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      PolyGel Glitter Inlay Using Amazon DIY Kit

      Suzie creates a gorgeous Blue Glitter ‘PolyGel’/Hybrid Gel Inlay using Makartt’s DIY friendly products from their Nail Extension Gel Nail Starter Kit, and their …

      Pam He

        hi suzie, does it matter what type of alcohol we use?

        Kelly Wang

          I really like Makartt products, I bought Makartt purple nail drill machine before, it 's really quiet and low heat, and remove dipping powder quickly, I believe that nail drill machine will remove this poly gel well.

          Sadie Di Angelo

            Dear Suzie, could you please do an educational video with resin dip nails or resin liquid and acrylic powder? Thank you!

            Francesca Ladson

              What kind of alcohol do you use for that gel?


                u should try an acrylic kit on wish


                  is it ok to do extension with normal fake nails instead of the dual nails?


                    great video, sucks that the discount codes don't work on Amazon Canada 🙁


                      "high bread" nails LOL …

                      Shea LaRoux

                        Dual forms DO NOT remove the need for sculpting. It is just a different kind of sculpting. You sculpt the underside instead of the top side

                        Hanna Jake

                          Ok everyone @jennamarbles

                          Kristann K

                            Cameraman I appreciate you so much

                            Kathleen Goudie

                              Hey Suzie! I absolutely love watching your videos. I have a question for you. How does someone know whether or not they're aklergic to acrylic/gel applications? I get this bad itching whenever I get my nails done. I know its not the products that my tech uses, because its been happening everywhere I go. I love how your nails look! 😍 The blue glitter looks amazing!!

                              Ashley Caplette

                                Hey Suzie thank you so much for getting this up so soon, and helping me:))) you are AMAZING, I can’t wait to see what you have in your back corner:)))


                                  One: Your design for these nails was so beautiful!
                                  Two: I use the exact same wrench when I can't get my polishes open! LoL

                                  Casey Cronk


                                    JACQUELINE Di MATTIA

                                      I really like these products… ordered them after watching another nail tech ( .Denisejohn65) reviewed them on her channel.
                                      Thanks Suzie for sharing 👍


                                        I've been using my UV lamp for months and only now do I learn I gotta take the blue layer off?? I'm an idiot lol

                                        Hunny Bunny

                                          Loving this!! I can watch you doing nails for hours!!! 💅🏻


                                            Now that we have seen cameramans hands you should do a video where he does your nails and you dont have to show his face

                                            Linda D.

                                              How is this application for ones that have allergic reactions to acrylic or gel?

                                              Crystal Herrin

                                                If you use dip powder and to build or lengthen, can you use this?

                                                sandy thomas

                                                  You and Brad mondo should do a video. You're like the king and Queen of YouTube that everyone thinks of when they do thier nails or hair 😂😂

                                                  Michele Condon

                                                    Your awesome and really enjoy your talent and the way you teach! Thank you!!

                                                    Tracie Campbell

                                                      These are stunning.

                                                      Julie Froehlich

                                                        Do you have any tips on how to get less small air bubbles when doing hard gel extensions? I did my first set a few weeks ago and there were a good amount of bubbles and I wish they were more clear.

                                                        Edit: Also do you have any extra tips on how to keep it from lifting? I’ve been using Gelish PolyGek for a while and have had no problems at all, but with my new hard gel they have been lifting a lot more.

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