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    Freddy My Love
      ROOM TOUR ~ My DREAM Dressing Room & Bedroom! ~ Freddy My Love

      Finally, the video you’ve all been waiting for- my complete bedroom and dressing room tour! Links and info to everything below. Don’t forget to subscribe!


        How do you get your tan so perfect? 😍xx

        Rakhi Kothari
          Me Gracie

            Wow ❤❤❤

            Sanjana Kaur

              I can't wait for you to reach 1 million!

              Audrey Flowers

                FINALLY!!! Ive been waiting for this forever! ur room looks amazing💖💖😍😍

                Lily yuong

                  FINALLY iv been waiting for this for soooooooooo long

                  Madhur Smriti

                    You need to Collab with Gabi demartino !!!!!!

                    Taylor Swift Lover!

                      This is THE BEST video ever!!! I’ve been waiting forever for this so I’m sooooo happy!!!! 😀 🥳

                      Steff Christie

                        I’d love to know the brand and colour of the pink wall paint please!
                        Great video 🙂

                        Alexandra Smith

                          It's basically any girls dream. A princesssy room for our true princess. Love you Freddy

                          the legendary princess

                            You're literally a princess living a life I've dream as a child

                            Well until now😂
                            Love your style queen!!❤️

                            Freya-Louise WILLIAMS

                              Wow it’s so beautiful really suits you

                              ruby_ jadexo

                                I've been waiting for so long for this! So happy it's finally here x


                                  In the Dior advent calendar you should keep your samples. It’s the best for lil perfume samples etc

                                  Alicia Svensson

                                    It’s so beautiful💕 Love you❤️

                                    Scientific Izzy

                                      You deserve so much more subscribers ♡

                                      Kellye Sparkle

                                        I absolutely love your room! It's a lot like my style, and I think I found my new bed frame because I've been looking for that exact style for so long. Also, could you link where you bought the Anastasia music box? It's one of my most favorite movies. I love this video so much, Freddy!

                                        Ida Lefsaker

                                          Can you do a perfyme Collection?😊😆😆❤️❤️

                                          Taylah Martin

                                            OMG I’ve been waiting soo long, looks absolutely amazing Freddy!!!!💗


                                              I remember when I was waiting for your previous room tour… and I can't believe it's been 3 years since that! And this room is just soooo lovely! And truly reflects your style and personality… I love the light pink walls and all the white accents ❤️.

                                              It’s Kim

                                                I love you ballerina Dolls too 💞💞😍

                                                iMarnierfherman bin omar

                                                  U look different ❤️

                                                  Anna S

                                                    I love how she keeps her favourite perfumes all piled on top of one another😂

                                                    Liz Lengyel

                                                      ugh so beautiful <333

                                                      Enje Jawher

                                                        It’s a beautiful lovely room hope have amazing days and always be happy Freddy love you

                                                        Rebecca Ly

                                                          most beautiful room I’ve ever seen 💖


                                                            I like how everything has a place and meaning in your room. You are truly a delight to watch on YouTube. I can tell you put a lot of creatively and effort in your videos. I always look forward to it, especially when I have a rough day.

                                                            Karen Rose

                                                              we need a makeup collection video!

                                                              Martina Nilsson

                                                                I used to hate Mondays but when I found Freddy and her YouTube channel I´ve been loving Mondays so much. ((I´m a lot more positive about every day life due to personal reasons as well)) But it´s so weird to say but Freddy´s channel has helped improving my happiness, I just love her content so much. It angers me when stupid trolls are mean to her. Like many others, I´ve been looking forward to this for so long so to you Freds, I just wanna say "Thank you so much for finally sharing your beautiful room tour with us!!!"

                                                                Jacqueline Hernandez

                                                                  Love theme song of your vídeos

                                                                  Anastasia Reigns

                                                                    “And the centerpiece of the room, the most amazing thing in the room… the stool” and not the Louis Vuitton handbags on top of it 😂


                                                                      Lol the dervish was so random! You're very beautiful and lovely and your room projects your personality. You never change your style and I really appreciate that.

                                                                      Huxaifa Walli

                                                                        Like princess room…..

                                                                        Haley Rogers

                                                                          Where are those pink glitter shoes from?

                                                                          s A

                                                                            This is a dream room for girls

                                                                            Halle Reilly

                                                                              IM SO EXCITED FOR THIS!!! Ive been waiting for this video 💗💗💗💗 I love your room so much Freddy i'm taking so much inspiration right now 💗💗💗


                                                                                Why don’t you donate your products like lipstick and fragrances… Do you need to keep all of them? You will never be able to use all of them.. Less is more

                                                                                Emma Berg

                                                                                  Totally agree with you on the doll thing! How could a delicate doll with beautifully painted facial features, curled hair, and an intricately designed dress be creepy? It's a piece of art!

                                                                                  Lolo 25

                                                                                    I can think of several major film productions that would've been better if Freddy edited them

                                                                                    Gerielle Gonzales

                                                                                      I love your room 😍 You should do a makeup declutter and do a video on it

                                                                                      Nicole Lim

                                                                                        YASS I've been waiting for this video 😊❤ ily freddy !! I'm happy if you're happy ☺

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