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    Wayne Goss

      Sometimes it’s important to share the love. Especially when people are beautiful, both inside and out.

      Leanda Stellato


        Sarah Weaver

          Mel is the BEST!! I actually discovered you because of her.

          Mina G.

            YouTube needs more people like you! You are my favorite and this makes me love you more. I'll go check out Mel now❤️❤️🙂🙂…..thank you.

            Rebekah N

              I agree. Mel is wonderful!


                I've been following her for a while. She is amazing 😍


                  Love how you're such a good, honest person. Keep that in your heart ♥

                  Daantje van Herk

                    What a wonderful beginning of my day! I love it when people appreciate one another and are not afraid to tell the whole world about it. I am pretty sure I started following her because you mentioned her channel many moons ago. Thanks to you and Mel for keeping youtube a nice social media place xx


                      We all cried watching Mel talking about her face time with you. She is sooo endearing, I could never pull off any of her looks nor would they look good anywhere near me but I’m always drawn to her videos. Nice video Wayne.

                      K E L K A Y

                        Not only do I love your opinion on all things makeup and beauty but most of all your heart. You are one of those "good for your soul" types of people and I am so happy you created a bond with someone just as extraordinary!

                        Kabita Roy

                          Thank u sir . Love u lot ♥️♥️♥️

                          Niharika Agarwal

                            Before you even said you had a cry,already tears welled up in my eyes..i am a nobody still in all of my videos i mention your name !Btw off topic,your brows have never looked so good though they always look good. Subscribed to Mel 😘

                            Konstantina Verouti

                              You are gorgeous both of you!Inspiration for us💙


                                You are one of the most amazing make up artist Wayne. And human with big sprit. And you are absolutely right Mel is unique. As make up artist and human. I am happy you discover her. This video make my day and put smile in my face. Happy to ha e possibility to meet you in some way. Thank you 🙏🏻


                                  Two people just being genuinely nice to each other on the internet!!! Hope restored 😍😍


                                    You are such a beautiful person, Wayne. Truly you are…talent aside. That’s why you have so many subscribers.

                                    MissTickle East

                                      I love Mel. She’s gorgeous, kind and just amazing.

                                      Mariana Pascual


                                        Katie Pecotich

                                          I love that you made this Wayne, I do watch Mel, she is very talented, I’m sorry no one has ever said those things to you Wayne, I do think you’re amazing for what that’s worth xo

                                          Tima Abou daoud

                                            Love u Wayne u r transparent ❤❤

                                            anita john

                                              Anything you say Mr Goss! Done!

                                              Trista Bassington

                                                Hang on. You say you dont have any natural makeup artistry skills…why? I beg to differ! You are amazingly talented and your videos have given me so many tips to make my own makeup game so much better! You are talented. You are AMAZING

                                                Sally 2H

                                                  I love both of you 😭🥰😍💞💜💖❤️💚😘😍


                                                    Thank you, Wayne, for introducing me to Mel. I will check her out. You are a lovely man, and I totally agree that people can be vicious on social media. That is why I follow you because you are always positive, kind, and honest. I have stopped following people that I finally realized how negative they are and do a lot of complaining. That kind of energy isn't healthy. Let's surround ourselves with positives.

                                                    zahrah !

                                                      You also deserve it💕

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