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    Lisa Eldridge
      Quick Glow Without The Grease - Natural Makeup Tutorial

      For all the products that are featured in this film click on the links below: 100% of advertising revenue is donated to charity. To find out when my lipsticks launch …

      Eva Bergdahl

        Beautiful 🔥☀️

        Caterina Iona

          Very natural and very beautiful. Certainly needed here in Greece where it hot hot hot all summer long xx

          Roberta Green

            Lisa where can I get the glossier pen from their site says they don’t ship here 🤷‍♀️

            Anna WAYWEGO

              Great tutorial but really I’m sweating so much I can’t wear any face cream. I have been just wearing your lipstick in skyscraper Rose and although I have to say the lipstick product itself is smaller than a normal lipstick – for the price but the quality is AMAZING. I’ve not had to touch up all day it stays put and it so moisturising and light. I’m converted Lisa. Well done Lisa on these truly beautiful comfortable lipsticks. Your perfectionism shines through.

              Sabrina Bautista

                For sure using this as my makeup to go for the rest of the Summer and will Go Lightly💄💋😘


                  I understand you Lisa. Here in Sardinia (Italy), we always have these temperatures from June to late September. 😟 as always a beautiful video!❤

                  Svenja M.

                    Thanks Lisa! Very funny that i actually did a look on mysef yesterday that was essentially the same, for 35 degree weather. Even with your lipstick love of my life. It looked amazing. Thank you x

                    Haley Mitchell

                      I’m always blown away by how beautiful the result is of such a simple makeup, this is perfect for the hot weather we’ve been having here in California ☀️

                      Prapti Mishra

                        Any recommendations for tinted spf for tan skins??

                        Yllza Duka

                          Love everything you do!

                          That’s LMFB

                            I'd love a video for oily skin with big red breakouts. I tried to follow your last tutorial on covering a blemish, but the coverage still fell off and my blemishes were bright and bold in three hours 😭 I hate full coverage though, it feels so awful

                            lauren macleod

                              Needed this inspiration for my greasy t-zone… please do an updated skin care video, you’re radiant!

                              Samara V Hamilton

                                Love the look!

                                I have always been curious how you set up your makeup table–so many tools! I imagine it's like a surgeon's setup? Or is it 1, 2, 3…? I'd love to see what you do in that regard.


                                  Adoro ✅💟😻

                                  My Beauty Shopper

                                    Beautiful as always and heliocare is a great sunscreen 🌞🌞🌞👌


                                      My makeup melted within 5 minutes, no exaggeration. Ended up splashing water on it and what little remained stayed. Worried about tomorrows wedding. Will recreate this for an everyday look; hope it stays put

                                      Kate Said

                                        I have never worn foundation, really don't like the way it feels on my skin – BB cream all the way! x

                                        Annie Whitmore

                                          Beautiful Lisa 🙂

                                          Julie Lawson

                                            Hi Lisa a long time ago you said you would be doing a concealer video and members of the public were able to apply. I have never seen this video and was looking forward to some further tips 😔

                                            Suz Wainwright

                                              30mins before bedtime and all I want to do is go and put my make-up on again 😀 x


                                                Hi, Lisa! Loved your video with Alexa Chung. I hope there'll be more. Maybe have her on your channel again and do another look with one of your true velvet shades (red or any other color)?

                                                Christy Mccullough

                                                  This is the look i'm doing today!! You rock lady!! Your videos are all so refreshing!


                                                    Arg I didn't manage to get Velvett Jazz this time either. I hope a new batch will be made yet again 🙂

                                                    Lisa Isabelle

                                                      It's Friday night. I'm SPM-ing. I'm here sitting in my bed, my body freshly cleaned and scrubbed and heavily moisturized, with a face mask, hair mask, chocolate and LISA ELDRIDGE's NEW VIDEO. Life is good.


                                                        Hey! Great you used my favorite sunscreen Heliocare! I have the colored gelcream plus the 360 oil free heliocare that too has a slight faint tint to it leaves skin glowing and for me no white cast as my skintone is golden beige.
                                                        Do we need to use a setting or fixing spray to keep this or any make up look in the heat? Or is it best not to use any fixing sprays with make up in plus 35°C + heat? Thanks.

                                                        Lovely fresh dewy look.

                                                        Carrie Mroczkowski

                                                          Adore! I love how everything is subtle. So classy and wearable/doable. You have such beautiful skin.
                                                          Thanks for the fabulous tutorial, love🍃🌸


                                                            Gorgeous as always!

                                                            audrey soriano

                                                              beautiful natural makeup bravo


                                                                Thank you so much for this fantastic look! So glad an spf is part of it – I often struggle with combining my spf with makeup.

                                                                Andrea C.I.C.

                                                                  I loooove using that type of highlighter, the balmy ones <3

                                                                  Christine Lucas

                                                                    Beautiful, understated look. Thanks for sharing Lisa xx

                                                                    ΛΟΥΚΙΑ Σ

                                                                      It seems both effortless and classy !!


                                                                        Queen of the stunning "less is more" look. So beautiful and classy.


                                                                          Lisa making her own tinted face products with SPF would be a dreaaaam! 😍


                                                                            Lisa, thank you so, so much for sharing ‘Go Lightly’ with us❣️ It’s truly a treasure . Love from Texas❤️❣️❣️


                                                                              That top is gorgeous too , the make up amazing as usual 😘

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