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      HEY, GUYS! (WATCH IN HD) Here is a video where I share all of my fav beauty products from the month of September with you guys! I hope you enjoy! Thanks …

      Shayna McDaniel

        Try the Becca under eye corrector!! I learned about it from Samantha Ravendahl! Its AMAZING!!!!!!

        Lisa Boyce

          I've been using the Becca undereye brightening corrector and I love it, about the same price as the Charlotte Tilbury one, but it absolutely brightens my undereye and gives them a beautiful glow! Check it out!


            hi kat!


              Nyc does exist

              artofface.iwishiwasa mua

                ♥️I love you. ♥️Stop looking at your monitor.♥️

                Alexandria Jayy

                  Beauty community is falling apart:

                  Kathleen: beauty favorites

                  Amanda Macchiato

                    NYC had a cream highlight in a tube that was soooooo good.

                    Gimena Diaz

                      Loveee the way you talk to Porter, it's just soooo cute, you should make the voice of some catoon character haha😍😂

                      Arctic Wolf Beauty

                        I would love for the September box to be permanent. It would be awesome

                        Be same

                          I love Becca undereyes brightening corrector and it's hydrating and amazing. I think you should give it a try.


                            i got FLASHBACKS when you pulled out that bronzer 😅😅


                              Just the other day I was like “Wait! Is NYC gone?” Haha! So sad!

                              Madeline Grace

                                my favorites of the month have been:
                                glossier skin tint
                                elf glow dewy mist
                                glossier lash slick
                                colourpop lunar has it blush
                                colourpop uh huh honey pallet
                                hourglass ambient light bronzer
                                and bite beauty lipstick in chai

                                Abby Lea

                                  I don’t know why people were upset with her saying it’s not for oily skin because right after she said that she STILL said to let her know if it worked for y’all. Dang ppl are triggered that the sky is blue these days.


                                    pearl is the BEST highlight


                                      I love using the Tatcha pearl to brighten my under-eyes. I use so much less concealer now.

                                      Sarah Crittenden

                                        Awwww! Love the pupper dogs!

                                        danielle cannon

                                          @danicannon_beauty please follow and help me on my journey! i'll be starting to post youtube videos once my insta grows!

                                          Jillian Blanco

                                            The CT corrector loves to pill and creates a weird texture on my skin. So weird!

                                            Leonie Perez

                                              They still sell NYC at Walmart. Love your videos.

                                              Samantha Rivera

                                                We still have NYC here in Puerto Rico.


                                                  I use the kryolan corrector, the 576, it's been with me for years now…

                                                  Natalia Skrilec

                                                    Try catrice camouflage cream wake up effect!

                                                    Lila Chahda

                                                      I don’t know if it’s limited edition or not, but Briogeo has a honey version of the don’t despair repair mask!!! I live in Canada but I saw it at my local Sephora! It’s in the cutest little honey bear packaging!

                                                      Rachel Van Gorp

                                                        Pixi’s brightening peach correction concentrate is my favorite! It’s $12 bucks and lasts forever. I have heredity dark circles as well and this thing is a life saver😊

                                                        Alondra Mercado

                                                          I love these videos 😭❤️
                                                          I trust you so much with your opinion on products I looooove buying things you mention because I’m always so happy with them!
                                                          Love you sm ❤️

                                                          Amy Gutierrez

                                                            allana davison says that the tarte one is really good!

                                                            Annie Shoemaker

                                                              gotta pause to say I love the pixi undereye color corrector and I think it's $12

                                                              iris gageola

                                                                phyto hair products work amazing, I found them in my mom's drawer and started using them after postpartum hair loss and they worked like a charm (I got my hair back lol) tjmaxx has the photo hair oil in stores right now

                                                                Diana Furr

                                                                  I miss your reviews on new makeup and makeup hauls! 🥰💕🙏✨

                                                                  Samantha Reid

                                                                    bye bye undereye from IT cosmetics .

                                                                    Melissa Del Monte

                                                                      Anyone else have the sephora app open during these vids? Literally adding everything to cart as Kathleen speaks lol

                                                                      sadaf haque

                                                                        try the tarte CC undereye corrector! I have really bad dark circles and it works amazingly for me! 😍

                                                                        Iuni Habaadih

                                                                          NYC is still available at my walmart ☺


                                                                            Oh I absolutely need an under eye corrector. I have such dark circles (just hereditary) and I swear by the Tarte CC under eye corrector. I have been wanting to try that CT one for sure.

                                                                            Joann Raj

                                                                              I secretly wished you kept the title as favourites 😂

                                                                              Chloe Lock

                                                                                The intro is actually me- with my birthday- in 4 months

                                                                                Madeline Barrero

                                                                                  I've used the becca under eye corrector and I also have the tatcha under eye cream… Maybe I'll use that


                                                                                    You can still buy NYC cosmetics in drug stores in Canada! I can find them in Rexall/Pharm Plus.


                                                                                      The phyto brilliance mask is avaiable on amazon and on nordstrom in a container! Thought you might enjoy that package more than the tube 🙂


                                                                                      Virginia Izzo

                                                                                        Dog on the desk: a Kathleen classic 😂


                                                                                          I love the Becca undereye corrector, Samantha Ravndahl raves about it .

                                                                                          fadillah rahayu

                                                                                            Yep, have been watching since Cornelius chilling on the desk and still going strong

                                                                                            Madison Jones

                                                                                              Yesss I need those earrings on the site fr

                                                                                              Carter Sams

                                                                                                Hey,when you mentioned your dad – I just wanted to say I hope he's doing great. Xo.

                                                                                                laly estrada

                                                                                                  KAT I still use my Sunny bronzer LOL

                                                                                                  Mikayla Renaud

                                                                                                    Porterrr so cute 😭🥺🥺💕 and YES I remember when Cornelius would sit on your desk!!! I’ve been around for a while lol. Love you Kathleen! 😍🥰💗💖

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