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      SCOTT BARNES | Celebrity Makeup Artist Favorites

      Scott Barnes is back to dish on all of his beauty Favorites. Comment below if you’d like for him to be a regular guest on my channel. Follow Scott here …

      Arlene Philippines

        Love to watch you both❀️❀️


          I think the word you're looking for at the beginning is "recurring character" πŸ˜‚

          Antonia Psihogios

            Love you guys, Scott needs to be a series regular!

            William Daniel

              A video for the boujie people. I can’t with a dang $192 Primer. No-no.

              Amira Jamadi

                A petition for Scott Barnes to start his on YouTube channel

                Lady of Faewood

                  Love the video, so fun to see you both in a video 😊


                    πŸ—£I freaken LOVE HIMπŸ—£ ❀️

                    Amanda G

                      yasss daddy


                        I love yall
                        Best combo

                        Jiji C.

                          That Neutrogena spf spray has some really bad ingredients though, most spray spf do

                          Mikaeel E

                            Jeffrey star jaw breaker ?????

                            Betina Espinosa Rojo

                              I love u both together ❀

                              Linann this&that

                                Loving Scott x Tati videos so much like peanut butter and jelly- you both have an elevated chemistry that's down to earth and brings out the individual goddess through makeup theoryπŸ§”πŸ‘©

                                Harriet Black

                                  TATI! I love you but please watch a tutorial on how to use your Dyson! You’re killing me 😫

                                  Apple Jack

                                    the best self tanner is loving tan mousse because the undertone is olive so it looks real

                                    Nadia Victoria

                                      More Scott tutorials

                                      TheVorce 24

                                        Scott Barnes is literally the best guest on ur YouTube channel!!!! U guys look like ur having lots of fun!!! Yall should do more video together!!!!!

                                        Holly Johnson

                                          I love love love love it Tati! You and Scott together is amazing and just a bundle of knowledge and fun. You guys should do a challenge together for your next video, that would be hilarious. So happy to see you at 10 Million there's no one else that deserves it more. love always! XOXO

                                          Sofia N

                                            LOVE YOU SCOTT 😍😍😍😍😍

                                            Astrid chief


                                              Alexandra Nad13iiaaa



                                                  So when is he starting his youtube channel? I think I missed it 😍

                                                  Marie J

                                                    I love any time Scott is on your channel! Love him!
                                                    I would love to see links or a list of products mentioned in your vids in your vid notes. Instead of me having to watch over and over because I get distracted by you two being cute lol

                                                    Sonali Singh

                                                      Yeyey Scott is back !!!! I want to see him once a week. Ur chemistry is awesome

                                                      Sonya Demaio

                                                        More more more. I love you 2. Hilarious yet so real. LOVE IT!

                                                        Bethaney Davies

                                                          18:03 "…and be kind to one another" 😍😍😍


                                                            No joke, 1/2 your face glowey (makeup do's) 1/2 Hoey (makeup don'ts) as demonstrated by Scott. Educational and entertaining at the same time πŸ˜‰

                                                            Liz Moore

                                                              Love anything with Scott but I would also really like a more mature make up tutorial from him. Maybe also some drug store recommendations from him?

                                                              Great Grande

                                                                I need Scott at least once in one or two weeks lol

                                                                Mikel Joshua

                                                                  I see jeffreestar products in the back again!

                                                                  Elle Diane

                                                                    I love the dynamic between you two…it's so fun to watch!!

                                                                    Kerra Hudson

                                                                      You two are awesome together!

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