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    Jackie Aina

      Products That Made It To The TRASH BIN! | Jackie Aina

      Hi guys! Today’s video is going to be the products that I’ve used up and made it to the trash! Haven’t done an empties video in a looong time! Let’s chat some of …

      Jackie Aina

        links to today's LéWQ

        the top I'm wearing
        my hair


          From now on I’m adding drool to my hair for extra conditioning😂😂
          Thnx Jackie**


            I love your Youtube! You are so smart, informative, charming, and funny. Thanks for your channel, it's one of my favorites!

            nicky smith

              I woke up to watch this 3:11am

              nicky smith

                Fiji aint paying nobody bills😂😂

                Sam Greenwald

                  How much of this was an ad tho?

                  Naomi Adichol

                    Love this look on you! The outfit! The makeup! The hair! YOU BETTER! 😍

                    Tarria Smith

                      U look like MONEY! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💵💵💵💵

                      Elsa Bauer
                        Jasmine Bush

                          Press on?! I thought those were acrylic this whole time. 😱 Show me your ways.


                            only intro i could sit thru no homo

                            Kishispirit iMakeup

                              Love your hair lovee😍😍😍


                                The simple micellar water is IT! Both the regular and water boost version. I use it along with an oil and the simple moisturizing gel wash to remove my makeup and I looove it. I've gone through so many bottles

                                Sam Slipkovich

                                  I wish i could have the same amount of skincare as you

                                  Michelle Warren

                                    Do a nail tutorial!

                                    Michelle Warren

                                      Hello All,

                                      Enjoy the video!



                                        Do a YouTube video on brush and tool cleaning


                                          FIJI AIN'T PAYIN' NOBODY BILL!!!! SAMEEEEE


                                            Jackie I honestly love you so much. You definitely just put me on to the Silagen gel and I’ve been looking for something to work because I have scarring on my breast because I had a reduction. You always are so informative!

                                            Julia Charles

                                              Please recycle your bags lol Africans always recycle there’s one specific locker that all our plastic bags stay in 😂😂

                                              Dalma Marquez

                                                all i wanna say is i love your energy in your vids !! keep killing it mama !!

                                                Actually Cierra

                                                  Loved the lil titty swing 😂

                                                  Kristin Unruh

                                                    nail tutorial pls so we can slay and save some coin 😂😂

                                                    Demoni Bennitt

                                                      Okay, we’re gonna need a nail tutorial. PAAAHLEEEASSSSEEEE

                                                      Alonna Huff

                                                        Auntie Jackie you're looking FABULOUS Dahling puff puff Just FABULOUS


                                                          Eau de toilette in that pierre escargot voice 🤣🤣🤣🤣

                                                          Nicole Mempin

                                                            I love empties videos!!! More please, auntie!

                                                            paint it 6lack

                                                              Woke up at 3:42am from legit the worse nightmare I've ever had. It was brutal. So watching some Jackie to calm me back down.


                                                                i love coming to your channel because even videos like this never feel like negativity. just enjoyable and informative. thanks jackie

                                                                Jane Doe

                                                                  i use to do that with avon

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