Reacting to MEAN Tik Toks About Me (This Crossed The Line!)

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      Reacting to MEAN Tik Toks About Me (This Crossed The Line!)

      Today we are diving into the OTHER side of Tik Tok… A few weeks ago I FINALLY got an account and watched the top ‘Jeffree Star’ videos.. Now I’m going to …

      Akiko Milligan

        Jeffre having a hard to gaining weight me having a hard time losing it and not gaining it

        Tatiana Darrow

          Jeffree you need to do this all the time


            The Tiger King ones got me 😂😂😂


              How do I constantly forget how funny Jeffree is?!?!? I’m dying!!!

              Megan McNeill

                Yo i can’t breathe

                Liz Ortega



                    Am I the only one who just now realized Jeffrees eyebrow are just highlight……. also ily so much you are amazing💞😛

                    Rachael Dalton

                      Immediately stops to buy a mirror…


                        Jeffree still flourishing without Nathan… AND I HYPE IT!!! Jeffree don’t need NOBODY PERIODTTT

                        Julie Jett

                          Sell your fast metabolism to me sis cause I need it

                          Leafy Fan

                            y'all did nate soooo dirty im literally dead asf

                            Lisa V

                              I'm crying haha! I swear Jeffree's personality hahaa love you

                              Alexa Hoskins

                                Oh no bitch
                                You don't ever come for my dogs bitch
                                You hear me
                                YOU DONT COME FOR MY DOGS!

                                where'd the app go?

                                Gigi Amour

                                  I love people who smoke weed like they breathe air be like: “I can’t gain weight”

                                  Yeah because you’re smoking an appetite depressant. I was his skinny until I quit drugs lmaooooooo

                                  Denvz Q

                                    9:19 had me rolling 😂😂😂

                                    javier castaneda

                                      He was lowkey hurt, But we luv y’all Periodt.

                                      Chris Sama

                                        Jeffree’s reaction to that persons museum-like collection of Jeffree Star’s products is so GENUINE!!

                                        Cailin Price

                                          Honestly I couldn’t see the shade, but laughed my ass off…


                                            Yeah don't come for the dogs they are sorry cute…..

                                            Roberto Garcia

                                              Botox & Bronzer. I Am Here For It!🙆🏽‍♂️🥰🙏🏽❤️

                                              Daniela Taylor

                                                literally soooo funnny. i love you !!!!!! you better wuuurk girl

                                                shreeyashi adhikari


                                                  Oviya Srinivasan

                                                    I'm grateful that I exist in Jeffree star era 🤪!

                                                    Alliah Asuncion

                                                      Jeffree's wig reminds me of mcdonalds


                                                        The last one was hilarious I actually laughed out loud with them

                                                        Oviya Srinivasan

                                                          Only Jeffree star could change his own mean tiktok video to comedy show! This video is lit 😂!

                                                          Jenifer Quintero

                                                            Taco Bell are you hiring 😩😩😩😂😂😂😂

                                                            smh ms

                                                              Jeffree's hair looks like McDonald's 😭 I STILL LOVE IT! SLAY QUEEN

                                                              Calvin Fowler

                                                                jeffree’s hair: mustard & ketchup

                                                                no hate lol we stan ♡

                                                                Kayla Playa

                                                                  This dog audition lmaooo

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