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      Responding To My Coming Out.

      I love you all so much… PREVIOUS VIDEO • I’m Coming Out. → Make sure you subscribe to my channel and hit the …


        I LOVE YOU!

        Barbara Tholl

          I wish one day I will be so assertive as Nikkie. 👼❤️👏🙀😻👑💖

          Brooke Kennedy

            You are so strong and such an inspiration ❤️

            Aušra Marčiulionytė

              Who in the world would black mail her? Who does that? And I am sorry honey, but Harry Potter is way bigger deal ;D

              Marissa Rutherford

                NikkieTutorials – The Power of Karma. I can't wait to see what you come out with later this year! <3 Good luck

                Allen Wilbur

                  Omg, shut up!! Blah blah blah.
                  Your parents screwed u up as a toddler. Wtf. Someone should have called child protection services.

                  Mr Clutchmaster

                    No wander u looked more man then women

                    Athina Loemba

                      Words can't describe HOW PROUD WE ARE OF THE QUEEN OF GLOW😍😍

                      Sahri Hisoka

                        You are a real woman and we love you so much , good luck sister

                        Kyle Osborne


                          Allen Wilbur

                            You need some psychotherapy, hormones, you are a freak seeking recognition and a typical lost millenial.

                            Tim Barba

                              WE ALL KNEW! NO ONE WAS SURPRISED.

                              Mel One

                                Feel like he is „A“ from Pll 😂 So proud of you Nikkie 💙💜❤️

                                JINADHI RAJAPAKSE

                                  Nothing changed u rock

                                  me ze

                                    Ily but I do think you should press charges and one day maybe bring out who blackmailed you, what if he/she does this to more people?

                                    bananen boter

                                      I love u!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      megna lee

                                        If I were you I would've outed them as soon as I found out🙆 I'm so proud of the mature woman you are, a true icon.


                                          YOU ARE AN ILLUMINATI PUPPET PUT ON BY THE ELITES FROM THE BEGINNING. 😡😡😡

                                          Charmaine McBride

                                            I love you to have 100% of my support and acceptance all the way from Canada ❤🇨🇦 you are brave beyond words I couldnt imagine bow hard that would be. Your makeup is and always has been amazing and perfect. I wish you were here and could do my make up. Xoxox keep up the great work and fuck the haters !!

                                            Monica Rumenova

                                              You are really great!

                                              SASHA HM02

                                                Yo! This reminds me of Tales from the City where Anna Madrigal waa blackmailed

                                                Bri Regan-Searle

                                                  I love the fact that you know who your blackmailer is, and your first reaction isn't to drag them through the mud. Girl, you are a rare gem.

                                                  Jaryn Brazeau

                                                    I am so happy to see your beautiful face again. You're a KICK ASS WOMAN ❤

                                                    J Coburn


                                                      Shelly H

                                                        question.for the lgbtq community- why dont i ever hear about any of speaking out against countries /regimes who execute lgbtq??


                                                          Can you bring your mom back on your channel? She's such a sweetheart

                                                          Teresa Hardin

                                                            Gotta love the ❤️ Harley Quinn 💙 look is it for the birds of prey????

                                                            Teresa Hardin

                                                              I'm so confused so Niki was born a girl 😂 sorry I didn't know. Why is she transferred again.

                                                              Samuel Iztueta

                                                                Not good!!!

                                                                Fashion Nezz

                                                                  U amazing !!

                                                                  Carly Curgenven

                                                                    Sending you virtual hugz xxx
                                                                    You might be younger than me but I look up to you so much! 💕💕💕

                                                                    all thing everything

                                                                      Love love love you

                                                                      Rio Sweet

                                                                        She has the kindest eyes… ❤️

                                                                        María Andrea

                                                                          Your makeup looks so good, I would love to try doing this as well! Very proud of you for being the bigger person!


                                                                            So Shane will handle the next chapter of your life story?

                                                                            Maroua el Khalloufi

                                                                              i love you so so so much nikki ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍

                                                                              Liccy Fuentes

                                                                                OMG – Nikki is over the top, great heart and…. I love u girl!!

                                                                                Sofia Österman

                                                                                  You are amazing! 💖 Thank you for being you! We all need you!

                                                                                  Al Masih Ad Dajjal


                                                                                    Steph Ss

                                                                                      You're playing the same mind games…this is exactly stooping to their level. How are people going to learn consequences to their actions, if you don't hold them accountable? This is a TERRIBLE MESSAGE to give people. Taking back the power is not a pissing contest; it's using the law to repremand people who abuse others. Starting to think this is all a lie.

                                                                                      Nieves Zaisei

                                                                                        Let's police do their job with the blackmail people. They will have what they deserve

                                                                                        emily kraudel

                                                                                          Your makeup matches your shirt exactly 😁✨
                                                                                          So cool!!

                                                                                          Beatrice Costa

                                                                                            Love you Nikkie <3

                                                                                            That one gacha tuber

                                                                                              Blackmailer:Im about to ruin this mans whole career

                                                                                              Nikkie:hold my lashes
                                                                                              perfectly does make up while TALKING and strives just QUEEN

                                                                                              Mrs Weathered

                                                                                                Ik snap niet dat je er geen werk van maakt. Wat als hij/ zij het bij een ander doet? Die niet zo sterk in der schoenen staat als jij? Al krijgt hij maar waarschuwing VD politie oid

                                                                                                Lindsey Russell

                                                                                                  Way to be the bigger person and handle it with grace, because I would've dropped his name SO fast!!!!!

                                                                                                  daisy murrieta

                                                                                                    Products used ? 😬😊

                                                                                                    Stephanie Shindo

                                                                                                      “Thank you for me, and my community” 🥺❤️❤️

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