hairstyles

        What is your dream vacation?? Comment below! ✅Don’t forget shop my NEW hair product line HERE: https://shopstyle.it/l/bcn9T 💋's -Mindy

        Zoe Grace Kelley

          like i get u guys are having fun but it kinds seems like your basically kicking rylan out of the family and thats not kind of any of u and yes i said any and all

          XxXKiller PotatoXxX

            So No One's Gonna Notice The Chicken Just Vibin To The Music?

            Elisabeth Moore

              Oak island Beach💕and I would try it

              Selah Howard


                Celine Angelina Trijayadi

                  Where I live (Indonesia) there are quite alot of sellers that sell those kinds of coconuts. And those are soooooo refreshing

                  Azlynn Duke

                    I like going to Mexico


                      This is my first time here and saw this video suggested by YouTube while watching my a video from my favorite channel, It's the Donnellys. So I haven't a clue who is who, except I think… aren't Brooklyn and Bailey the same twins that did a couple of fun videos swapping places with the adorable Merrell twins? Other than that, is this one giant family? Can someone tell me who are all these people, and if they're not all related, how do they know each other?


                        Where’s Kamari’s green flowey shirt from

                        Rob Breegs

                          Gorgeous video !

                          Kylie Kirkham

                            I have been clif jumping and off that exact same cliff on the north shore of Kauai. We even rented canoes from the same place and did the same hike!!!

                            Natalie Muench

                              Poor Rylan. It always seems she is never included in anything.

                              Olivia Shulman

                                you are soooooooo lucky! i've never been to hawaii!! Also I love your'e channel

                                K S

                                  Why isn’t Asa with his family?

                                  Autumn Phoenix Art

                                    Do you have a video that teaches how Bailey does her side braid hairstyle like the one she was wearing while in the car at the beginning of the video?

                                    EG Golls

                                      At 2:18 when you mentioned survivor I was like….. YOU GUYS WATCH IT TOO?!? 🤩😍

                                      Frankie and Kayla: The weirdos

                                        I went cliff jumping during missions trip in Costa Rica!!!

                                        hawwa ali

                                          Where's rylin

                                          Lily Malakoff

                                            They have the life I wish I had


                                              I know that people feel bad for Rylan, but she’s the only one that wasn’t exposed to the coronavirus. Actually, Rylan’s the luckiest in the long run.

                                              Molly Henke

                                                I am doing school to pass the time –__–

                                                maryery montes

                                                  are you guys not scare off the coronavirus why are you in a vacation in the middle of the pandemic do you care about the children I see how they suffer from that in the news

                                                  Shashank Udapurkar

                                                    I wish I was in your family

                                                    Chloe H

                                                      Me and my family we’re going to go on a big trip for spring break but we can’t because of the coronavirus

                                                      The Kitty Lover

                                                        Can u do a Q&A please!
                                                        Q1 Why is Rylan not shown in your videos?
                                                        Q2 Why is Brooklyn and Bailey always making videos?
                                                        And give me a shoutout please!

                                                        RiRri x

                                                          WHAT KIND OF SCHOOL THAT DOESN'T ALLOW STUDENTS TO GO BACK HOME ON CHRISTMAS AND THANKSGIVING ? I mean no hate but it makes no sense

                                                          Gracie Klein

                                                            Aren’t you supposed to be quarantined or social distancing


                                                              GOSH! LITERALLY, EVERY SINGLE COMMENT is asking about RYLAN.
                                                              Mindy is a great mom. I'm sure she's aware that Rylan's missing out. I'm sure they have their reasons. Even if you all think there's something fishy going on, there's nothing you can do about it sitting in your house.
                                                              They vlogged their trip and all they get in the comment section are questions about RYLAN.

                                                              Emily Farrelly

                                                                I wish you’d could have come to Ireland I live there

                                                                Eiqaan yousaf

                                                                  Dosent rylan feel left out i feel sad for her

                                                                  charles darwin

                                                                    Stupid people

                                                                    Madison x

                                                                      This video is literally a big 'f*** you' to all of the nurses, doctors,… who are working so hard right now. The first case of coronavirus in the US was confirmed on the 21st of January, that's TWO MONTHS ago! So this is not 'BEFORE you know what', this is after… I would expect more from you guys, this is very irresponsible.

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