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      Party Princesses Share Their Horror Stories

      Women who worked as birthday party princesses share their wildest stories, from puking to getting sued! Special Thanks To: Sierra Renfro: …


        They all look so bad the wigs look terrible.

        Madison Lewe

          If I was the princess, the mom would have to also sue me for physical assault because there’s no way I’d be able to keep from pushing her over.

          music buddy

            These party performers act more like adults than the parents of those birthday kids

            Owen Bunny

              that girl in tan jacket defi got married after she left new york

              Maria W.

                Soooo, being a party princess is basically working retail on steroids? There's another dream down the drain.


                  8:40 she literally had the tragic movie moment


                    Caryn is a incredible storyteller!

                    Leah Harding

                      The last story if I was that lady I would pretend that I have passed out then the parents would feel horrible


                        Wish the first girl got reinbursed double for vomit on her costume and face paint. Parents in that situation were assholes

                        Erica Brewster

                          I had Barney at my party once. He didn’t lock the bathroom door and I walked in to a Barney carcass on the floor and a mostly naked man with a straw up his nose. About thirty minutes later Barney disappears and I see the same man holding a suitcase with handcuffs on it and a radio in the other hand. Now that I’m not 5 I’m 25 I’m pretty sure my mother hired a male stripper with a part time Barney job for my bday party. That was the last time I ever had a character at a bday party. Lol

                          Emma Kowal

                            wow that lawyer mom is like the definition of karen

                            JJ JJJ

                              Omg American women are so beautiful
                              I'm speechless 😂

                              Qæuin Læne

                                In a thong tho
                                My self confidence would have died and took a bow for me

                                Regan Olusegun

                                  And no one’s gonna help her?

                                  Lover of Reading, Obsessed with books

                                    I WAS THE LITTLE GIRL THAT VOMITED ON A PRINCESS

                                    yee yee

                                      Warning: do not eat while watching

                                      Trust me

                                      Hailey Bk


                                        Nini Shaqarashvili

                                          I am a party princess entertainer and party host, and this girls are saying 100%true the parents are terrible sometimes and if you want me to do my best for your child, you should be less mean and smile sometime

                                          Leila A

                                            How do such awful parents raise such well mannered children

                                            Luna Cyrus

                                              Omg I feel so bad for Mary!!!


                                                I've done a similar job at an amusement park and i can absolutely confirm that 99% of the horrible problem people are parents. Most kids are really sweet. Wouldn't go back though!


                                                  god that mom sounds so rude i wouldve been so pissed too


                                                    There’s a Karen in here!

                                                    SYNNOVE ERICKSON

                                                      omg the jasmine one😣✊

                                                      Kim Beverly Villalobos

                                                        They're all so beautiful especially Connie and the girl playing Ariel too

                                                        umm kenna

                                                          If I got vomited on I would start crying lol 😂

                                                          LittleBlondeKitty Lauren

                                                            Adults are the worst. Point blank period.

                                                            kinomoto chan

                                                              I feel so bad for Ariel.


                                                                These are horror stories omg 😂😂🤭

                                                                Ari _R12


                                                                  Meike Kroll

                                                                    America is the only place where you can demand tips

                                                                    Stephanie Wohar

                                                                      How was I not a part of this??! I have so many stories!! 😭🙂♥️

                                                                      Kitty Stryker

                                                                        Party princesses need to unionize!

                                                                        Leyla Contreras

                                                                          The adults in this story…I CANNOT

                                                                          Monique Schmn

                                                                            That mom who tried to sue you is a TOTAL cow, and should not be allowed into society, rather a month or two in THERAPY. Good thing I wasnt in your shoes, I would've smacked her attitude out of her. Horrible woman.

                                                                            Keerthi A

                                                                              1st girl is really beautiful

                                                                              Limited Edition

                                                                                Teach your kids respect or someone else will do it for you and you're not going to like it 💯


                                                                                  Poor Snow White! xD

                                                                                  Shelby Kassi

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                                                                                    Kaitlyn Engelland

                                                                                      How could you even act like that as a parent. These are all karens

                                                                                      Mira Fawn

                                                                                        Awe poor Princess Jasmine 💔

                                                                                        Vegan Vocalist

                                                                                          ;D)))) this was so funny thanks guys ; )


                                                                                            As if you called and asked for a tip! Tip at your own discretion! Don’t expect a tip so rude.

                                                                                            Francisco Ruiz

                                                                                              Family fights!!!! sounds like my family 🥰

                                                                                              Fernanda Barbosa

                                                                                                The blonde white girls have the same voice

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