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      READING YOUR ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT ME.. The Truth! | NikkieTutorials

      I’ve been in the YouTube game for over ELEVEN years!!! And in those eleven years a lot of rumors, gossip and assumptions have been formed surrounding me.




          I think that the whole sharing for empathy is just disgusting, I feel like anyone who's had a family member have cancer can relate to why you spoke about it. As someone who's also experienced it with my sister, and who's had a very different outcome to you, I can 100% understand why you'd speak out and I hope that others understand too
          Stay strong girl 💖

          asha abubakar

            Who is dylan ?


              So you guys are lairs and facetuners 🙁

              Sötnos1401 MSP

                Fuck… Im 12 😐

                Grace Matilda

                  what a beauty xx

                  B Quack

                    i looooooove you nikkie!!!!!!!!!!

                    Priscila Guimarães

                      Geld can't buy all this talent

                      Moustache Maniac

                        I LOVE YOU!!!! Your so professional and my assumption about you is that you’re super caring, you love your job and love your family very much


                          I comment this every now and then and I haven’t got an answer yet 😞😞 does anyone know which brush does she use for blush? 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


                            8:29 James has left the chat

                            melanie banks

                              I think anyone who publicly grows up and goes through all their changes including personal growth is very brave. It’s such a messy stage in everyone’s lives and a lot of people forget that. So many people are easy to judge and comment in such a way because to them you and other youtubers feel like our friends or family. You’ve worked hard, you still work hard and deserve everything you have and get.

                              bluebells rinzu

                                We love a humble and honest queen 💕💕

                                Jazmin A

                                  Apart from everything tell Dylan for loving you you deserve everything nikkie

                                  Holly xo

                                    Not buying that eyeshadow palette 🤮

                                    Amy Mendez

                                      Use code NIKKIE to save some geld on Juvia’s Place products!!

                                      Emily Wilkins

                                        So idk if it's just me but is there a really harsh patch of demarcation with that brown shade?

                                        Eymi Rivera2019

                                          "Stigma" & "Persona"
                                          Hmmm in smell an ARMY(FAN OF BTS) ✌

                                          I knooowwww not a big deal. Just wanna say it anyway lol
                                          Dont come for meh 😭


                                          erica christine

                                            at the end of the day nikkie finds the good in everything. LITERALLY everything. i love you sis 🥰.

                                            Corrie S

                                              You sound like Izzie Stevens from greys anatomy

                                              VIP G

                                                Because you’re so tall, I assumed Dylan was only up to your shoulders lolol I’m just kidding 😂😂😂😂😂

                                                Abby W

                                                  I need her to send her mood my way. She oozes fabulousness


                                                    What does it feel like to to have 2.6 million dollars 💵 like fo real


                                                      I'm so sorry Nikkie, whoever honestly thinks that she would use her trauma with her family for attention and viewership needs to sit the f*ck down and shut the hell up, that's gross and it's hard to even talk about…

                                                      VIP G

                                                        I honestly want to punch the person who said you use your family problem. Obviously anyone who assumes that has never lost anyone close and don’t know how hard it is to actually open up about it especially open up to the damn world.

                                                        Inge Van Der Ross

                                                          Geld.. its the same in Afrikaans..

                                                          Tabitha Stalder

                                                            I feel like these assumptions were especially mean. I’m so sorry you had to answer them, which you did in such a professional and nice way by the way, but it was terrible to hear that about your family. I never felt that way, I thought it was very brave and also understandable for you to be open and honest about it. How could we expect you to hide that and act happy and ok all the time when you are going through such loss.

                                                            Medea Chillemi

                                                              She is such an absolute doll! ❤️her!

                                                              Tanya Francis

                                                                Hi, ya need to do a makeup brand or merch

                                                                Alexandra Elena

                                                                  Why does Nikkie do her eyebrows off camera?

                                                                  Genevieve Collins

                                                                    Some of the comments, especially about family loss just left me speechless. Those are heartless assumptions.

                                                                    VIP G

                                                                      F**k it! Life’s too short not to entertain so dance like no one’s watching cuz it doesn’t matter if others aren’t having a good time; if you are then who cares! Lol

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