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    Carli Bybel

      Hiiiii my lovie doves!! It’s been a bit since I did a Q&A so I figured I would sit down and answer some of your questions!! I hope you …

      Elizabeth J.

        Not sure how or when your relationship failed. I just got back in here, but one thing I remember before I found my husband, it was when I wasn't looking for someone and he wasn't either. We were both happy being single, we were done with games, and that was that. Theirs a person for you and everyone else just be happy with what you have now and the rest will fall into place. Wishing everyone the very best.

        Maria Principia Putri

          carli, what u say about self-love in this video hits me through the heart. i felt it the most that giving too much is not okay, and i need to set boundaries for others 🙁

          Jaritza Toribio

            Hi Carly, where do you buy the kendamil stage 3?


              When you described the ideal man i immediately thought of michael b jordan lol. I think you would be great together! 😂

              Flower Work7

                She totally wants a stay at home boyfriend lmfao.

                Susan Velez

                  Read : YOU ARE ENOUGH ! You will meet your night in shinning armor when you least expect darling 🙋🏻‍♀️

                  Sara Eliza

                    Thank you the cheating is completely out of hand it does not matter how beautiful Shakira is its just like you said, its about the other person’s issues

                    Kiara Mehta

                      Its crazy i just heard about RAYA and was just googling about it! And you mentioned it!!

                      Kari Leee

                        Looking gorgeous as usual😍 love your choker😍 what is it from plz?

                        Miriam Llerena

                          Been watching you for almost 8 years now and you’re still my favorite YouTuber 🫶🏼

                          Daniela Cabrona

                            Aw Carli. Thanks for this video.

                            nina derosa

                              Obviously it didn’t work out, but all the traits you said sounded like Anthony 😢

                              Elizabeth R. Facundo

                                A matchmaker is the best way. Men that are “ready”
                                Pay matchmakers to find women like you.


                                  I overheard a guy say once "if she hasnt put out by the third date, I ghost. I'm not going to waste my time anymore withher"

                                  Krissy McGlotten

                                    Girl, u r my soul sista 4 real. Why do u always know when 2 talk 2 me. U hit hard and damn it's crazy.

                                    Samantha Rucker

                                      Carly! Read the book titled Attached

                                      Nicole Lee

                                        I felt like the only person who broke up with their child’s father during their pregnancy. It’s a situation that no one ever sees coming. My daughter’s dad cheated on me during my pregnancy and I moved across the county to birth my child with my mom as my support. It was embarrassing and stressful. The most important thing is that my daughter is healthy and we are both happy; just the two of us. I hope whom ever has shared this experience heals and finds happiness within.

                                        La Duderina

                                          I have been following you right from the beginning its so cool that you still do Youtube

                                          Janis Guzman

                                            Carli, I think the men in your city/state just weren’t raised right lol. Because how in the world can a man not see the absolute gem that you are. You are kind, sweet, loving, and everything good in the world. Come to Utah! Hahaha honesty 9/10 men here are such good men. The kind the world thinks don’t exist anymore.

                                            Alexis Canales

                                              Video idea : Doing a fans make up. Except the fan is me. Lol Because I try to copy your technique but still dont end up liking my make up.

                                              jess west

                                                I am manifesting it now — you and Hasan Piker……. lol

                                                Jessica Justo

                                                  cool video idea maybe some house stuff, decor, tour, idk just some home stuff

                                                  Gabriella Cruz

                                                    Omg she’s sooo sweet

                                                    Irene Martinez

                                                      The 24 hour time period to think about committing to something is really great advice! Thank you Carli ❤


                                                        How do you trust after being cheated on? I was cheated on and my self stem is so down

                                                        Renata Rodriguez

                                                          The Untethered Soul is my favorite book!! The other books by the author are amazing as well!

                                                          Adri Rivas

                                                            Beauty ❤

                                                            Lori Oliveras

                                                              Go to Belize, not Mexico !!!!!!

                                                              Alison Taylor

                                                                thank you, tearing up <3


                                                                  Thank you for this honest video! ❤

                                                                  Jess Aparicio

                                                                    When you’re both ready you’ll find each other. 💯 percent, you find them when you aren’t looking and busy figuring yourself out! Remember maybe you are ready but your future partner might not be, it’s better to meet when you’re both ready so the games are just done! It is really hard in the dating world and it’s so hard being patient for your SO but..they are out there! and even tho it might be lonely now.. I promise you they will be worth the wait 💗

                                                                    Sařa Hevesi

                                                                      I feel the same way it seems like most guys today are sad excuses for men , I decided to focus on myself and my career . I am happy alone and will pick this any day over a shitty guy


                                                                        Please do a mukbang vid

                                                                        Brooklyn Jayde

                                                                          You’re such an amazing and kind person. ❤

                                                                          kara dziadosz

                                                                            Can you link the jewelry your wearing?

                                                                            felicia seidl

                                                                              I’m 35 and still single with no kids. I’ve pretty much accepted that I’m not gonna find someone

                                                                              Christine Ngo

                                                                                Also it’s ok to just not have anxiety like most. Of society today lol u are a strong girl if I looked like u I would never feel anxiety 😅

                                                                                Yas and Yel

                                                                                  Thanks Carli for being so honest and open ❤ You’re gunna find your perfect man don’t worry ✨

                                                                                  Najihah Razak

                                                                                    One thing I learn from my past relationship (Horrible experience 🙁 ) was that NEVER settle anything for less. You deserve someone better! Let them change for themselves. Don't ever hope that he will change after the mistake he has made (cheating etc) coz I've been there it sucks. But yeah throughout the healing, I've learn to love myself more. I pray for you Carli! You will meet the best wonderful man for you and your baby. You're such a nice person. Don't be sad okay? We're here for you.

                                                                                    Queen Hex

                                                                                      You look great love! Are you still using the same camera? ♥️ sending love from minnesota!


                                                                                        Love love these videos Carli ❤!! Btw does anyone know what camera she uses to Vlog ? 😍

                                                                                        Cindee Munoz

                                                                                          Josh leyva and you would make a cute couple !

                                                                                          Latece Hunt

                                                                                            Girl imagine if a spider were to bite Renz?!?! Kill it!!!!

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