Pre-Spring TRY ON haul, creating a charity fashion edit, working on my brand and a Disneyland trip!

Main Pre-Spring TRY ON haul, creating a charity fashion edit, working on my brand and a Disneyland trip!

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    Freddy My Love
      Pre-Spring TRY ON haul, creating a charity fashion edit, working on my brand and a Disneyland trip!

      My first monthly vlog- what shall we call the series? THIS VIDEO CONTAINS A PAID PARTNERSHIP WITH ABERCROMBIE …

      Meline Hoff

        Please tell us what size did you got for the linen shorts please🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍


          “On the Go!” – With Freddy By Flossy
          “On the Run!” – With Freddy By Flossy
          Are thoughts because for a new business entrepreneur you must be very busy. I love your collection 👌🌸💓


            The one in south Korea was probably me 🤣🤣🤣🤣

            Iliana Razsukanova

              I think you should come up with some linen shorts for the next collection

              Jacey Lataire

                This was the most spectacular vlog ever…thank you for taking us with you…❤

                breakfast at lillie’s

                  Can’t wait for the monthly vlogs! Your videos always inspire me so much to be my most elegant and hardworking self! Much love freddy🤍 xx

                  Life by Filippa

                    Can you pleas do a vlog of the development of the new flossy collection?❤❤❤

                    Kaylhee Carroll

                      Always love your dresses

                      music music

                        Hi🤗 Freddy Loved Yr video enly thing about it was so girly. loved all Yr dress amazing. and the hen do to Disney is so magical. Cinderella is my favourite Disney film to. What a place to go for a hen do. the Disney castle alway make me cry when I see it its so beautiful 😍🥰

                        Sahab Shraddha

                          Love 💕this mama mia looks 🌟

                          Darlene Webber

                            Gosh I want your life Freddie❤

                            G B

                              So excited for the new collections to come out but you should add some basic pieces cuz I always hear how you love to have them for every day wear or for layering in winter glad you had a wonderful time with all the shows

                              Stevi Sykes

                                You could call them "Flogs", Freddy Vlogs/Flossy Vlogs. it possibly sounds a bit strange, like frogs haha, but it would sorta make sense 😂

                                Kylie Stark

                                  I reckon a belt would look incredible with those white shorts x

                                  Melody Ireland

                                    Congrats on your Flossy success 🙂 Love your aesthetic! As for a monthly vlog name, what about "Freddy's la vie en rose"? La vie en rose means to look at life through rose coloured glasses (in french) but translated literally to english it means" Freddy's life in pink." so it kind of has a double meaning? Just an idea, as I saw you were starting to learn french in one of your other videos! Love your channel xoxo, Melody

                                    Natalie Groen

                                      Freddy my Life? For the series name 😊


                                        natural whicker is better, all white or colored will look cheap and fake

                                        Richelle Santos

                                          I like the idea of calling the series along the lines of like a flossy lifestyle magazine. Like "Freddy's Diaries: February 2022 Issue" just a suggestion. Love your videos! ❤

                                          Alexis Chambers

                                            No keep the natural wicker color as soon as you held it up I gasped because of how good it looked with the blue dress and just in general!


                                              aaaa idk how I feel about all that white when you are going to a hen party…

                                              Janice Letty

                                                keep your basket bag, it gives a different vibe from an all white version
                                                an all white version would be too similar to other white bags you have but a basket bag with a white trim you can match with all spring / summer outfits in all colours :))


                                                  Freddy’s Monthly: Edition 1-12
                                                  Freddy’s Monthly Issue 1-12
                                                  The Monthly Freddy
                                                  The Freddy Gazette

                                                  I think a magazine theme with the editions & issues depending upon the month would be so cute!

                                                  adem sulemani

                                                    Hi Freddy,
                                                    What about "my monthlytale" ??
                                                    Or "freddytale"


                                                      Vlog names: flossy diaries, Monthly flossy, freddy’s diary

                                                      Eva Mosbauer

                                                        Hi from ,Melbourne in regard to the name for your theme Freddy's Bubble, I know need a cup of coffee lol love your video so adorable its 1.08 pm here and hot lol xo

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