Rebel Wilson Isn’t Respected In Hollywood And Here’s Why

Main Rebel Wilson Isn’t Respected In Hollywood And Here’s Why

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      Rebel Wilson Isn't Respected In Hollywood And Here's Why

      Rebel Wilson Controversy In Hollywood Over Being Plus-Sized Actress Subscribe to our channel: In this day and age maintaining a …

      Shiroman Deenanton


        Martin Garcia

          Y'all need to leave her ALONE 😤 and then ofcourse they bring racism smh 😡

          Disney Fan 73

            That sucks that she gets no respect. So they look different in their own way, so WHAT?!

            Jonathan J.

              She can't act… She's as bad as that woman in that show whos fat and married to a fat cop.

              And she's named Rebel… Who the hell names their kid Rebel.


                just started doing YouTube so can you please check my channel out

                Jason De Marco

                  I could never understand how she got anywhere shes not hot or talented she makes me want vomit when i look at her Also her saying sorry for attacking fellow actresses and other people is unlikely sincere as shes been caught lying

                  ARMA abc

                    Why the talko isn't a respected channel?

                    Devante Quinones

                      Also Queen and Monique are not as big as Rebel their Curvy

                      Devante Quinones

                        Rebel is big and sexy 🥰

                        Daniel Fernandes

                          This is no shade ,its only talking about her 😂😂

                          Catherine Kamlley

                            i love her. she’s so hilarious. i always enjoy her roles in movies. she always makes me laugh.

                            Bobby Bitch

                              Stop dogging her period 🙄

                              Poot Potatoes

                                She's just not funny for me. I don't care if she's plus sized or not, but as an actress she should make us Feel at least something other than boredom and Ugh.

                                Jarren Lumpkin

                                  I don't too munch like Rebel Wilson sorry😐

                                  Meow Purrr

                                    Didnt she got sued for lying about her age ?

                                    Corn Puff

                                      This whole video it’s a waste of time she said she was sorry

                                      KiKi Jones

                                        I respect the Talko for bringing up the disparities in pay for women & women of color ✊

                                        anonymous me

                                          Why would like any new person would be having a great time in their career and you would upload va video that why they aren't respected …….it's not fine 😑😑😑😑

                                          Sherry Silva

                                            I think she was wrong to say what she did, but she learned from it I hope and I will still be a fan!

                                            Alley Cat

                                              Amy Schumer isnt funny.

                                              ~ F A N I M A T I O N S ~

                                                I was going to make a joke saying that she was a rebel

                                                Artic Wolf

                                                  SHES MY FAVOURITE

                                                  Nikita Panduva

                                                    For every like I get i won't add anything 😉😂 so… hit the like button yall

                                                    Anonymer Benutzer

                                                      I thought this movie was hilarious

                                                      Maka Tarkhnishvili


                                                      Viewing 26 posts - 1 through 26 (of 26 total)
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