PROJECT COMEBACK ep.2 // You HAVE to try this booty workout + Honest Body Update

Main PROJECT COMEBACK ep.2 // You HAVE to try this booty workout + Honest Body Update

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    Sarahs Day
      PROJECT COMEBACK ep.2 // You HAVE to try this booty workout + Honest Body Update

      Welcome back to project comeback episode two (part one). In today’s vlog I bring you along my day as I try to get back on track after giving birth 9 weeks ago.


        i watched @6:30 a million times.


          What brand is your resistance band??

          Aesthetic Videos

            Sarah you look better than me without me even having a baby 😂

            Lari mel

              Hey Sarah, how many days in a week do you train and how many days are you recovering? When Iam doing a workout series like in your video I only can do it 1-2 a week. My body needs so much time to recover. What is your experience? All the love. x

              Katee Cox

                Hey Sezzy! Late to the party but love your getting back into gym vlogs they've been really motivating me to get back in there myself 🙂 I was wondering in your next video if you can add how many sets/ reps you did just like in Episode 1 so that I can try it out at my gym 😉
                Lots of love xx

                Laura Helliwell

                  Can you explain more about dominant quads! I have dealing with this for years, and did not realise what was happening until I had watched one of your blogs and you had mentioned dominant quads. It would be awesome if you included a section on glute activation and exercises for glutes/hamstrings!

                  viviana sousa

                    I want that belly after my baby 😂

                    Laura K

                      Oh Fox! 💙💙💙💙

                      The morning talk had me dying. Love you guys!!!

                      Tina Djurovic

                        Whitefox discount code didn't work

                        Ruby Cherie Coaching


                          Crown4 King

                            You need to eat for food !!!!! Your too skinny !!! Your still beautiful but !!!

                            Terri Anne

                              You guys are clearly so happy, I'm so happy for you both, you guys deserve this! 😍 Ahhhh love you four so much


                                Why aren't you using your ebook for your "project comeback"?


                                  FUCK GOD HE IS A TRYANT. ALL WE DO IS SUFFER AND WAIT.

                                  Research “MK Ultra” and “Voice to Skull” technology (mind reading weapons)

                                  Research “Haarp” which is weather manipulation.

                                  Research “Targeted Individuals” or “Gangstalking”

                                  Hayden Olive-Talley

                                    Your 9 weeks post partum looks like my everyday body.. killing it girl!

                                    Lucy Allen

                                      The song during the gym portion?????

                                      T T

                                        Aren’t oats naturally gluten free?

                                        Vanessa S

                                          Loved the video!! ❤️❤️

                                          Nikita Sohi

                                            How cold is it in Australia now? It looks really hot but you have loads of layer xxx


                                              could you please do a video for begginers on hormonal acne. i have just started getting it and i have tried following some of your tips but i dont fully understand it yet or know what im doing is right, like eating and skincare products, thanks sezzy

                                              Jamie Hopkins

                                                #couplegoals. Obsessed with you and Kurt. Also love that fox looks and the camera while you vlog…soo cute

                                                Baby Shaypie

                                                  He looks like kurt but he has sarahs big eyes😍

                                                  Kareli Yahuaca

                                                    FOX IS SO CUTE OMGGGGGGGGGG

                                                    Meghann Black

                                                      Love how you two always accidentally wear matching clothing and you tell Kurt to change.

                                                      Grace Geri

                                                        When a afterbirth body is so much better than yours😂😂

                                                        Mathilde Duquennoy

                                                          Your vlogs always are THE BEST ! I really like the way you make them, very simple but still the quality is here! (and I love the musics you chose 🙂

                                                          Raeana Vasquez

                                                            Thank you for indirectly introducing me to Maya Isac! 🤩🎵

                                                            Mandy Tan

                                                              YASSSSS GROCERY SHOPPING NEXT OMG IM SO EXCITED 😫😫😫

                                                              Maggie Pubols

                                                                Love these videos so much! I hope you’re finding time for rest

                                                                Jenna Lyn Myers

                                                                  glutes = booty

                                                                  Tiffany Stanford

                                                                    "Can you go blow your nose?" DEAD LOL


                                                                      How is your snow jacket called??😍😍

                                                                      R.I.P. America

                                                                        Wow… I'd love just to have your "before" body!

                                                                        Julia Zona

                                                                          Why does fox always have hiccups???

                                                                          Tiffani Schmalzried

                                                                            Has anyone figured out the song she uses during the body update?

                                                                            Lafamilia Goose

                                                                              Thank You so much for these project comeback videos. I’m also doing a project comeback myself. You think you can do more videos like what I eat in a day or show us more of your nutrition bowls creations? I miss those and I recreate them as well. That’s only if you have time. Thank You😊😊😊😊. By the way you look amazing after having Fox❤️❤️❤️❤️

                                                                              Krista Richards

                                                                                thanks for really breaking down the form on some of these exercises it helps a lot

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