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      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here’s a video where I show you products I’ve used up and tell you how I felt about them! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching!

      Little Wicken

        Okay, so anyone else is just waiting for her to whack herself or the monitor behind her whilst talking about the products? Love the vid though 😋


          I recall you recommending that Marula oil for the hair years ago … I never got around to trying it. Sucks that they discontinued… 😩

          es p

            try ebay for Gucci II perfume.

            Joanna K

              Phyto is our Polish brand for hair but that brand has not nice ingredients. And Dimethicone its not bad beacause its light silicone and if you want to have somtimes stright hair it keeps tge hair in pleace but for curly hair it best to use without that. Sorry for my eng i dont use that much often😘

              Tiffany Lo

                If you love the Gigi hadid mascara you’d love Mistine super model mascara. The brand is from Thailand and I’ve been using that mascara for years, way before that Gigi hadid mascara exists!!! Also it’s a tubing mascara!!


                  if you like the maybelline fiber mascara you should try the regular version of the x fiber mascara from L'Oréal! it works SOO well for me for length. i get compliments almost daily wearing it.

                  Noelis Alcantara

                    I love that your transitioning and I remember how confusing it was for me. You should check out @BiancaReneeToday's channel. her reviews are SPOT ON and she has a bunch of tips for girls who are transitioning AND she has a video explaining what sulfates, silicones and paraben ingredients you should look out for in your products ( link to video, the time 0:43 marks when she gives you the list of bad ingredients) Hope this helps cause I'd love to see you with your curls !!!

                    Jessica Broom

                      Curly girl products I love… davines curl mousse, davines oí milk, Hair story new wash rich formula, hair story hair balm.. these make my curls look AMAZING

                      Lily Marie

                        can you please make a playlist of music to get ready to? i loved the music in your ig story today.. i have really bad anxiety and the music put me in such a calm and good mood to do makeup.. love you btw!! 💕💕

                        Krystyn Lowe

                          It’s a water soluble silicone.

                          Nitsan M

                            I feel like recently there’s a lot of eco in your videos, just something about the sound is kinda off, it hurts my ears 🙉
                            Sorry for the negative comment, it bother me so much..

                            Lia Shah

                              "Can you imagine me in PE? Just picture that for a second. It was awful." Kathleen we are kindred spirits

                              Beth Soule

                                Ohhh I loved Gucci II as well! Classic 😍

                                Kassie Greer

                                  Your hair is looking GREAT!!!! 😍

                                  Blair W

                                    You should try Tata Harper purifying cleanser, it is so much better than Kiehl's one honestly, plus is cruelty free

                                    ฺOhm BW

                                      I'm using that charcoal conditioner. It feels like another step of detoxifying scalp so it's not nourishing by any means. I have to follow it with the Briogeo Apple conditioner. I wouldn't repurchase it since I see no point of using the conditioner that doesn't condition my hair nor my scalp. Not to mention I used it after the detoxifying shampoo which can make everything too much but I will finish it anyway because I don't hate it and it's expensive. 🤣🤣

                                      jess thorley

                                        PEG 13 or 12 is an indicator to say which carbon this “PEG” is attached to. With that being added to it, it makes it MORE water soluble, but some say it’s still a silicone and shouldn’t be used within the CGM community. I have used products with them in and I find them fine, as long as I use a clarifying shampoo about once a month. (CGM enthusiast and chemist!)

                                        Shushan Margaryan

                                          Kathleen!!! Your curls are really coming back! ♥️😱 Your technique works!
                                          Look at the cute little perfect curl on your right side near the ear 😍

                                          Alex DeMille Makeup Artistry

                                            Omg the Gigi mascara is amazing but they don’t make it anymore

                                            Alexi Poston

                                              Use to see if things are curly girl approved. It’s a life savor!!

                                              Emily Diaz

                                                You can use silicone girl!! Just clarify your hair once a week! As long as you properly clean and condition your hair, you can pretty much do anything. I have curly hair and got my curls back even still using heat!

                                                Liv Inuk Oldenburg Lynge

                                                  I looove the scalp revival conditioner, but I only use it on my scalp to hydrate the scalp and then I apply a normal conditioner to the ends. Super extra but gotta keep that scalp healthy for healthy hair 🙂

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