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      Save Your Nails From Breaking - DIY Help from a Pro

      Can’t get to your Salon? Suzie shares her ProTips on how to shorten your nails yourself to help keep them from breaking. Suzie’s Premium Files and …

      Alyssa Delve

        I’m just starting out doing my own nails, what’s stronger and better to use between acrylic and hybrid gel. Both using tips ??

        Cheryl Wiens

          Suzie, thanks so much, I desperately needed this video. Im hoping you will do one for those that still have gel and color on 1/2 of the nail, the half thats growing out. They look hideous.

          Nancy M

            Thank you, for taking the time to do this video. My acrylic nails are growing out and my nail tech has closed due to this pandemic.

            Chloe xx

              So unbelievably beautiful, so so beautiful❤

              S Rojo

                She's so amazing, always explaining things in detail… why does she have 2M subscribers and only almost 3k likes? C'mon…

                Michelle Green

                  Thanks 4 sharing😁


                    Thank you we appreciate your videos

                    Carey Lucchesi

                      Suzie…thank you for all you do for our industry but I've found myself in a FB debate regarding Professional Nail Acetone and Industrial [hardware] Acetone. Apparently there are techs out there who use industrial acetone for economic reasons also stating professional nail acetone is watered down [duh, ya think]. But I'm not willing to test this theory on my own nails let alone a client. So…how would you respond to this thinking? [I've taken the position if a client is harmed and you must involve your insurance they may deny because you were not using appropriate Nail industry approved product, perhaps even your license]


                        I ripped my nails. Yupp ripped themm they burn like a mother fucker in the shower. Day 20 without going out at all yall

                        Mina Mina

                          I have SNS dipping powder on my nails (ombre nail style). Can u show me hw 2 file n take care of them? Since my nail shop will b closed 4 the next 30 days n wut not!😥😥😥😥 I need ur YouTube 101(nail) class plz!😟🤯😬

                          YOO WOL

                            And what is the differences of sticker nail forms and nail forms

                            YOO WOL

                              What is the differences of acrylic polygel and gel nail polish

                              Shae Bean

                                Thankyou so much for this, I’ve only just started getting my nails done and was freaking out cause they are getting long. I look forward to the rest of your videos

                                Annie S

                                  I unfortunately didn’t know this a week ago and had to peel my SNS off myself
                                  🙁 now my nails are ugly and peely looking

                                  Mai H

                                    Your camera man is really amazing, I don't have to even worry about the angles and details when am watching, thanks to both of you for this amazing quality videos ^_^ stay safe.

                                    T B


                                      Jenn Glow


                                        leslie lewis

                                          With there being no salon right now I'm so worried about my nails. How would you fill your nail with polish

                                          Irian G.A.

                                            Susie! You are awesome. Thanks for covering this timely topic! Hope you and cameraman and your family are staying safe ❤️


                                              Could you do a video for us nail wearers, who are going to have no choice but to do them at home? Like maybe the easiest at home kits to use. Type of thing?
                                              I get hard gel nails (done at a salon) but I’m going to have to do them myself. As our salons are now closed until May (well hopefully just till May).

                                              Erin Finlay

                                                You should come to the UK for a few months so we can book to do my nails. My nails have a square shape so I cant wear gel ons love your videos Susie xxx From: Erin Age: 12


                                                  Hi Suzie
                                                  I had to take off my own acrylic because of the virus. It took forever and my nails are really damaged so I think my nail tech used MMA 🥺🥺🥺. How can I heal my nails?

                                                  Melissa Facchini

                                                    Hope everyone is staying safe


                                                      Oh God my nails are horrible right now.I have Gel on my nails for last 13yrs.dont know how to do my own nails like a pro but I file them down as you said and they are ok now.XX from Dubai

                                                      Barbara Roman

                                                        What about dip powder!!??

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