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    Jackie Aina

      Pat McGrath Gave Us A FOUNDATION And I’m...| Jackie Aina

      Hey boos! Today I’m sharing my thoughts on the brand new Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection Foundation, powder, primer and brushes. I think skin …


        Wow when you put the setting powder on top of the primer in the beginning, the more you talked it was just melting into your skin! Literally looked like you had on the foundation already

        KOKOA KEI

          the foundation is a good price to me lmao

          Veevee S

            Soook you don't want to do budget friend items


              Killer review as always, LOVED it!! So nice meeting you at Pat's event, I look up to you soo much 🙂

              Stilettos and Blush

                I am still waiting for my package. I bought the entire kit plus extra foundation just in case. I want to do my video ASAP!

                True Optimist

                  What shade do you use?

                  Aish X

                    Once again a clap for this editing THANK YOU

                    Alissa Padilla

                      buys a $68 foundation
                      Bank account: why you do that?
                      Me: sings intro jackie, jackie, jackie, jackie.. jackie, jackie


                        Looks good on you, Jackie.


                          well, you need to tell your aunt to come down on those prices! Really, looking at the foundation it's ok, it's not worth 70 bucks. I'm proud of her because it's not easy to get where she is in the industry. Her shadows look amazing. I still think they are overpriced as well.

                          Mich Hib

                            Great reviews I am not into makeup that much but if I was I would try this brand 😍 love me some crazy Jackie though 💗💗💗


                              Definitely gonna have to wait til next years tax refund to touch any of Ms. Pat’s products…cuz lawd

                              Sirena Colon

                                Small YouTuber looking for subs x

                                Veronica Anna Haddad

                                  Where’s your necklace from darlin? 😍 that s**t icy!!

                                  K W

                                    NOT THE RAVEN VISION 😭😭😭 that had me extremely tickled!

                                    Veronica Anna Haddad

                                      Bold of you to assume I only binge watched 5 videos. Lol!

                                      Alex C

                                        The That's So Raven vision tho 😂 I wheezed

                                        chels j.

                                          Our nails match. I think we just became besties.

                                          WSSH SHOP

                                            foundation. can 9:06

                                            Shaela Michelle

                                              Sus! Can you try the foundation with tacha silk canvas ? I would love to see how it reacts with other primers. I’m just hoping it’s not one of those that you have to have all her products for it to be good.

                                              Nova Love

                                                I always say "Thank God for Jackie Aina videos".

                                                Min Min

                                                  Is it suitable for dry sensitive skin too ?


                                                    "I'll use three different luxury powders to set." The cost of the products on your face is like a rental deposit…


                                                      Aunty, we need this eye look sis!!!

                                                      sashaa jones

                                                        YOU WAS ON BROOKLYN BRIDGE AND NOBODY TOLD ME IM UPSET

                                                        Dhamar Pena

                                                          Auntie Jackie!! Please help me pay for college, I’m studying business law at ASU & I’ve already maxed out my loans /: I work 2 jobs but I still can’t repay my loans or even take more out to finish my last years of college 😩

                                                          Rubi B

                                                            Waited to see what you thought and of course you didn’t disappoint 🙌🏽 The Editing, yes Aunt Jackie 🔥🔥

                                                            Ronda Lomax

                                                              Par too expensive and it is not good covering. You have to put it in you the exact way you did your makeup. Powder then foundation. Newton!

                                                              Alexis Reyes

                                                                Lmao that psychic edit gave me That So Raven vibes. 😂 it’s the future I can seeeeeee 🎤

                                                                Chloe Olivares

                                                                  I really want that Mothership palette Jackie used. As well as the primer,
                                                                  Foundation and powder. But there goes all my monies. 🙁 $125 (Palette) + $60 (Primer) + $68 (foundation) + ___? I forgot the price of the powder. But basically, everything. Good bye money! What’s a saving’s account anyways?! 😅 lol

                                                                  Diamond Benjamin

                                                                    I live in the Caribbean Trinidad to be specific and what y'all consider drug store over there is $70 and up here. I use the Revlon stat matte foundation an yes I pay $70😧😭😩. I wish I lived in the state's.

                                                                    Abigail Salazar

                                                                      THANK YOU FOR REPRESENTIN OILY/COMBINATION ACNE PRONE SKIN!

                                                                      Isabela Diaz

                                                                        Her editing is everything

                                                                        Abigail Salazar

                                                                          YOUR SKIN IS AMAZING <3

                                                                          Jess Colburn

                                                                            i wanna look like you, you’re so beautiful 😩😍😍❤️❤️❤️

                                                                            CodeineFolk *

                                                                              Jackie I’m so excited for your ABH palette! It’s so beautiful, congratulations ❤️

                                                                              Vannesa Aguilar-Leyva

                                                                                bleep out the juul … literally killing kids out herev;/

                                                                                Anastasia Kilonda

                                                                                  I’m loving the editing it like watching a mini movie 😂❤️❤️❤️❤️

                                                                                  Diamond Cummings

                                                                                    You went in with the editing fr fr lol

                                                                                    Heavenly Aguilar

                                                                                      The edits, the realness, and the slay. Yesssssssss!!!!


                                                                                        Will this work on dry skin ?

                                                                                        Audrey Lee

                                                                                          I like that setting powder! It’s so different! It literally made your skin look flawless!

                                                                                          Arlana Roberson

                                                                                            Can you do a makeup tutorial using bare minerals products & their powder foundation??

                                                                                            Chrissy J

                                                                                              Your skin looks sooo pretty in that final "check in" clip 💖💖💖

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