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      FREE STUFF BEAUTY GURUS GET | Unboxing PR Packages ... Episode 24

      James and I are doing our last Huge PR Unboxing with an awesome Giveaway! Best of luck everyone, please stay safe and wash your hands! xo’s ~ Tati …

      Elizabeth Dobbins Wesser

        I love these videos and I am the most excited to win the Holifrog. It is difficult for me to find skincare that works for my skin but your recommendations are almost always spot in for me (the ones I can afford that is😊)


          Love your channel Tati. Stay safe!

          Sara Laborda

            I have never won a giveaway so it'd great to win. Thanks for your amazing videos


              id love to win coz im a good subscriberrrrrr

              Wiktoriya Rasheva

                I’d love the win the giveaway so I can give all this stuff away to my friends and family who are in NEED of good approved Makeup!!

                Anna Viken

                  I would love to win this because I can’t really afford good makeup or good skincare . Which means I don’t really do makeup that often even though I love it.

                  elena kan

                    That hair is soo pretty!! Please tati review korres skin care next🇬🇷🇬🇷

                    Gabby D

                      I'd love to share some of this with my mum, she can't afford to ever buy herself new makeup and always has hand me downs from me and my sisters, this would really make her smile. Love your videos btw!

                      Laura Dukes


                        Gloria Fdez

                          I'd looove love loovee to win the giveaway 😍

                          Cheyenne Young

                            I would love to win and practice my makeup skills, everything seems so pretty. 😊

                            sofia mantonanaki

                              What else!!!because I love make up i wish i could win too.

                              lauren hjul

                                Yay for unboxing. I'd love to win because who wouldn't!


                                  The robe seems cozy😁

                                  Victoria jm

                                    I would love to win so me and my mom can go nuts trying new makeup♡♡

                                    Kayles Marie

                                      I think it would be cool because it’s really fun to play with makeup!!

                                      Кристина Рожнятовская

                                        You are amazing and I would like to receive a box of goodies from you 😍

                                        La Miss

                                          I’d love to win anything, we don’t have most of these brands in my country🙏🏼🥺

                                          Anna –

                                            I love your videos and your life attitude. Just bought loreal paradise mascara on your recommendation, can't wait to use it. I'm looking forward to your next video, keep on rocking 😜. Ou and I would love to win something if possible, we don't get many of the products that you test here in Finland, but jei for internet and online shops with international shiping.

                                            Cecilie Lassen

                                              It would be sooo cool to win all that makeup! I am from Dennark, and we do not have most of the brands here, so it could be fun to try out and test new stuff.

                                              Erik Lando

                                                It would be so great to win because I've had to put all makeup purchases on hold to put all our money towards IVF. I'm so glad you are sharing about your endometriosis journey. ❤️ Instagram: @inthewaiting.ttc (I always comment and follow on my husbands account, I know it's confusing 😂)

                                                __Jessica Jayne_

                                                  I work in a medical school environment and it would be so cool to win the giveaway but honestly there are probably so many more deserving people so I just thought I’d comment. You do an amazing job and I hope whoever wins enjoys the prizes so much 😊💕

                                                  Aylin Benitez

                                                    It would be great to win, because now I want get into mostly skin care and be in the know with new cosmetics. Also… I don’t have an instagram 😩😭

                                                    Flo Lane

                                                      I would love to win the giveaway bc I don’t really have much makeup and i think it would just be a major pick me up and would give me something positive to do 😌

                                                      Susan Heggstrom

                                                        Love your tutorials and PR unboxing. It would be cool to win so I can try new products I haven't heard of. Thank you for your consideration Tati


                                                          I would love to win! I have never won a giveaway. Im also from Poland and heres so much going on and im bored af staying the whole time home 😂😭

                                                          Emily Mostert

                                                            Loved the video! Stuck at work on Night Duty at the hospital. Thanks for making me smile! X

                                                            Laila Ohora

                                                              hi tati i dont have instagram so i cant do the second thing to enter but i can do this. i would love to win this because i want to start getting into makeup and be amazing at it like you are

                                                              Kristine W

                                                                I’d loved to win so I could give some really good makeup products to my mom bc she deserves to be spoiled!

                                                                Lindsay Kristel

                                                                  I think it would be so much fun to win because so many products and brands I have never tried before. Would be awesome to be able to experiment with them all!

                                                                  M Neo

                                                                    Hey Tati! It would be cool to win because who doesn’t like winning stuff, right? Love the unboxing videos! Oh, and pls do more eyeshadow looks with your palette! IG: marthoulakicy

                                                                    Manya Bhatia

                                                                      I’m from India and we do not have these brands here in India, I’m a makeup and skin care lover just like you and it would be really cool if I win the giveaway and can try these products for myself!

                                                                      honey dew

                                                                        It would be so fun to win bc makeup and just beauty stuff in general brings me so much joy and is kind of like a stress reliever.

                                                                        Vanessa Lee

                                                                          Because I can't afford it otherwise! <3


                                                                            Would love to win, obviously, it’d be such a treat to spend some time on myself with some new bits!

                                                                            Allure Tyson

                                                                              I love your videos and think you are so amazing I always enter these giveaways and never win pleeeeeaaaaassssseeee piiiiicccckkkk mmmmmeeeeeee

                                                                              sonya findley

                                                                                Subscribed to all! Love that your hubby is involved with your videos! Y’all are very inspiring 😊

                                                                                D&S Greaves

                                                                                  My wife never needed makeup so is late to the game (according to her). She’s totally addicted to makeup vids now and loves your brand, she’s an amazing woman and deserves everything!

                                                                                  Michela Antonelli

                                                                                    Loved when you imitated the girls on elf packaging ahah 😂

                                                                                    Simona Javorcekova

                                                                                      I would love to experiment with makeup and get better at it. It's truly a passion of mine.❤🔥🌻

                                                                                      Sonya Sentner

                                                                                        Would love to win because I would never have the opportunity or resources to try even a 1/4 of the stuff. Love the video 💗💗💗💗

                                                                                        popescu ioana

                                                                                          Love your unboxing!!

                                                                                          Iliana Wadkins

                                                                                            Love your unboxing and I would love to win so that my granddaughter and I can enjoy unboxing them when we win. She is three and does a fierce eye.

                                                                                            Avigayil Slifkin

                                                                                              Is there any better reason to win than to just get some new cool makeup to play with

                                                                                              Shelby Bruton

                                                                                                I would love to win because my mom really loves make up but won't give herself time or money to really understand how to use good products good so I'd love to be able to give her a bunch and teach her!(:

                                                                                                Jelena Zecevic


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