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    Lisa Eldridge
      Peachy Caramel Tonal Makeup Look

      For all the products that are featured in this film click on the links below: 100% of advertising revenue is donated to charity. To find out when my lipsticks launch …

      hannah roebem

        BEAUTIFUL makeup, and finally no bronzer/contour, I never used those bronzer products in the 80/90 sch, there us a time and a place to use those products but sometimes less is more. I seethise youtubers applying waaaay to many products on their face and it looks muddy and oempa loempa

        Feebi Lui

          why my fawn lipstick doesnt look that fawn :'( on me was like a pink

          Claire Kennedy

            Always loved how calm you are in your videos! Also you perfect the skin like no other 😁


              Gorgeous. I am a huge fan of the true velvet range. I wore velvet decade the other day and got so many compliments. One girl said “WHAT is that brand of lipstick it’s such a gorgeous shade… it’s a little bit brown, a little bit red and a little bit blue all at once but not too much of anything… it’s so rich and elegant!” I was like “I know, it’s Lisa Eldridge” 💄

              WhiteLine Trendsearcher

                How do you still look 30? I swear, this woman does not age!

                Jassantt Rodríguez

                  Beautiful makeup look!!
                  Love a peachy, orangy makeup!! 🧡🧡🧡

                  asja panicacci

                    Dear Lisa, I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the fact that you don’t need to follow all of these pointless trends to entertain us all with amazing contents. You’re special the way you are. Love from Milan xoxo


                      Lisa, a true artist. Is there no colour that doesn't look fantastic on you! Just a smidgen of Blue tak to secure the Dior shadows! X

                      Porsha Harrison

                        I can’t wait to try this. It’s such a gorgeous simple look. I love it.

                        T higgman

                          This look is one of the most beautiful I've seen. I assume that "tonal" means the same or similar colors used on the face and I am definitely most susceptible to the beauty of such a look above all others. The "peachy" color is just- I mean I just can't take my eyes off of this stunning face. I will begin a search for products with this color and texture theme for very sensitive eyes. THANK YOU.

                          Nicola Bradbury-hulls

                            Love your videos Lisa you are so inspirational and relaxing to watch. I have red hair and green eyes will try this look <3

                            Alexandria Taylor

                              She for real said "noice"

                              Kendra Hershey

                                Lisa! All my co-workers were stunned when they saw your lipstick, Velvet Jazz. They had never heard of you, but they know all about you and your lovely products now. 🥰


                                  I love you Lisa at 11:30 🙂

                                  Maira Aamir


                                    Athanasia Euthimiou

                                      I have these Dior highlighters too and mine do fall off as well … 😕 for the rest they’re gorgeous 😁

                                      Dr. Tesh Larsen

                                        Stunning.. absolutely stunning! thank you for this awsome tutorial! i have this palette and cant wait tp try it.. Love always from Denmark!❤️😍🇩🇰🙏🏽😘


                                          I think the black gel liner would be better

                                          Stacey Bycroft

                                            Lisa its amazing how classy yet relatable you have consistently been. Youre a class of your own. Your book.and lipsticks are the only product's that get to live on my vanity!


                                              This is essentially my everyday look from the pallet. I tap on zamn and blend it out ( no liner).

                                              Jill Parker

                                                What a pretty look! Can’t wait to try it for a party! 🎉🎈🎊

                                                cynthia cao

                                                  who else wants to see her do jackie’s makeup 🙋🏻‍♀️

                                                  Family Is#1

                                                    Lisa! I must tell you, I love your lipsticks. I wore velvet morning to a holiday party and I received many compliments. It wore beautifully throughout the night and I didn’t have to worry about reapplying. I love it! Thank you.

                                                    Zhong Qing


                                                      Belle Lopez

                                                        Inspiring. Thank you for this simple & casual look w/o looking like The Maid. 🤣 Im going to wear it tomorrow. 😘😘


                                                          Love this look! What nail polish are you wearing, Lisa?

                                                          Erik B. Nelson

                                                            I know it’s a small thing-I miss your ‘Red Lips ‘ ring,, Also; how is Miss Betty?
                                                            Best Wishes for your Holiday-Cheers!

                                                            Mariana Groza

                                                              The lipstick is very versatile.

                                                              Jane Burkhart

                                                                Thank you for another lovely video, Lisa. As a woman of a certain age (60), I'd love to see another tutorial for 'more mature ladies' like the one you did with Yvonne about 6 years ago. ❤

                                                                Stephanie Shaffer

                                                                  This makeup video is iconic. True art.

                                                                  Alexandra Smith

                                                                    Lisa is a queen. Her class, poise and elegance explains it👑

                                                                    mita jatia

                                                                      hi, are your lipsticks available in Dubai ?

                                                                      Nyl Baure

                                                                        I love it!!! 😍💖💖💖


                                                                          Such a gorgeous autumn look🍁🍂🖤


                                                                            Amazing final look! I love the relaxed vibe of this video, it’s like we’re all hanging out with you. I wanted to thank your customer service team again. I got the wrong lipstick set by mistake, but they dispatched the correct one immediately and ended up telling me to keep the wrong one. As I’ve got your entire 13 shade set now, I’ve given those extras to friends in the spirit of the gifting season and I’m sure they will love them. Thanks Lisa and congrats on an amazing 2019 ❤️

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