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      Seashell Ombré Glitter Nail

      Suzie uses Gel Polish, Gel Top Coat and Glitter to create a simple, yet gorgeous Seashell Ombré Glitter Nail. View Suzie’s New Free Digital Magazine!

      Pixie White

        Are you not supposed to use the lamp that goes with the gel polish brand?

        Angel A

          That turquoise is gorgeous❤

          AI lover

            You should try asmr but with nail sort of thing

            Sally Davis-Blair

              How do you stop the glitter getting on your top coat brush or in the bottle? Can you clean the brush before putting it back in the bottle?

              Fanyi Beatrice Ndoyo okeke

                Seashell, i apriciate your clear demonstration, thanks

                shweta rane

                  Imagine this design on matte black and green glitter 😮😮

                  Rebekah Andersen

                    I noticed that when you polish/top coat that you dont "wrap the tip". Is that because you change your polish so often? Do you think it's a good idea to wrap for longer wear?

                    Philile Precious

                      Suzie I am sooo obsessed with your work and videos…I know your starter kit sold out lol please put one together specially for me plzzzzzzzzzzz

                      Era Bon

                        Do some wild, extreme Area 51 nails on one hand and then a more achievable, at-home version on the other, lol.

                        Lauren S

                          The background music at 5:40ish sounds like Minecraft background music☺️ I love it

                          Nandini Sharma

                            ugh! i absolutely love it when you do mermaid nails or anything sea or ocean related. would love to see bioluminescence inspired nails like the glow in the dark beach in maldives! another set of aurora borealis nails would be great too.

                            haimy negussie

                              I love your voice

                              Your Father

                                Cameraman is coming with us, it's decided.

                                Trudy Stroup

                                  Such an adorable design! I love the sparkle and shell!

                                  Sarah Mohamed

                                    I wish I could get my nails done like this💙🐚🌊


                                      Oh that color!!! Mmmm

                                      Asian Nail Lady

                                        You are amazing!!! Thank you so much!!!! So honored 🤗🤗🤗

                                        Mon Czi

                                          How do you keep from getting glitter in your top coat brush? I have this problem a lot. Help! Thanks!

                                          Sharon Roberts

                                            I love that design Susie it is so beautiful. You remind me so much of my sister that passed away two years ago her name was Linda and she died from bone cancer a 7-year long battle. She always had her nails done she had long beautiful nails she lived in California and I live in Indiana. She would always come home to visit for Christmas one year she come home with these absolutely the most beautiful nails I ever saw in my life! She said in California they created them and they were called Fancy Nails. They would add glitter to the acrylic base powder also they put little iridescent tiny strips that look like confetti and then when she would do tip of her nail in the iridescent it look like the gemstone opal iridescent had different flashes of color in it, it was absolutely beautiful. So she went into my nail salon nobody here in Muncie Indiana where I live knew anything about this type of technique called Fancy Nail. So she showed them how to do it and my nail tech went wild with it started buying up all different colors of glitter different colors and shapes of things to put in with the acrylic powder base and now all the nail shops in my town have got Fancy Nails and every time I see a fancy nail on display I'm reminded of my beautiful sister and how she started the Fancy Nail craze coming from California all the way to Indiana because it was a brand new type of technique they did out there years ago I wanted to share that story with you and if I had a way to upload a picture I would show it to you that you look so much like her. Thanks for letting me share with you and others the story of my sister and how Fancy Nails got started in Muncie Indiana keep up the good work Susie I love you and all your videos!


                                              at work we all have that opi lamp ugh I hate it I have to teach the clients how to place their hand in there evrery time because the thumb doesn't cure right if you don't and its happened to me before where I put the tope coat on and all the gel I thought was cured isn't and I waist time on it.

                                              Claudia C

                                                Does that gel polish ever bubble after a cure.

                                                Sarah Hamilton

                                                  Susie what is that thing you prop your hand on? It’s so cute!!! Is it a real product?

                                                  MaryAnn Anthony

                                                    What is the name of that glitter???

                                                    MeChelle Martin

                                                      Gosh that music 🎵🎶 is so soothing. TFS!

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