Paisley Braids, Easter Weekend, and Texas Bluebonnets

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    Cute Girls Hairstyles

      Paisley Braids, Easter Weekend, and Texas Bluebonnets #WithMe

      Are you ready for another #BehindTheBraids week with the family?? You’ll see the annual, family #Easter egg hunt with the kids, can you believe who found …

      Cute Girls Hairstyles

        Do you and your family have Easter egg hunts?? Comment below! ✅ Don’t forget shop my NEW hair product line HERE: 💋's -Mindy

        Genevieve Hart

          I love that she knows how to do Paisleys hair. It just shows how involved she is. This video makes me heart happy


            Where is rylan

            Tooba Rahat

              Where is reylen


                love it!!

                Zaffre Duck

                  Idaho gang

                  Leona Grant

                    Such a good job with Paisley's hair- major props to Mindy!

                    covid 19

                      1:11 bahahahahah

                      JadaLil Richter

                        Where is Ryland ??

                        Jackie Avalos

                          Where’s Ryland


                            This isn’t even a hair channle anymore and I’m living for it

                            rubber ducky

                              Hey Mindy where did u get your dress u wore for the photo shoot??? It's beautiful!!! An u looked amazing also♥ an I also want 2 say thanks so much for learning how 2 do paisleys hair!!! I really admire u as a person…u are awesome!!!

                              Reina Aureo

                                Is Asa living with them already??

                                Esmarie Juarez

                                  Where is Rylan


                                    Hi! I’m Korean and I use Korean translate, I wanted to say how happy and positive your family is.

                                    Toshea Collier

                                      Why do I love this woman?❤🙌🏾🙌🏾


                                        🤣😂 well what do u want? 🤔 same thing that you want🤣😂

                                        Devendra Singh

                                          I remember watching this channel seven years ago, I literally grew up with her kids wow time flies

                                          Jasani Coney

                                            Awww I miss Rylan on the vlogs! Hope she comes back home whenever she wants to.

                                            Heather Jones


                                              Kit Cat

                                                You have some weird kids

                                                Joyal Joseph

                                                  where is rylan?Hit Like if someone missing rylan:(

                                                  PUGUH KRIBO

                                                    NICE CHANNEL …………………:)

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