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      Remove Acrylics Using Your Opposite Hand

      Suzie demonstrates how to safely remove your acrylic nails using a hand file, and shares her ProTips on filing with your opposite hand. Suzie’s Professional …

      Heather Anne Daws

        I don’t have tips all natural – even though they are thin and useless

        Samar Abdullah

          Hi Suzi, Ai just want to ask a question i watch your videos all the time and love it. You are a PRO!
          I have thin bed nail and i am thinking to cover them. Shall i use acrylic or gel to cover them to grow. They keep breaking and very irritating. Thank you again for your wonderful work! Stay safe❤️

          Cat Malt

            Hey Susie! I know this is the exact opposite of the content of this video but I have a question regarding ramp nails. Ive been doing my nails at home for quite some time (probably about a year and a half, nothing compared to you but 😂) and for some reason when I end up shaping my nails I end up creating ramp nails, like nails that dont have a straight sidewall/free edge and point upwards. I've tried MANY method of "doing" my nails and the only one I've found that will stay on for more than a week is a dip powder/tip/gel polish combination (I just have really oily nails, even when I got my nails done professionally, by multiple professionals, I would alway end up with lifting within a week). I still end up making ramp nails on accident and I'm not sure how to fix it when using tips and dip powder, any tips on how to fix it? Do I use a nail form? I'm sorry this is really long winded

            Kelsie E Ferdinand

              Did you go to the salon and do they flower nails that you removed or you did it yourself?

              Its_Ruby Angel

                LongHairPrettyHair tried your acrylic powder and the monomer yellowed? What happened?(no hate)


                  How much does this affect a file? Are they pretty resilient or will they need replaced super often? Is there file maintenance to keep them lasting?

                  damla sariseker

                    SUZIE i have a VIDEO IDEA for you . Doing dip nails using craft glitter . I tried it my self and it works very well . I did my nails in the color of the 🌈
                    1.put a clear polish on your mail
                    2.dip your nail in to the glitter jar
                    3.wait it to dry
                    4.repeat the steps again until you cover the hole nail with clead
                    5.use super glue as a activator and put it in top off the glitter
                    6.use a drill to smooth out the serfes of the nail
                    7.let it dry and use a gel too coat to make it shine
                    Hope you use it as an idea . And enjoy

                    Eva Willis

                      You should do Paris nails with things from Paris on then

                      Ellen Williams

                        Hey Susie, I’ve been watching your channel for a long time now but I really want to know where to get a acrylic nail kit that’s cheap since I’m only just starting out on doing my nails and I don’t want to spend that much money on nails. So please could you possibly recommend a good acrylic nail kit ? xxx

                        Claire Smith


                          Ashley Ortiz

                            Hi Susie I love your videos but I was wondering if you could make a video on how to put acrylic on using the opposite hand please. 🥰☺️


                              So is cameraman your husband or friend or relative or just the lucky guy who gets to hang out and have fun with you and look at beautiful nails all day?

                              Ihsan ElHafi

                                Thank you sooo much you are the best god bless you 👍👏❤️

                                Paula Avalos

                                  Susie, can we have a little bit about you? Like a 50 things bout me tag, i would really love to get to know you and your life even more 💖

                                  Kathy Carroll

                                    I'm new to your channel. I used to be a nail tech back in the day before "gel" was a thing. I've never tried anything but acrylic. And unfortunately I have for some reason post my nails on both thumbs, and the middle and ring finger on my right hand. I've seen several doctor who have done biopsies and said it's not fungus, or bacteria or viral. They don't know why… Part of the nails are growing back… Just little bits near the cuticle. If I let any more growth happen th edges get spongy and slightly yellow and lift from the bed. If like to know if I could safely build or attach a gel nail to the live pink parts of these pitiful nails? I t all happened when I was diagnosed with interstitial lung disease and put on oxygen 24/7. Maybe my fingers aren't getting enough oxygen… I don't know. Anyway…. I love watching your videos! You're so sweet and entertaining! Thank you for all the fun content during this pandemic! It's helpful to distract myself. My grandfather last away last week . He was in a nursing home. 😥

                                    LeNore Murovic

                                      Love your videos, but this one had way too many commercials!


                                        Could you please make a video on your favorite nail tools???

                                        Bateman Furfur

                                          Great video during these stressful times! When i filed off my bulk i noticed quite a bit of lifting at the cuticle. I might have overfiled trying to remove the air pockets.

                                          Teylor Prince



                                              Surprised you didn’t mention anything about lifting. If the thin layer you’d leave on the natural nail If it had lifted would you remove it and reapply it or just remove it.


                                                That’s so much work and patience. I prefer to keep my nails natural and short and apply Vaseline for my cuticles, but girl, you really create some masterpieces. New subscriber! ❤️❤️❤️

                                                the cakeslayer

                                                  Love you Suzie!!! 💜💜💜

                                                  Nives Corazza

                                                    Thanks so much you've helped me so much with regards to the gel nails I had it was almost a month of growth

                                                    Tippi B

                                                      Thanks to years of watching Suzie I was able to give myself an acrylic overlay plus slight extension when my natural nail broke into the nail bed. Just used a cheap Kiss kit and an index card as my form and it turned out great. Thanks, Suzie!

                                                      Brittany Huey

                                                        Thanks for posting these videos! I would love to see some how-to videos if you have an e-file. More teaching on correct technique with it and how not to hurt yourself.

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