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      Real Talk: YouTube Comments Controversy, Momo Challenge, and Responsible Parenting

      We want to upload this video for you guys because there are a few topics circling around the Internet that we want to share our thoughts on: YouTube Comments …

      Cute Girls Hairstyles

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        Roni Adan

          Absolutely love thisss!❤️❤️

          Eesha Helate

            Oml i love you guyssss❤️❤️❤️❤️


              as a mum myself. the creating a playlist idea is genius!!!

              Tharunee Kodiswaranathan

                It’s really great that you guys do this!
                It’s also really helpfull!


                  I thought the whole momo thing on youtube was a rumor spread by pedos as a revenge for being exposed and getting kicked out of youtube. Now I know from a trusted source (this channel) it is true, i should keep an eye on it then. Thank you!

                  Queen Janeway

                    I looove these new real talk videos. I had prejudices about you because of your religion and I'm so embarassed! I never thought you'd do videos like these. Love from sweden

                    Kiki Gamer

                      I have youtube kids but there is baldi… thats also a horror Charakter….😑 (kinda)

                      Parneet Kaur


                        Sally Bally

                          This is so helpful, parents that are watching this are now more aware of what youtube can do to their kids or what can make their kids think. Its very dangerous. Thank you for explaining it more easily.

                          Sally Bally

                            The momo challenge is so scary i am 13 years old and am so scared. Its a scary thing to think about and experience and no children should see it.

                            Savannah Chaxrnce

                              As Always:
                              MADE IN CHINA

                              Benedikta Björk Þrastardóttir

                                I love how you guys are talking about serious things but also keeping your channel fun, family save and plenty other things. Love you guys💖💖💖

                                Emmie A

                                  JUST SO EVERYONE KNOWS MOMO CHALLENGE IS NOT REAL!!!!! My father did some serious background research and it is not real!!!

                                  Hayley WilliaMs

                                    So glad you did this!

                                    Unicorn Lover

                                      I am very jumpy when I think of momo at night


                                        Ohhh, my teacher had a full conversation about that Momo person, and she was like if ANYBODY talks about Momo, you get a detention.

                                        Little Flower

                                          I love you guys you are great your letting us now things that we don't realize that are happening

                                          Mica BellaCosa

                                            Why my Fiance and I will not be giving our children technology. Technology has no place in the hands of a vulnerable and developing child. I find as much as parents want to control things, things are getting out of hand. We see so many parents loose control over their children because kids get brainwashed to believe they are older than they are and start disrespecting their parents. We also have a policy where no one is going to trump our parenting and get our kids a technological device for gifts. Our kids will have to buy their own Ipad, phone, laptop,Ipod, video games, smart watch, and computer. And if they do buy the technology themselves and they are not 18 they are not having it alone in their rooms at night and its to stay in our room. Also they will not be allowed social media until they are 16 and if they do we get the passwords to all of their accounts and if they misuse it their accounts will be shut down for a period of time. As parents you need to be strict in this day and age!

                                            Sophia Hoyt

                                              This reassured me soo much, thank you


                                                YouTube also deactivated videos from long-standing YouTube creators (10+ years, no breaking the rules ever before) that have NO MINORS in their videos at all. Completely random. YouTube is very unprofessional and I'm not surprised that creators are pissed and start leaving the platform… they are destroying their own platform with this

                                                Polly Lee

                                                  Love u guys! Keep up the good work!

                                                  Dd Eryl

                                                    Everyone at my school is freaking out about this momo challenge and our teachers have told us not to talk about it at school and if we have a problem to talk to our parents because it is up to them. Many kids at my school have got a text from this momo girl- and these kids are younger than me and we are in primary (elementary/middle) school. I’m 11-13 (I don’t want to share my age) and the kids getting these texts are about 8-10…and they are TERRIFIED. I haven’t told my parents because I know it’s not real and I haven’t got a message from this girl yet but I hope the kids that got the messages tell their parents.
                                                    Lots of love from England 😘💋💕❤️


                                                      I really love those videos concept when you guys talk about real issues like this. I think it is interesting to see your point of view as parents but also as youtube famous people lol. Really interesting to watch.

                                                      Jayden Barnes

                                                        You guys handle your kids/parenting so well! We need more parents like you guys. Sending so much love!

                                                        Kellsie Thornton

                                                          everyone reading this have a great day and stay safe

                                                          Kellsie Thornton

                                                            I believe that you are making a change by just addressing us and how we can be safe.
                                                            so thank you so much it is really helpfull


                                                              I recently found out my dad would go onto my twitter and Instagram almost on the daily to check up on me (I’m away at college so I don’t see him everyday). At first I was kind of mad at him for “invading my privacy” because to me social media was away to “escape” so to say from my parents. But I’ve come to realize that if I’m willing to share those pictures and thoughts with the world- I should be ok with him checking up on me in that manner too like if he were to call or text me.

                                                              Emma W.

                                                                Is the Momo thing an actual challenge? I thought it was just a scary photo, but it seems there may be more to it than just that

                                                                Afreen Fatima

                                                                  Best family ever!!!!


                                                                    so i do not really know what the momo challenge is. Do you like have suicidal thoughts if you look at the sculpture/drawing? i’m confused and i’m not planning on looking this up on google because it sounds scary i was just wondering

                                                                    Danielle Calder

                                                                      Not sure if anyone else had this experience but I found the music to be distracting in this video.

                                                                      Sydney Richins

                                                                        Omg Momo freaked me out so much and the challenge is stupid and I know it's fake but still it's horrible

                                                                        Zlipster Royals

                                                                          everyone needs to do their part and report these people.

                                                                          Dark Chilled135

                                                                            I’m glad y’all don’t pop up the photo of momo like everyone else does. Thank you for not doing that

                                                                            Ally Kay

                                                                              Mrs. McKnight can you do a makeup tutorial? You always have great make up and are so pretty!

                                                                              Ava’s Life

                                                                                My younger cousin Aaden who is in 5th grade was telling me about the momo thing yesterday and I’ve never actually heard of it until yesterday. I haven’t seen the picture and since reading the comments I don’t wanna see it, then this video popped up and so the timing is great! Love you guys!

                                                                                Ava’s Life

                                                                                  I love these types of videos! You are great parents!

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