RIP Diamond.. Losing Our Best Friend

Main RIP Diamond.. Losing Our Best Friend

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      RIP Diamond.. Losing Our Best Friend

      Today we have to share some devastating news.. our beautiful baby girl Diamond passed away a few days ago. She was not only my best friend, but the light in …

      A8- Bit

        Sorry for your loss

        Alexandra Everett

          ★彡love you

          Madison Newsome

            Good vibes to you all bless her beautiful fluffy heart May she rest like the queen she was 💛

            xo Villareal

              Awww nooo 😞😭😭

              Ayax X

                I am so sorry dimond will be always shining in the sky RIP love u

                Cheyanne Long

                  It's a hard thing to go threw losing part of your family, hang in there guys💙

                  Nadja Mendes

                    Rest in piece, Diamond! You always shine like a real diamond!💎💜

                    Tanisha Vostrikov

                      I’m so sorry 😢 It sucks, they are a member of the family. I know how it feels ❤️

                      Agnieszka Oleńska

                        I have 3 years old Weimaraner and he is my life, he is my fur baby. Can’t imagine that one day he will be gone.
                        Jeffree and Nathan STAY STRONG.


                          im sorry for the loss jeffree! may they RIP you gave her a good life and she will live in your hearts now

                          li marie

                            OMG..I’m sooo sad about this. I have a cat. He is a cute boy~I can’t even image that some day he will leave me. I’m soo afraid that day come. Damon will be fine, she just go to somewhere peaceful and beautiful and have a happy life~🥺🥺🥺

                            Shania Anderson

                              Had my crying reminded me of my babygirl I'm sorry for loss

                              Ainsley Macpherson


                                sanjakin skywalker

                                  I’m so sorry for your loss 💔 RIP little sweetie 💎 💛😢

                                  Alyssa Snider

                                    Unprofessional. Compartmentalize.

                                    Полиша Андреева


                                      Sebi Chou


                                          We all loved you Diamond we will never forget you…….And can you remember the time you died her fur pink that was so cute


                                            Sorry about your pup.

                                            D B


                                              Lauren M

                                                I am so sorry for your loss. ❤️❤️❤️ Diamond will be with you always. She was a beautiful girl and you gave her the world and she gave you so much love in return. RIP Diamond- you will be missed. 💎

                                                tehya knapp

                                                  That’s so sad. Stay strong. RIP Diamond. I also know what it’s like to lose a part of your family like that😭.

                                                  chloe brashear

                                                    I'm so sorry for your guys' loss. 💙

                                                    Rachel Smith

                                                      RIP Diamond I hope she rests easy
                                                      This is heartbreaking she was so gorgeous
                                                      Take as much time as you need Jeffree and Nate I will always support you both 🕊

                                                      Samantha Goodson

                                                        I am sorry for your loss ♥️

                                                        Beth Guzman

                                                          Sister Star I jus lost my baby grl in aug well now it going to be August’s again alrdy wow that went by super fast. But she was a Pomeranian chihuahua mix so I called her a pomhuahua!! Lol 🥰 but wen she passed I felt horrible, empty, lonely, and jus depressed…… wat really help me was doing her shadow box for her and setting up her nice lil memoriam inside the house w diamond and lights in the box and her stuff ! And that honest to god help me so much !! Let me kno if u need any tips or ideas , I promise it doesn’t get better slowly but surely . I promise u that. And may diamond RIP and shine in the sky for all of eternitye! Rip precious grl. Xoxoxo much love

                                                          James _

                                                            rip diamond!

                                                            Lily Vlogs

                                                              R.I.P beautiful girl

                                                              kau anjing

                                                                no offense but how gay having sex?

                                                                Liana Louie

                                                                  I hope you guys turn diamonds ashes into a diamond💎 I hope you take some time off and spend time with your family!!!

                                                                  Rest in paradise little diamond

                                                                  Sonia J

                                                                    I’m watching this while curling up with my fur baby sobbing 😭 I’m so sorry for your loss sending love

                                                                    Ashley Simpson

                                                                      Rest In Piece sweet Diamond ❤️💎

                                                                      Stacey Dimig

                                                                        I'm so sorry. It's the hardest thing to have happen is to lose your fur baby. She will always be with you. Our fur babies love us so unconditionally, we love them with all our hearts. My heart goes out to you both. Love and tears from all of us who have lost a fur baby. You're in my thoughts a b day prayers.

                                                                        Lanie J.

                                                                          Rest easy Diamond💔🐶💎

                                                                          Sophia Leah

                                                                            Oh no not lil diamond 😔 I'm so sorry!

                                                                            toni wilson

                                                                              Awww sorry for your loss 😢 may diamond always be smiling from above down to you both xxxx


                                                                                Rest in peace little diamond 💎
                                                                                My thoughts go to you and your lovely family. I cant imagine how you must be feeling. Losing a pet IS losing a family member and you must be so heart broken!
                                                                                You should be so proud of giving diamond the best life possible for 9 years and saving her from a horrible situation.
                                                                                You and your tribe will get through this together ❤

                                                                                Tony Trovato

                                                                                  Your dog didn't go to heaven because it's probably gay like you. Don't know why YouTube is recommending me to this gay shit.

                                                                                  Scarlet Beckett

                                                                                    Seeing Nate so sad breaks my heart 💔

                                                                                    dren puerto

                                                                                      rip diamond, you had an amazing life while you're still with your lovely parents 💖💎

                                                                                      Shadiya Sharif

                                                                                        💀I thought a actual human died!

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