Royals Ditch Their Friends After Marriage Because Of This

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      Royals Ditch Their Friends After Marriage Because Of This

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      Jet Aviationxx

        Who is here after Meghan gave birth to her and Harry’s baby boy?

        Belinda Enata

          Meghan pregnant
          Me: it’s obviously a boy
          Everyone: no it’s a girl
          Few months later: ITS A BOY
          me : duhhhhh

          m d

            Ugh, finally the pillow has exploded and the baby is here. Pack the three of them up and ship them somewhere far away from the royal family, the paparazzi and social media. Forty-three weeks of nonsense has ended, can we move on with poignant and+ relevant items that need to be addressed?


              they sound like cold people 🙁

              Survive Thsht

                Romance? Prince Charming or Princess Beauty? haha Too funny! Thats just to sell movie tickets or Disney merchandise.

                terri cleveland

                  Meghan makes my stomach turn


                    Megan likes to expose stories.


                      Most of the UK do not like her.

                      Natasha Gopaul


                        Donna Vaughn

                          Megan got impatient waiting for her husband to get her a part, so she got one and went to work back east, then over a short time, she sent the rings back to the husband who she had been living with for a few years. She found another boyfriend and a new life. Then she lucked out and met Harry, and cut people out including her Father who only wanted to walk his daughter down the aisle. It's obviously that she uses people. She got along with husband #1, he simply didn't offer her anything as was able to get her own job and started to realize making good money on her own meant she didn't need this many anymore. It's sad how quickly people toss others aside in a society that moves so fast. Basically she has the perfect "job" now, she can be a great actress as the outsider who married a royal. And one thing I noticed is that she got on the wrong side of William, mostly because she's very vocal and has no idea that her ideas are not always met in a friendly way. When you are that young in your 30's, you do think you know everything, but indeed we realize as time goes by, we know nothing. At some point she will crave some things of her old life. She doesn't want all the attention of those who are hired to help them, and that's why they moved away, but Queen E. won't let them be as independent as they want. These 2 want to change the world and be normal, lol, so funny, getting on the local bus, all that does is bring attention to them, you can't be normal, and you can't have your own life all the time.

                          They'll probably have 1 more child and then have to make some new friends with children who are not their family friends. I think many see her for what she is which is someone who chose Harry instead of choosing her. Also her father did nothing wrong, he's pretty normal and layed back, if she invited him, she'd have to invite others in that family, and I really don't think she wanted him there, and he did a lot for her, it was a lot of his money putting her to school, wherein she didn't complete her degree and decided to be an actress because school is hard, and she has a charming personality and being an actress is lucrative, fun, and you get to meet people. And the train on her dress, she was trying really hard by having that train that was unreasonably long, she wasn't a princess or a queen, and her gown although was a design piece, was not imaginative at all, its' minimalist but minimalist is boring when it comes to a gown.

                          Art Lady

                            Is it worth it ? Bullshit !

                            Art Lady

                              Ugly wedding dress , circus of a wedding . Megan drops who Megan doesn’t need anymore !

                              T Cisneros


                                S M

                                  Megan’s Father’s side are an embarrassment to the citizens of America. That childishness adds fuel to the stereotyping fire of Americans. They are complete adult toddlers 🤦🏻‍♀️

                                  George Sugiyama


                                    Allison McDonald

                                      God Princess Di was beautiful. You could tell she was a good person!
                                      Also why does Meghan’s siblings look older than their mother?

                                      Miss Triss

                                        Idk how i got here. I was watching real ghosts lol


                                          that suck that her brother and sister on her dad side a bunch of con artist. Just like their fucking dad

                                          darwin ang

                                            FYI, philippine 10PM news reported meghan markle gave birth

                                            Carmela Barrientos


                                              marilyn dzati

                                                I'm so happy that Meghan and Prince Harry had their baby today!

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