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      Our Wedding Story

      I seriously can not believe it’s already been 3 years… _ SUBSCRIBE: _ FOLLOW ALL THINGS ADRIENNE: Facebook: …

      All Things Adrienne

        What kind of HiLow tips do you want to see next?

        Just For me

          Woah y’all are both losing weight! You guys look great,

          matt bardot

            wait…. so it was a total coincidence that sex and the city was also filmed in that hotel?

            Ibukun Irabor

              I didn't want to watch till the end to save my internet data, but I didn't know when I finished watching ….. God bless you both and many more beautiful and blissful years together….

              Shannon J

                This brought a smile to my face.

                Ch Da

                  I loved how Adrienne wore her hair on her wedding day too❤loved everything. It seemed like a beautiful wedding.

                  Sabrina Kariem

                    Much love from South Africa ❤❤❤…you guys are adorable and oh so blessed…🙌🙌🙌


                      How did you perfectly time the Eiffel Tower photo!??? It’s incredible!

                      Jackie Myers

                        Omg I literally laugh out loud so hard when Adrienne sang the French boy choir lol 😂

                        Nondumiso Shezi

                          Can l fall inlove already….?

                          Husband where are you???

                          Amira Clarke

                            I assume you had a religious ceremony, was that a Church in Paris too? You only mention the hotel when talking about the venue? Love you both!

                            blanche mhonda

                              Lots of love all the way from Zimbabwe

                              Asanda Nxumalo

                                I love love love you A!!! ✨🦋💛

                                fadzai ketshemani

                                  love the way she calls Lana, kkkkkkkk

                                  Roger Jaén


                                    SOPHĪE H

                                      Hi Adrienne ❤️ Please let us know about the invites or save the dates! Happy Anniversary!

                                      ruvarangu tichareva

                                        Adrienne is the best friend I have never met before lol…

                                        Let’s Talk Beauty

                                          Girl why are you always screaming 🗣 you scared the crap outta me 😰🤣

                                          Brany Teddy

                                            Adrienne, you are lucky and blessed to have such a GOD fearing man Israel. May God continue guiding you in your marriage.
                                            Happy Anniversary

                                            Amber Tyquiengco

                                              I love everything about this video 😍

                                              Madona Tadros

                                                I looooove the way he's holding your arm, paying attention to you when you talk, showing interest in every detail of your conversation. That is a blessing from God, wishing you many many many years together. God bless you both with everything you want and more. I'm very happy you found someone that loves you.

                                                Heather Taylor

                                                  Happy anniversary,God bless

                                                  jobs 4

                                                    When they gunna have some beautiful babies for us lol jk well they prob want to enjoy each other more before then nothing wrong with that

                                                    Paola Valadez

                                                      Hey girl, in actually getting married very soon, like in seven months. I am on a budget so can you please help me. I'm planning for an intamite ceremony. By the way I love love love your dress.

                                                      Mrs. Andersson

                                                        I always feel like Israel is always under pressure to remember all of Adrienne's "things". Babe what's my favourite movie? What's my favourite ice cream? What's my favourite pizza?

                                                        Lungile Chimya

                                                          Y'all are beautiful to watch❤

                                                          Camille M.G

                                                            Happy Anniversary!
                                                            May God continue to bless you in this up coming year 🦋

                                                            Nomthandazo Madiya

                                                              i just realized that Israel opened his vows on the wedding their day with adrienne's 11:11 wish.. how adorable!!!!!!!! anyways Addrienne if you don't mind sharing what the 11:11 wish is about please do, i don't get it, especially cus you said you have been saying it from childhood.


                                                                Happy anniversary!!!!!

                                                                Nomthandazo Madiya

                                                                  if you don't mind sharing, what was/is the 11:11 wish about? i don't get it… especially cus you say you've said as a kid and you still do.


                                                                    My fav AAA vid so far. I've always been in love with all things about your wedding , Adrienne ever since we got to see it during the Real. Most magical wedding. Hope one day to have one as romantic and special as yours.

                                                                    Vanessa Tapia

                                                                      Your hearts 💞 that’s what’s important about a weeding🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏👏amén to this.

                                                                      Lysah Bulonza

                                                                        The way Israel looks at Adrienne 😍😍 such a beautiful couple. God bless ♥️

                                                                        S. Jay

                                                                          Love the top!!!

                                                                          Yara Yasien

                                                                            Happy anniversary 😍😍😍

                                                                            Moe M

                                                                              Wowww I feel like they got married the other day!!! Congrats sis🥳💕

                                                                              Katlyn Yax

                                                                                What were you guys anniversary gifts ?

                                                                                Tonya Hunt Smith

                                                                                  Congratulations on your 3 year Anniversary. My daughter got married on the same day in 2017. Be Blessed and Many More.

                                                                                  Jonelle Cumberbatch

                                                                                    Love ❤️ that movie something’s gotta give! Gonna watch it after this!😜

                                                                                    Kewan Ewing

                                                                                      Love the way he’s holding onto you. Super blessed!


                                                                                        Happy Anniversary to you guys! God bless you both! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

                                                                                        Sparkling Chelle

                                                                                          I wanna see the invitations!!! How did you choose your guest list,

                                                                                          Miss Diana

                                                                                            Her wedding date is Veterans Day

                                                                                            Neen Luna

                                                                                              I LOVED THIS VIDEO😍!!!!

                                                                                              J B

                                                                                                Is there a wedding day vlog?

                                                                                                Kat A.

                                                                                                  love u a!! happy anniversary. i love to see the pure love you each have for each other.

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