Questions I’ve Been Avoiding..

Main Questions I’ve Been Avoiding..

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    Alex Centomo

      Answering some questions I’ve been avoiding. I honestly didn’t know I was avoiding anything until you guys started asking me these questions lol.Let me know if …

      Erin Lavoie

        I would love if you would do the video on BPD, I think it's so important to spread awareness on mental health issues. Especially on BPD because I think it is really misunderstood by many people!

        About a girl&the world

          I love how honest and down to earth you are 🙂

          Rennie Alli

            Hi Alex I love this video I really liked seeing you in dresses please can you do a haul for dresses you'd look awesome thanks

            pauli g

              i could watch you talking for years.

              Ella Khoury

                you’re the best❤️

                Kamilla Bedea

                  Please make a video about BPD!!!

                  Brittany Wall

                    I would really appreciate if you did a video about BPD. My little sister has been diagnosed with BPD and listening to you talk about your experience with it has helped me understand what she deals with as well!

                    Catherine Belle

                      Love you and miss you!

                      Aly Reid

                        Love you always alex!!💛💛🤗🤗

                        Robyn y

                          I love your videos, I enjoy them and I admire that you feel confident enough to talk about things that are private in your life ☺️ Don’t feel you need to please anyone but yourself, keep what you want to keep to yourself and only share what you want to share 😊

                          veronica webber

                            I love most of your content but this was so refreshing!!

                            doralie Langlois

                              I Feel like the 14 15 sex things really depend on the situation and maturity of the person i lost my virgin 15 with a boy i knew for 4 years and now it's been 2 years since were together and everythings is going amazing it really depend . You should do what feel right not because you feel obligated ps : love u Alex ❤

                              Mila Taillefer

                                I love your person so much! (D'une abonnée qui parle français hihi!)

                                mel bel

                                  I’d really love a video on BPD I feel like it needs to be talked about more as it’s not a commonly known mental illness so I think people could really benefit from hearing about it

                                  David Woods

                                    I like the daily vlogs

                                    The Leasphere

                                      I would love to see a video about BPD, sounds like an interesting topic!

                                      Hannah Renee

                                        Thank you for being so honest with us!

                                        Sanae AADIL

                                          Would love to see story times from when u were a teenager and an outfit video for sex and the city just like u did friends and 70s show .


                                            i would love to see a video about bpd and your personal stories with it!

                                            Grace Matthews

                                              Pleaseeeee do a whole"how to survive highschool" video, and highschool relationships, or a video on how to deal with bi polar disorder (if you still have it) your awesome 😊

                                              N E

                                                this video just add on to why i love u n have been watching ur videos/following u on instagram for so long!! thank u!


                                                  We're the same person I swear. J'ai l'impression de m'entendre parler! Bisous ❤❤❤

                                                  Cami Ambros

                                                    Being 20, this is very vulnerable for me to ask but I wanted to ask it anyway. Everyone's different however for the first time you did it and lost your virginity, did it hurt? Like how bout the women who hasn't really had anything up there? This is really vulnerable for me but I would like you're insight(: appreciate you're pure love you share with us

                                                    Harley Flower

                                                      My best friend has BPD and I’m not going to lie, it’s very difficult to maintain a friendship. I think it’s so good you have someone willing to go to counseling with you. And that you go to counseling instead of just saying, this is how I am deal w it. I think a video with not Dan, but a friend l, would be so beneficial. How those friends stay emotionally healthy in the friendship.

                                                      Megi Panariti

                                                        You’re so sweet, it’s unreal. Love to see your content grow as you grow 🙂 love you 😘

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