Reacting To Tik Toks About Me (They Broke In!)

Main Reacting To Tik Toks About Me (They Broke In!)

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      Reacting To Tik Toks About Me (They Broke In!)

      Today I’m logging into Tik Tok for the first time! I’m gonna play the top clips in the hashtag ‘JeffreeStar’ tab and react to them.. I heard there are some VERY …


        “hi— HOW ARE YAAAA!?”

        assis drumon

          Ajude eu, meu código do Tik tok : 26873379 você adiciona meu código é ganha 1,25 depos faz o saque.

          Lacey LaVonne


            Lucia Hartoko

              Give Me A Like

              Tyreik Thomas

                Follow my tik tok @tyreikandrew


                  Jeffree: "I'm gonna be a new mother soon."
                  Me: "Jeffree you went out and got knocked up? FRICK YOU'RE PREGGOSSSSS."

                  Yahaira Diaz

                    dude i really wanna see him collaborate with louie😭 like my two favorite people


                      What did Jeffree use to spray on his fries? XD


                        Stay strong my friend

                        sapp g

                          Me just got Jeffrey addicted to tik tok. Welcome my friend. Lmaoooo

                          A random Picture

                            I just wanna say that Jeffree is my happy pill❤

                            michelle kavanagh

                              Lovely eyes

                              Starring Edwin

                                his user is jeffreestarxo he linked his socials to confirm

                                GamerUnicorn Yoshi

                                  I hate that I cant afford anything from your collection. I own nothing of yours and I'm sad about it.

                                  Shreya Sachdev

                                    I lowkey wanted to find these people on titktok but realized that's too much work.

                                    WaxestLowa732 R

                                      Launch in home spa please!!

                                      Allipotato 4Life


                                        Logan Lemonslice

                                          Ayla & Roman! x

                                          Teagan Groulx

                                            WHAT you have never been on tic tok


                                              R U NOT PLANNING TO ADOPT? THAT WOULD REALLY BE GREAT IF THAT WOUD HAPPEN


                                                Okay I was NOT ready for the "HOW ARE YA?!?!" part 😂😂

                                                Brauer Pauer

                                                  And I thought my JSC collection was big…WOW.

                                                  melissa h

                                                    I am more of a lurker but here some love 🥰.

                                                    Anya Kroutil

                                                      Daily face wash care you need to go for it love you

                                                      wing shan

                                                        stop using TikTok guys… unless u are a fan of CCP surveillance

                                                        Cally Miller

                                                          tbh I'm only watching to see the bad ones bc im a sister not a Jeffree fan

                                                          Aliza A

                                                            Your makeup thooo bitchhh 🤤😍

                                                            Aimi Nadia

                                                              Look like girl voice like bog

                                                              Aimi Nadia

                                                                U boy or girl


                                                                  All of these old photos of jefree star reminded me of my child hood listening to his music

                                                                  Erin Rose

                                                                    When you scream I f’*cking die. The funniest shit ever xx

                                                                    Cesar Luna

                                                                      Why isn’t jeffree at the met galas ?

                                                                      Crazy Cringe

                                                                        Wait is that guy in the vid fixing your hair Leigh from glow up from Netflix???

                                                                        GoGo Almal

                                                                          مين عربي احس انو انا الوحيدة الغبية اتابعه بس بفهم انكليزي 😄😸☝

                                                                          Sky Aayaa

                                                                            He barfed gross

                                                                            Rayna-Winter Dockrill

                                                                              I really wanna get a Jeffrey Starr pallet but I’m too poor🥺😭😭

                                                                              The gamer

                                                                                How are you famous?

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