Paris Jackson Reacts To Leaving Neverland's Controversial Micheal Jackson Representation

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      Paris Jackson Reacts To Leaving Neverland's Controversial Micheal Jackson Representation

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        Paris is so beautiful ❤️


          I wish MJ were still here to protect his princess 😔 No matter what allegations, can’t deny MJ did a damn good job of raising those 3 children ….better than any of us!

          Brad Brad

            Believe paris was molested but not jacksons victims…..

            Hypocrisy at its finest

            Brad Brad

              Poor kids didnt ask for michael to seek out a sperm donor…its not like these kids werent predisposed to severe mental illness already.. growing up with this complete nutcase as a "father" is traumatizing enough

              Liz Grayson

                Let the man rest in peace.

                lizardface alienhunter

                  Oh come you idiot's everyone knows damn good and well that Michael did indeed molest those kids…their stories are to simalar and they were groomed as children to keep there mouths shut and protect him..the same way he groomed the world with that whole I didnt have a child hood bullshit..Michael was out of picture for a lot of his youth and didnt pop back up till his late teens early manhood so that's bullshit..he groomed the world into believing he was just weird and cared about children when in fact he was a phedophile point blank period

                  Lady Warrior

                    To grow up only knowing your dad and this comes up poor girl poor kids keep these babies in your prayers

                    OAK CLIFF

                      And she is not his biological daughter …. but she loves him, and he loved her so…..

                      amy clarke

                        ook i am up to here with mj hate i haven't seen it but i dont fancy seeing it !😣

                        Gregory Artisan

                          Everyone pitties a drug addicted billionaire yet no one has sympathy for sexual abuse victims. This is what happens when people turn away from religion, their hearts grow cold and they care only for money and popularity.

                          Lisa Marie

                            I think Paris is such a good advocate for her dad. She has so much passion trying to defend him. I truly feel for her. As for the maggots who are defiling Michael Jackson again they should be thankful they were never molested. People who are molested as children try to keep a low profile. Yes they open up but they don’t BRAG about it. Stay strong Paris & I hope all the best for you & your brothers.

                            OGK KGO

                              MJ did not have the mental capacity for that.

                              Crissy Josef

                                Michael Jackson is INNOCENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                Adil Ousmsn

                                  So sad they killed him and know they want kill his kids

                                  Adam P

                                    Michael Jackson was an androgynous, demon possessed monster. His theme park neverland was designed specifically to groom and molest children. He is a disgusting pedophile. He got away with because of his fame. He brainwashed and blinded his victim’s family with fame and fortune. Seeing him on stage was one thing but hearing him speak during interviews? You people couldn’t tell he was sick!? WTF LMAO. Now the Jackson estate is targeting HBO? They want to sue? LMAO!!! To all you people in denial LMAO to you hahah.

                                    Nea Betha

                                      So now the court of public opinion finds its way to the real courts. Rest In Peace MJ. People with common sense got all the Jews you were dropping before you were taken out of here. #weheardyoumj

                                      Prince Harrys Baby

                                        Paris, your dad was a paedophile child molester.

                                        Barnali Bhattacharya

                                          Now the haters will say mikey paid her so she is speaking for him lmao


                                            Feel for her, Prince, Blanket and Katherine. Hope they are staying strong and relying on each other

                                            A Jen Nungshi

                                              The two guys in the doc, Leaving Neverland, I wanted to ask as a kid why did your parents leave you with a stranger? If it ever happened, I don't bless just Michael but even the two guys parents. I blame both parties. Period.

                                              Camille Coopersmith

                                                That’s wrong for what they are doing to Michael we love ❤️ him

                                                Sally Raya

                                                  I don't believe it, why don't ppl just stop I watched that HBO SPECIAL and one of those guys said even at the ages of 14/21-22 he didn't know that what had happened to him was sexual abuse/abuse…. really!?!? LIES!! LIES!!! LIES!!! I AM A SURVIVOR OF SEXUAL ABUSE AND I WAS 7/8 YRS OLD, I KNEW THEN THAT I WAS BEING ABUSED HOW CANT A 14/21-22 KNOW?? 😂😂😂

                                                  Admin Admin

                                                    They’re trying to kill her… I’m pissed.


                                                      Poor girl. Put on this world by someone who believed he is Jesus. I don't blame MJ, how could he not think that, but going that far, because YOU want kids and cannot make kids yourself? That is not love, cause love means you are thinking about some elses soul. Love is going out, not taking in. I am a great fan of his music and i am so sad the way he had to suffer, but i don't want to be blind.

                                                      Dennis Tokay

                                                        Don't know where you get your information but most of it is wrong

                                                        Dennis Tokay

                                                          You got a cold who the f*** cares

                                                          A Meard

                                                            Why doesn t OPRAH do Surviving HARVEY WEINSTEIN ?


                                                              She is so stunning

                                                              Vanessa Winters

                                                                3:28 bob whom?

                                                                Caitlin Frawley

                                                                  Not even going to watch this pathetic documentary! It will not prove anything! I feel sooooo sorry for Paris! Give the Jackson family a break and that INCLUDES Michael. 🙁

                                                                  Michael Garcia

                                                                    That’s not his daughter

                                                                    Connie Balmer

                                                                      Oh OMG, even in death one is still hauted. Taking no sides but 10yrs is along time. I wish they had lookef for justice before he died. It's bad what happned if happened but move on otherwise one is consumed witj this story till they also die. LIVE LIVE LIVE. God bless you.

                                                                      Noel Lanter

                                                                        Anyone still defending Michale has not watched the documentary. It’s very obvious one you see it all put together.

                                                                        Jamey Leanne Cooper

                                                                          Paris is really beautiful and I don’t believe all this shit about Micheal Jackson people just want money and attention that’s why they’re saying all this shit

                                                                          Nafisa Arinda

                                                                            Paris kinda look like Hailey Baldwin.

                                                                            William Finlay

                                                                              Paris is beautiful. The eyes are amazing. I wonder who she got her eyes and complexion from?

                                                                              me kat

                                                                                How did their kids look so white when Michael was born with kinky hair and dark skin I just don't get how they look absolutely nothing like him they even have blue eyes like none of his traits were dominant were they? the kids don't look mixed at all? I'm white and Hispanic and I look nothing like my mom who is the Hispanic part I don't have her curly hair tan skin either I guess

                                                                                Misty Petrova

                                                                                  I love how you deliver your words, Saphia! I can feel the sadness and sure does everyone.


                                                                                    So much damage smh

                                                                                    Black Viking

                                                                                      That's alot of bokeh in that screen


                                                                                        Why has she suffered a meltdown before she has seen it unless she has fear of shit coming out.

                                                                                        Johnathan Dwayne

                                                                                          The truth always comes out

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