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    Wayne Goss

      Watch! Just watch! This stuff DOES NOT BUDGE AT ALL! LINKS! US UK A note on the fragrance. Oh it lingers. On and …

      PK Blondie

        Use water with witch hazel…problem solved

        PK Blondie

          I like to rub hard as well. 😂 When testing products.

          Rianne Barreto

            Why the hell are all of Huda's products fragranced


              Well shit now I need to try it


                Love how you couldn´t stop smiling :)))

                YouTube Videos

                  Why is he excited about using the products of an antisemite ? I love him so much but shame on him …

                  Alex C

                    Forget the fragrance, LOOK AT THE INGREDIENTS. Alcohol denat (denatured alcohol) is the first ingredient. Alcohol isopropyl is the FOURTH. At the aerospace company i used to work for…we used alcohol denat TO CLEAN airplane parts! It seeps into your bloodstream; we had to use GLOVES for our personal protection. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

                    E B

                      There’s too much fragrance and alcohol in this I can feel my face breaking out through the phone screen 🙁

                      E Quality



                          was not going to try it but now I am lol  you the only OG I trust

                          K A

                            Try kryolan setting spray, same thing but no scent of migraine, nothing moves underneath it😁


                              I don't know who told Huda that she should give her products the scent of a perfumed corpse, but they need to be fired.


                                Such a delight to watch u make me laugh oouuf but it whifffs😂😂😂😂

                                Ernestine Williams

                                  I am the same way. Can’t use anything that’s as a floral scent I will get a migraine so fast. 😩

                                  Arvin playz Gamez

                                    L’Oréal lipsticks, ysl cosmetics are my migraine scents

                                    Barbara Bishop

                                      Omg !!!! SOLD….. im buying 10 ! 😍😍
                                      Unfortunately, im a grease bucket too 😔 …. this would be awesome to keep the oil at bay !

                                      Jenay Quintanilla

                                        One of my favorite youtubers. I’ve been following you for almost 9 years since I was 16 and you’ve never changed! You’re amazing, I love your reviews, they’re so genuine.

                                        Cisel Carda

                                          Rubbing so hard.🤣🤣


                                            Isn’t it cheaper to put hairspray on your face? With all the fragrance and alcohol in it…😐

                                            Lina Sheer

                                              I love how excited he gets when he talks about this product 😁

                                              Girl 33

                                                Stop referring to yourself as old, you will be an old man one day, why be him from now?
                                                That is industrial setting spray.


                                                  Wow, argh I would love to use this, but I can’t get down with the floral scents either. I can do clean or vanilla scents, but florals bother me so much. I could not use her foundation because of it. Love your review and if she does an unscented version, I’ll buy it in a heartbeat.

                                                  P M

                                                    Cheeky you are! 😂

                                                    Kaylie Krogh

                                                      Would this make you replace Skindinavia? (If it were unscented)


                                                        Oh Wayne … your sense of humor is the same as mine. I love when you make me laugh. 😁😁😁

                                                        mscrazy yashu

                                                          Love ur honest reviews

                                                          Adam Whelan

                                                            It’s refreshing to see a beauty blogger and makeup artist actually talk about cosmeticsproducts rather than drama ❤️❤️

                                                            Christian C

                                                              The fragrance of the mist is SO STRONG! You’re not the only one that thinks so.. believe me 😂😂

                                                              Lisa Hayes

                                                                The Blue Marble & Green Marble sprays – sold here in Australia not sure about other countries- are pretty sick setting sprays but no fragrance.

                                                                Pang Kou Xiong

                                                                  Gosh I love your reviews. Love you. I live in a hot, musty climate all year round so I think I'll give this a try. 💖

                                                                  Lisa Smith

                                                                    I am so buying this asap. I am an oily lady. Thank you..❌✖❌❌

                                                                    Jill Haberer

                                                                      You are so great. You crack me up so much and I need that in my world. I have chronic migraines so I better not try “scent of a migraine.” Lol


                                                                        Whew! The Whiffs, the Rubbing, the Scent of a Migraine! Would I buy this? Not likely it's scented & ultra matte. I will think about it if it was unscented & either dewy or satin finish. Thanks for sharing & have a great day today!

                                                                        Space Bike Music

                                                                          You're wonderful. I work at an Amazon and I like to be full Glamazon even while working (and sweating) hard. If this spray holds up against my sweatiest shift, I'll just have to go on and invest in some good brushes then. Do you know of any? 😉

                                                                          Stacey Trewart

                                                                            Hilarious!! I laughed out loud ❤️❤️❤️

                                                                            Esmeralda Fernandes

                                                                              U R a lovely human bein… #morepowertoU ❤️❤️

                                                                              Tracey Evans Buhr

                                                                                Wayne, you cheeky devil, you had me in stitches ("that's why I don't last too long" 👀🤭)!! The strong, lasting scent is a no go for me. You're a keeper, though! 💖

                                                                                Rosalina Posh

                                                                                  as a woman of a particular age , alcohol and perfume is the LAST thing ill be spraying on my face. If you want Airborne glue in a bottle , just use ur hairspray

                                                                                  Angela Kuruvilla

                                                                                    He is the scientists of makeup 😭😭😭

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