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      Recreating SHANE DAWSON'S Makeup Look On Me! | NikkieTutorials

      Two years ago, YouTube legend Shane Dawson did my makeup. Now, after releasing his Conspiracy collection with Jeffree Star, I wanted to revisit the look, and …



        C García

          Nikkie is such a beautiful soul, i love you

          Bree Freeman

            I love you Nikkie. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

            KBreezy Aloha ST8

              L💚VE IT… L💚VE YOU and LOVE SHANE N JEFREE

              Bree Freeman

                One of my favorite Shane Dawson videos, and one of my favorite NikkieTutorials videos!!!!

                Jonnie Grace Hampton

                  PLEASE COLLAB WITH SHANE AGAIN! I'd cry❤❤😭😭🥰🥰

                  Melody’s Vanities

                    Happy Thanksgiving 🖤🖤🖤

                    Mikaella Abulencia

                      I hope you have another video of Shane doing your make up soon.

                      Randa Johnson

                        You forgot the most important part of the eye with my eyelashes nooooooooooo

                        MariLu x

                          you should have shane do your makeup now that he’s has experience !!!

                          Marielle Westeneng

                            NICKIE I MISSED YOU💓I litteraly when i saw the post when i woke up

                            Rosa D Angry Unicorn

                              close your everything


                              Misty Parsons

                                Wow, Nikkie in an entirely green makeup look..who is she?!💚😱😳 You’re looking absolutely amazing as always!! This was such a fun video idea!! Love you, Nikkie!!💖😘 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo 💖✨💖

                                Gia Louise

                                  These colors are beautiful..I love, love, love you Nikkie ur videos are my favorite

                                  Fatima AlSalehi

                                    i knew it u used makeup revolution's foundation! it is so bomb

                                    Rachael Amanda

                                      I was so hoping at the end she would say "keep it sticky Nikkie!" 🤣


                                        Now we need Shane to recreate this look on his own face

                                        Brooke Engles

                                          Got mad Shego vibes when only her top lip had lipstick on

                                          Pug Lover

                                            If he only kept the amazing Green in his own palette. This look would look Even more amazing

                                            Alicia A

                                              Ugh! 😩😩😩you killed this look Nikkie! ❤️👌🏽

                                              Gretchen Fleming

                                                12:42 Shego is that you??


                                                  Didn’t Nikke hate the color green at one point?

                                                  Ashley Oxley

                                                    Now he needs to recreate


                                                      Im not a fan of green in makeup but this looks absolutely stunning 🥺💕 well done! I hope you and Shane do another look together soon!

                                                      Shalon Drags Wolf

                                                        I absolutely LOVED THIS. Amazing recreation!

                                                        Saba Shaikh

                                                          Too much adds 😫😫

                                                          Gemma Bogaert

                                                            Did Shane really just inspire Nikki to make a green makeup look? 😱❤️ She didn't even complain 😂😂

                                                            Vixen Eagle

                                                              The real beginning of Shane's love for looks.

                                                              Abdias Arevalo-Garnica

                                                                I haven't clicked on a video so fast!!! 💕❤️💕 You are too much amazing Nikki!!!

                                                                Lexi Mombie

                                                                  Holy crap you make green look good!
                                                                  Shane is so creative, love both looks!

                                                                  Elizabeth Fitos

                                                                    This is so cute

                                                                    alexa corral

                                                                      I think that that video was one of the first videos I saw of u and I’m mind blown, can’t believe I’ve been stanning u for two years wow

                                                                      Sarah Amelia

                                                                        Pleaseeee do collab again with shanee cuz i love you both..

                                                                        And i want to see your studio tooo.. Please do a studio tour pleasee..

                                                                        Julesieco. Productions

                                                                          Yaaass recreate this look using his new conspiracy mini palette with that fierce green colour!! 💚

                                                                          Fran Rod

                                                                            No third eye Nikkie? You're not keeping it sticky Nikkie.

                                                                            Ariel Adler

                                                                              Am I the only one who’s video sound is glitching? Like it cuts in and out a lot.

                                                                              Partner In Crime

                                                                                This is Freaky Friday!!! (Actually Friday in New Zealand) I just watched this the other day hahahahahaha

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