*REALISTIC* day in the life right now in this crazy world…am I happy?

Main *REALISTIC* day in the life right now in this crazy world…am I happy?

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    Sarahs Day
      *REALISTIC* day in the life right now in this crazy world...am I happy?

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      Sophie Trethewey

        Fox is so gorgeous he could be mistaken for a girl! hehe so adorable, will have all the girls lining up when he is older

        Rebeca Miyar

          Love seeing this type of vlogs, they're my favorite after your "what I eat in a day"! You guys give the best vibes and Fox is the absolute cutest!

          Rianne /

            Does she still breastfeed? Or for how long she did?

            Rachels Life

              I loved this vlog!

              Life With Kaz

                Hi great video I'm in the UK love your pasta stay safe xx

                Stella Billington

                  omg loveee can't wait for your next renovation video x


                    The wiggles 😭😂 my childhood growing upppppp! The fashion show jam was so hype haha


                      You made my day. Feeling much more inspired and motivated now 🙂

                      Liv Neiman

                        you should do a wedding planning series!

                        Gabrielle McDonell

                          Your American accent! It sounds TOO realistic!

                          Emily Norrid

                            Not offensive in the slightest. I want to be like you 😊😁


                              LOVE these vlogs!! #bossbabe

                              Chiara Scaglioni

                                Aww fox is always so cute😍😍

                                Katarina Tschantre

                                  Loved this video!! You seem so happy and relaxed and love it!


                                    " really? are they trying to be 10 y/o girls?"
                                    Kurt. 😂😂😂😂

                                    Emily Tovar

                                      Loved this vlog sezzy ! ❤️❤️❤️

                                      Emily Tovar


                                        Chloe SBall

                                          I really love and want your jumper ‘Fashun’


                                            Does anyone have a link to that response punching bag thing?

                                            Savannah Walsh


                                              Tricia McKenley

                                                I adore your videos 💕


                                                  Hi I was wondering where you got your blue crock pot from?


                                                    What “I love you” song is playing around 4:40 ? 🙂

                                                    Damaris Mackenzie

                                                      Love you sarahhhhhh

                                                      Nicole Serrudo

                                                        Loveeed watching you guys!!! 🌻🧡

                                                        Alisha Ayala

                                                          What kind of coffee machine? I've been looking for one that froths milk but they all seem to take pods and I'd rather use my own coffee. Thanks 🙂

                                                          Lexie H.

                                                            When she brushed his teeth🥺❤️ the baby fever

                                                            Amanda Keister

                                                              Anyone else relieved when she had a squash and not a pumpkin lol.

                                                              Jennifer Taylor

                                                                I JUST LOVE YOUR CHANNEL!!! Thank you to the three of you for just purely exisiting 💓💓

                                                                Jessica Gochee

                                                                  Y’all is anyone else concerned about where tf we are gonna grocery shop when this cooking project is released?! Nutritional yeast, buckwheat flour, that block of tofu, buckwheat pasta noodles, … where do you guys buy all of those items? I go to sprouts and Walmart and have not seen anything like that

                                                                  Jasmine Collett

                                                                    Where is your top from? (the one from the video wrap up) x

                                                                    Katy Willis

                                                                      Looking forward to your Reno video! I love interior design & DIY Reno's 🙂

                                                                      Rebecca Olivo

                                                                        Has she said what her cooking project is? Is it a cookbook?

                                                                        Bekah John

                                                                          Sez pulling on that seat belt and having to take a breath…… I felt that too much

                                                                          Monica Angel

                                                                            Aw the puppy doesnt look as happy as usual… hopefully it is getting enough attention

                                                                            Anne Girl

                                                                              Thank you for social distancing!

                                                                              Amanda Mangum

                                                                                LOL. I love when you do an American accents. I think it's funny! 🙂

                                                                                Francisca Timm

                                                                                  My 4 year old has been eating those pancakes that fox has since she was a baby. Although I normally add more stuff (eg chia, protein powder, coconut oil ect) because she is a fussy eater. To make things easier I make a weeks worth at a time and freeze it. Makes my mornings less stressful

                                                                                  Helen R

                                                                                    Love watching your day in the life vlogs, really cheers me up right now. Can I ask what trainers do you wear? I want to start running and wondered what you would recommend pls? 😊🥰

                                                                                    Katy Redfern

                                                                                      “pepperrrrrrr” “gaaalic powderrrrrr”

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