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    Carli Bybel

      Thank you to Dyson for sponsoring todays video! Click here to learn more about the Dyson Supersonic™sold at Sephora: Did you see …

      Angel C

        Did you ever get your flower wall done? Did I miss the reveal?! Lol

        Seda Xena

          Miss black hair

          Kaylee West

            I had to listen to the video with the volume all the way down because my son was falling asleep and I swear even not hearing a word that you're saying the video made me feel so much better just because of your smile and your energy. Youre so vibrant its contagious. I love it!! I'll be rewatching the video tomorrow so I can actually listen to what you're saying!! Lol love you bunches 💞

            A N

              Right, so relatable.. let us pull out our $500 dryers. Trash

              kushwaha dk9755 Sangam studio धुबेला

                Dk9755 बुंदेली फिल्मों का चैनल चैनल को सब्सक्राइब करें

                Nanni Ahmed

                  Your hair used to be curly how it became straight like that love it

                  Renée Yell

                    I wish her vids weren’t so echoey 😟 it’s hard to follow along sometimes. They are super beautiful though 😍😍


                      LEGEND SAYS…

                      THIS MAN IS A SEA HAG.

                      Fareha Ali

                        Your hair is amazing.. YOU ARE AMAZING

                        Celia Tambor

                          Every couple of years I get inspired to try a blow out. My hair is super long and blonde, so a bit drier but gets oily at the roots pretty quick. My hair always gets caught in the round brush and then I get fed up and just do it straight. Does anyone have recs for brushes to use with super long tangle prone hair? I love this look but just have never been able to get it to work..


                            I honestly have wanted this blow dryer for so long now bcuz I too have long hair but mines is also curly but I almost always have it straight bcuz it’s easier to style when I go to school but I feel like this blow dryer will save me $200 a month on the weekly beauty salon trips😅 but this blow dryer is also quite expensive so I’ll keep waiting until I can splurge on it

                            Josefine Oehlenschläger

                              The sound is really echoing – maybe you could use a microphone or something? I couldn’t stand watching more than two minutes 😭

                              georgia rowe

                                Can you please respond to my comment on the video of you getting your keratin treatment I’m obsessed with the sunnies your wearing and would love to know what colour scheme they are
                                Please response I’m such a loyal fan of yours

                                Siddhi Garud

                                  Love you amor.. ..big huge hug to you. Lots of love from india…💗💗💞💝🎊🎊🎊😘😍

                                  Beauty A

                                    OMG that’s a struggle!! Girls get the brush dryers from amazon they are Amazing and so fast to work with they curl the hair so fast and make it look so shiny and soft even though my hair is bleach damaged 😂

                                    Janhavi M P

                                      how gorgeous are youuuuuuuuuuu

                                      Courtney Dickens

                                        Where did you get your top? SO CUTE! You and your hair looks fab as always👍🏻❤

                                        ANGELES HARRY

                                          When you going to do tutorials with your Anastasia palette ?

                                          Jasmine Karapurkar

                                            Oh my, you look like Kim kardashian with that wet hair

                                            Tiffany Kuo

                                              I turely hope that you didn't do that highlights with your beautiful hair

                                              Morgan Rae

                                                If I tried to do what she did with the little brush, it would become a permanent fixture in my hair! 😫

                                                D Hurley

                                                  I absolutely LOVE my Dyson Hair Dryer! Dries my hair so quickly and smooths it out like a salon blow out. Lives up to the hype. Holy grail of hair dryers. I asked Santa for one for Christmas 🎄 And he gave me one🤗 😆 It’s a great investment for your hair. Can’t say enough great things about it 🙌🏻


                                                    Too LOUD!! AND YOU TALK WAY TOO FAST!!

                                                    Ayaan Asif

                                                      This will definitely take me more than 20 minutes 😂

                                                      Briana Paulina

                                                        I love your new hair 💕

                                                        Cecy Gomez

                                                          My arms could never!!

                                                          Geena Lee



                                                              I NEEDED that intro quote💜💜


                                                                You have perfect hair!!! 😻

                                                                Hazmat Joker

                                                                  Can someone PLEASE just give me this song🙏🏽🙏🏽


                                                                    Watching this video gave me anxiety, Carli. LOL. It looks like a nightmare to style it this way (stopping and going so much!!). I was losing my patience. LOL. But your hair is beautiful!

                                                                    Rajshree Shukla

                                                                      Legitimate hair goals🔥🔥

                                                                      vane 〈3

                                                                        Please show us your haircare routine <3


                                                                          Easier to use curling iron.

                                                                          Hello Jesska

                                                                            PLEASE DO MORE LOOKS WITH YOUR PALETTE!!! 😍💛🕉🐧

                                                                            Michelle Barraza

                                                                              Can you do an updated video on the haircare products you use from shampoos and styling products like what you would recommend please. 🙏❤ I'm trying to make my hair look sleek and stop it from being so staticky lol

                                                                              Jo Jacques

                                                                                Lol that’s a blowout? Um ok

                                                                                dollaz ubz

                                                                                  NOW WHEN IS SHE GNA COME OUT LIKE NIKKIE THAT SHES A TRANS BECUSE SHE DOES BE LOOKING LIKE A MALE💯💯


                                                                                    Love the music you play during the sped up parts it’s so relaxing and your intro too!

                                                                                    Carolina Guerrero

                                                                                      Thank U Carli 💓💓💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️💓💓

                                                                                      Hello Jesska


                                                                                        Enrique Ramirez


                                                                                          Mojo Niro

                                                                                            Gorgeous, love the look. Thanks for the tips. Beautiful ❤️🤗😘


                                                                                              I’m trying to grow my hair out. Hopefully I don’t get tempted to chop it off.

                                                                                              Meredith Roebuck

                                                                                                The length and thickness are goals 🙌🏻

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