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    Sarahs Day
      *Real & Raw* What I Eat In a Day | Body Update (detailed + up close)

      SWEAT IT TO SHRED IT EBOOK FITNESS GUIDES!! Also check out my website for secret blog posts, stories, tips and more!

      Kyra Hawkins

        Kurt reminds me of my sister 😂😂 everytime a new baby is introduced into our family she’ll stand at a distance and stare with the most hilarious face of horror because “they’re… weird. They don’t do anything” 😂😂 she loves them and shows them her own version of affection but hearing Kurt talk about Fox reminded me of her 😊

        Also, thank you so much for the hard work you and your family do. Despite how busy parent life is you continue to smash out the content and we’re all so beyond grateful. Whenever you need a break, we totally understand and in the meantime, thank you 💛

        jordan baca

          oh my fing god… my mind is totally blown that chicken rice wrap looks AMAZING!!!!!! i would of never thought to make something like that oh my god im so excited I saw this so I can make that!!!

          Chloe Preece

            Honestly hats off to you for uploading a vlog with a new born, your motivation is insane! I love how raw your videos are, so truthful and real. The main reason you are my favourite YouTuber! So thank you!

            Meghan McGrane

              I feel excluded I wanna know what’s up with your girly parts 😂😂😂

              Jamie Lee Ashton

                Can’t wait for the restock 😊

                Holly Burton

                  Aww this was so cute, but don’t put pressure on yourself to upload you’re a mumma now. You, Kurt and Fox melt my heart tho so I’m not complaining these vlogs make my week x

                  Bella Wu

                    No joke. My body is like hers now and I don’t have baby. Cannot wait to watch how she get body back ❤️

                    Madison Killer

                      Kurt is such a crack up. Your little boy is so lucky to have you both. X

                      Letty Noguera

                        As much as you live under the social media focus, you don't seem shallow at all! Congrats on the baby, on being real about your life although you certainly don't need to! ❤️ Wish you and Kurt a happy life full of babies 🤗💐💞

                        Laura Bora123

                          Your videos are so inspiring and awesome. Baby Fox is gorgeous xx

                          Amy Dowling

                            Oh my goodness. Fox is the most beautiful baby in the world. You and Kurt are such an amazing couple and parents. I have had the most lovely time following along with this pregnancy from the beginning. Loving these videos so much ❤️❤️can not wait for more of these family videos 😘

                            rheya mozley

                              Wow you have such a great diet and Fox is soooo cute 😍

                              Anna Buchwardt

                                hey Sarah
                                there is no evidence that support that microwaving is dangerous in anyway so feel free to use the microwave without any guilt. P.s. you are amazing and I love following your, little family😍😍

                                Ella Steffens

                                  YES YES YES SARAH 🤩

                                  Laila Freriks

                                    Love 💗 your vlogs so much such a cute family

                                    Ellie Milton

                                      You look soo good and you had a baby 3 weeks ago 🤤🤤🤤

                                      Grey Lago

                                        Enjoy ur brunch time… am sure Abby is also excited to go for a walk😂 stay cute Kurt's lovely fam❤❤❤

                                        Megan H

                                          Such a cute family and can’t wait to see more video 💕💕

                                          Lena Eberlein

                                            I Love how you Show us the real side of #newbornlife 🙌🏼 it was such a good vlog. Can anyone help me out? What Song is she playing while making Dinner? 🙈 i need to know it was beautiful

                                            Rachel Chin

                                              Much love to u n ur family ❤️❤️❤️

                                              Sarenatee Brairton

                                                Adorable family💙

                                                Stephanie Babinczky

                                                  Yes chick!! More of these videos please 😍 So good to see you’re little family is doing so well 💕

                                                  Ida Spade


                                                    Tori Clarke

                                                      Oh girl I came over here from the insta story!! You looked so tired 😭 glad you guys are doing well, so happy Kurt will be back tonight !! 😂💕

                                                      Lewis Hassan

                                                        This is my first video I’ve watched of u can your actually really funny 😁

                                                        Franziska K.

                                                          Awesome video as usual, Sezzy 🙂 you're such an inspiration, giving us an insight in managing a complete new life plus living a healthy & balanced lifestyle – you go girl!

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