Real Life Famous Stars Portrayed In Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

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      Real Life Famous Stars Portrayed In Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

      Margot Robbie Plays Sharon Tate in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, But Who Does Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt Play? Fine Out! Subscribe: …

      Walter White

        I loved it! If only Quinton could rewrite the actual past.

        N. Gibbs

          They look nothing alike!

          Ford Eubanks

            I would’ve loved the full movie. I would watch a three hour version of this. It was still a great film.


              I love the Sixties even if I was born in the Seventies !!!

              John Nash

                Margot/Sharon are the angels the loving spirit of this movie.

                Ana Briones

                  Amazing with a perfect ending!!! Quentin never disappoints me

                  Bero Official

                    Margot is really down to earth and not full of herself. I love her!♥

                    Anthony Montejano

                      One of the best movies of the year

                      Lejla Zukić

                        Can't wait 😱😱💥💖💖💖

                        Leslie Hayes

                          I nominate Leonardo DiCaprio for the Best Actor and Brad Pitt for Best Supporting Actor in all awards shows next year!

                          SCOO7CH 77

                            Except Robbie has a penis


                              The God Bruce Lee.

                              G M

                                I saw the film just now, it was amazing!

                                Jason Shampansky

                                  Definitely looking forward to see this movie they have an amazing cast with real movie stars ⭐️ Should be great!


                                    Finally a Non-SJW movie thank goodness

                                    Lidya 8a

                                      They should do the uncut and theatre cut

                                      Miranda Carpenter

                                        Can't wait to see it!

                                        Йоанна Николова

                                          Here ideas for a dance moms vid!->


                                            Damien Hirst?? 4.47

                                            Dottie Marie

                                              I am very excited. This is going to be genius.

                                              Kaleigh Hodges

                                                I'm going to see this tomorrow🤩

                                                Tom Connors


                                                  nancy tran

                                                    Amazing, just simply amazing. 💕


                                                      Half a decade…5 years😶

                                                      Denis Kostic

                                                        End of sixties , 70 s inspiration forever!!!

                                                        nauman muhammad

                                                          Pitt was portraying chuck Norris. Pitt was fighting with Bruce lee in this movie . Lee and norris fought in 1971 movie THE WAY OF DRAGON.

                                                          Adam Turner

                                                            In charlie we trust ❌

                                                            StL Busker

                                                              All this hype means only one thing,…… The 60's were without a doubt the greatest decade ever! Yeah, yeah, yeah,…. There have been other really good decades, but nothing comes close to living the 60's. If you were there then I'm preaching to the wrong crowd. If you missed it, you have no idea what it is that you missed. Much of what went on, I've forgotten, and much of what I remember, comes to me, every once in a great while, through a cloud of smoke, kind of like some twisted dream, at times. The Politics, the Music, THE WAR, the Styles, the Drugs, it just will never be that way again,…except for in my dreams, and my waking thoughts.

                                                              Menna Wali

                                                                Ok, this make me want to see more this movie. Jsisshkd

                                                                Painon Pudotus Dietitian

                                                                  Thanks for the great videos

                                                                  Morgan Harley

                                                                    The Talko just got me so excited for this film

                                                                    Shiran Vyasa

                                                                      A wonderful movie. A slow start but picks up mid way. A great soundtrack and a wonderful plot twist to the story.

                                                                      Tim Bell

                                                                        Can't wait. This is going to be must see cinema.

                                                                        The Svet Bm Lordress

                                                                          Sorry but Margot is the absolute worst choice for Sharon Tate.


                                                                            Wow I'm early

                                                                            NITISH KUMAR

                                                                              Its definitely going to be an all-time love for all the people of last gen and this gen…. Eagerly waiting for this

                                                                              The school activities

                                                                                y a

                                                                                Vala Dina

                                                                                  Leave it to Quentin Tarantino to twist your brain once again🤣🤣👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

                                                                                  Bryin E. Willis

                                                                                    > I failed…


                                                                                      0:49 You forget Death Proof

                                                                                      Hina Xobia

                                                                                        Hey, random you… reading this comment. you are beautiful. Have a good day:)

                                                                                        Auden Fader

                                                                                          6th comment! and 50th like!

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