Project Comeback Ep.1 Part 1: Workout Routine & How to Start!

Main Project Comeback Ep.1 Part 1: Workout Routine & How to Start!

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    Sarahs Day
      Project Comeback Ep.1 Part 1: Workout Routine & How to Start!


      Hanna Kiiver

        Lol I have the same "worm walk" 😅

        Victoria-Lee Balmer

          My favorite videos 💛💛 all the way from Cape Town 🇿🇦 Your family is beautiful 🌸

          Meyer Essentials

            LOVE Sarah what a gem! Does anyone know the resistance bands she uses?

            Kate May

              Really needed this, I’ve been unhappy with my lifestyle and really would love to make some changes 🙏 have followed your channel for 2 years now and I love the whole family ❤️ let’s do this together 😊😊

              Macy Smith

                Yes, I probably should be doing homework right now but I think I’d rather watch this

                S and B Fitness Instagram sandbfitness

                  Look at the book body by science. It's a 15 minute workout once a week. Obviously u can do it more but its the method what makes it work

                  Justyna Zalubska

                    Finally Sassy🥰🥰👌🏽

                    Elisha Scott

                      Hey Sarah im wondering if you can do a home exercise video I'm due number 2 in August and wont be able to go to gym after but still want to be healthier

                      Janet Armstrong

                        You actually look amazing I hope I look this good after having a baby Xxxx

                        Aj Walker

                          So excited and keen to do my own “project comeback” after I give birth. I loved following your pregnancy journey. And loving this new series your starting!
                          Wish me luck 🤞🏻 baby girl is on her way xx

                          Tina El

                            Sezzy, do you have a spotify playlist? everytime some musics comes up in your videos im like YEEESSS

                            Nadia Du Plooy

                              Pure dedication from you Sezzy, loving it, thanks for the spoils!


                                You are so amazing 😍😍

                                Josie Hull

                                  If i see one person criticizing you they are going down

                                  Alisa Miettinen

                                    Do a Project comeback e book 🤔😍… Then again probs too much for you with the baby, considering how hard you worked on them before… But it could be a motivation to all those who are new mommas n want to get back on track or just for people like me who falls off the vagon often xD Also love ur vids and the haters can just shut up. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be fit and being at the gym even if you are ok with ur current body. Nothing wrong with wanting to be even better and pushing yourself. Plus people who properly follow you know you actually just love fitness and health❤️💕😍😘


                                      I always love the music in your videos:)

                                      Taylah Louise

                                        I feel like I should be using this as my opportunity for a project comeback after a bad ankle injury … but also Imma just sit here and support you instead hahahah <3

                                        Shenae Telini

                                          What are your favourite wireless earphones for gym? ❤️


                                            HAHA I'm getting advertisement from 'Fox traveling' in your video 😂😂😂 #loveit

                                            Ps. Thanks for the video I need to get fit too!


                                              Superb timing Sarah, I'm literally starting my own project comeback today haha i'm excited!!

                                              Anna Fern

                                                Okay i use to watch sarah like before she was at 1 million and then i stopped watching youtube and she has a freaking baby and one million subs i’m so proud of you ❤️❤️

                                                dawn for life

                                                  Sarah, did you manage to find what Fox is allergic to? I know you care about chemicals and I just want to point out "Natural Flavour" as in ingredient. I understand you have it in your Bloom Powder and Tropeka has it too.

                                                  Do consider looking it up. Hope he's better. So cute =)


                                                    Can you please show us your pelvic floor routine, I think all women should be doing them would love to see this!! Congrats on project comeback!!

                                                    Chasing sun Set

                                                      OMG I HAVE AN IDEA – LETS DO PROJECT COMEBACK TOGETHER – MOTIVATE EACH OTHER!!!!

                                                      Chasing sun Set

                                                        my favorite kind of videos!!! <3 SOOOOO MOTIVATING 🙂

                                                        Sani Laomahei

                                                          Sezzy what ear phones do you use during your workout?? Plssss

                                                          Bob Elena

                                                            Love this

                                                            Roxy Summer

                                                              loved this so much!!!!!

                                                              Laura Moncunill

                                                                whwn the podcast? Or do a sale for your second guide so everyone can do it with you!!

                                                                nicoline ineichen

                                                                  does anyone know where to find that stairmaster workout she talked about?😊

                                                                  dawn for life

                                                                    Kurt : Think about the turtles.
                                                                    That's what my husband says to me when I feel bad for forgetting "environmental saving items". It looks cute when it's not me. :p

                                                                    Hailea Howard

                                                                      Love you girl! You are such an inspiration and your mentality about battling fitness and mum life is so motivating for me (even though I dont have a baby and im not preggy)

                                                                      Kaitlyn Johnson

                                                                        You look so great! Love your motivation, You’re awesome Sarah 🙂

                                                                        Jennilee Mills

                                                                          I haven’t been able to train since February due to a medical condition and operation. SO KEEN for my project comeback in June 😆😆😆 I used to train every day and I miss it so much 😢 Thank you for an awesome sauce vid Sarah x

                                                                          Tamar Shoshan

                                                                            So happy to finally watch the project comeback new videos!!!

                                                                            Ellen Mae

                                                                              hey sezzy what resistance bands do you use?


                                                                                Please can you and kurt just get married already

                                                                                Roxy Summer

                                                                                  put a keep cup in your pram

                                                                                  Georgia Bear

                                                                                    So ready for Part 2!! so so motivating 🙂

                                                                                    Brigitte Hunter

                                                                                      I’m so excited for this! I’m 5 months pp with twins so I will be watching these RELIGIOUSLY!!!!! Will you be talking about working out while breastfeeding? I’ve worked out a few times but every time I did, I would get mastitis. 😭

                                                                                      That’s Just Emily x

                                                                                        This is literally THE video I needed to watch! Haven't been to the gym in almost three weeks now. I've enjoyed time away but miss it and think this was the motivation I needed- THANK YOU SEZ! x

                                                                                        Samantha Rochelle

                                                                                          Had a few weeks off so I’m excited to try this workout!

                                                                                          Bla La

                                                                                            I just got my period back and now I really want feel good in my body. I am 16 and since a few years I can't reach my goal to finally like my body. I decided to go vegan yesterday and the timing of this video is just perfect ❤️❤️ Let's support and motivate each other 💕

                                                                                            Intergalactic Supreme Goddess of Service Ginny Mae

                                                                                              Looking forward to this series ❤️❤️

                                                                                              Samantha Williams

                                                                                                Pleaseeeee do a video on how to do a handstand for beginners!! ❤️


                                                                                                  Loved it!

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