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      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) I wanted to share my Sephora VIB Sale Recommendations with you guys! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo! Products I …


        Wow. I didn’t link my previous recommendation videos down below lmao. Epic fail. I’m sorry guy I finished editing this video at 4am (and I’m not near my computer right now) but I HOPE YOU LIKE DIZ VIDEO

        Tyra Gabriella

          Lol when Kathleen says that we should take advantage of stocking up on the products we love. Lol I don’t have money to do that. I can berely afford to rebuy something when it’s runned out.😂♥️

          Jin and Sheen

            How does the Fenty bronzer compare to the Thrive cosmetics one?
            Would love to hear your thoughts.
            And a ranking video would be great.
            Top 10 bronzers, top 10 blushes, top 10 eyeshadow palettes…setting powders, bullet lipsticks, lip glosses 🙂

            carrie rumbaugh

              please do a haul after!

              Nairi Keshishian

                I love how we get excited for 15-20% off 😂


                  Lots of great suggestions in this video! I always forget when the sale is coming up and do a big haul just the week before, always!
                  SENSITIVE SKIN/ ALLERGY WARNING: I’m not super sensitive but be warned that the Farmacy products have a common allergen as a main ingredient. I don’t remember what it was, but I read that a lot of people were having weird reactions. I broke out in a rash from it, and a reaction like that has never happened to me before. Long comment, but patch test and sample!

                  Megan Burbage

                    Hi Kathleen, love your videos as always but please may you include the original and sale prices next time? The price really influences whether I buy or not. Thank you!! Xx

                    Sabrina R.

                      You should get the Laneige gloss balms or whatever they're called. Lol. They're so good! I had 2 of them & I just purchased the other 2 with the 20% off code!

                      Tanase Georgiana

                        In Italy things are different, we have Sephora White, Black and Gold. I’m Gold and I receive like 2-3 times a week 10% off and 20% off a couple times a year and 30€ off as gift for my birthday! And I can use the 10% and 20% until they expire but also we don’t have a loooot of brands, we have like the basic one 😂

                        Samantha Feil

                          I would give almost anything to have some spare change for this sale. Current broke nursing student & am so sad to miss out on my skin care products being a few dollars off. One day though!

                          Charlotte Yeo

                            Um cute shirt tho

                            Natalie Hsu

                              Kathleen, I love you, but I have to mention that I used up like 3-4 Farmacy cleansing balm and I found there is polyethylene, which is an alternative to microbeads in the balm. We all know it’s bad for the environment, because it’s basically like we wash away plastic on our face and it goes to the drain, never gonna melt. I stopped using it now.

                              Raven Lenz

                                That tatcha primer is da bomb

                                Shayla Zumstien

                                  Kathleen you need to try Monat haircare. It’s incredible, you would love the masks and the dry shampoo

                                  Elizabeth Gotay

                                    Been waiting all week for this 😍😍

                                    Charisse Yuen

                                      farmacy's and clinique's contain polyethylene which washed(?) with the water and the water flows to the sea and polyethylene can harm the fishies

                                      Ashley mcintire

                                        Yes I would LOVE a haul


                                          yes for sepho sale haul!

                                          lucero manjarrez

                                            VIB haul!

                                            Isabel McDonald

                                              please do a haul!!!

                                              Genevieve Polderman

                                                Does anyone else think Kathleen seems super happy! I’m so excited for you girl! GO GET EM!

                                                Alyssa Esteban

                                                  YES TO A HAUL PLS!!!

                                                  Kiara Mena-Hernandez

                                                    What color do you use in the Milk makeup sunshine skin tint?

                                                    shaye barton

                                                      The Oleplex 3 is also amazing for repairing your hair! I’ve bleached my hair multiple times and it made my hair feel like it was back to its virgin form 😅

                                                      Deb White

                                                        Swearing doesn't look good on you, even when you didn't say the whole 2nd word.

                                                        Brandy Fife

                                                          Have you tried ilia soft focus powder? It’s talc free and it’s my new fav setting powder 😊

                                                          Deb White

                                                            The Clinique balm is better than the Pharmacy one. Only have to use clinique once. The pharmacy have to use 2 times.

                                                            Peggy Krucz

                                                              You are so honest and funny at the same time!! Love your reviews😍

                                                              Kris Florence Vilar

                                                                You have really beautiful eyes

                                                                Anna Donville

                                                                  FYI the way I use the Olaplex smoothing creme is by wetting my hair and rubbing a dot through my wet hands. It makes it so much easier to apply to my wet hair evenly

                                                                  Julianna Rodriguez

                                                                    also you NEED the bite beauty lip mask…. especially in CANDY CANE

                                                                    Mackenzie Hill

                                                                      Kathleen can you do a barely there summer makeup routine for like by the pool or at the beach?? Maybe using that MILK foundation??? Love you!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

                                                                      Les Hen

                                                                        I can’t with Kathleen & her mist 😂

                                                                        Julianna Rodriguez

                                                                          'for those of you with fair porcelain skin' Kathleen, girl, that's US D: make a haul video please omg!!

                                                                          Kayla Danielle

                                                                            I really want to get the Farmacy Honeymoon Glow serum but even with the sale its still so expensive!!! 😪😪😪

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