SEXY Makeup Look Inspired By OLIVIA COOKE!!

Main SEXY Makeup Look Inspired By OLIVIA COOKE!!

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      i started dying when you were talking about being compared to other people with big foreheads.

      “one of the girls from little mix, probably the one with the biggest forehead” lmfaooo

      Elisa Connelly

        Yes. To. Tutorials. Bring 'em back girl!


          Can you please try and transform yourself into Michael jackson or bluey hahahah just someone so random, I think it’ll be so funny 😂

          Laura Novo

            Yayyy! Gorgeous look! Definitely going to recreate it 🫶 love you Kat! I vote for tutorial es using just your palette 🫶

            Mary Oseguera Lara

              I totally see it! Big forehead and little noses! Both of y’all are gorgeous 🙂


                There’s something so nice about watching a makeup tutorial

                Amber Ruiz

                  More disco fox looks and perfume videos pleaseeeee


                    am i the only one who thinks she looks like emma watson?


                      It’d be so cool if you could try Korean makeup and technique to apply makeup cause your skin is glowing girl


                        Where's Danny? I haven't heard you mention him in a long time 😢

                        Kassidy R. Robidoux

                          Yasss! Queen Kathleen ❤

                            SEXY Makeup Look Inspired By OLIVIA COOKE!!

                            Here’s a video where I attempt to turn myself into my “celebrity look-a-like” Olivia Cooke LOL!! Hope you enjoy!! Thanks for …

                            Ariel Palaia

                              Love your makeup tutorials forver Kathleen💖💖 would love to see you do some spring vibes videos! Maybe a “matching my makeup to the patterns/colors of my spring outfit” like basing your look on only using the colors in the clothes you’re wearing😊✨

                              Cole Wells

                                Not Christina Ricci but I definitely see the resemblance to Jade from Little Mix and Olivia Cooke! Also you don't have a big forehead.

                                Johnda Jo

                                  You are prettier than all of them

                                  Johnda Jo

                                    No you look like Ariana grande!!!

                                    Vanessa Villagrana

                                      I always get excited when you post bc you’re the ONLY person who I can stand listening to just to fall asleep 😂😂😂

                                      Emily Fatkins

                                        Black Smokey eye!!! ❤


                                          I think you look like Keira Knightley. If you say she has a big forehead/six heads and having that makes people think I look like her, then I'm here for it.

                                          jacky prieto



                                              Kaaat chaaaaats


                                                I HAVE to say it girl!!! The beginning of this video I didn’t even realize it was after you did the look cuz I was staring at your tatas. Sorry 🤷🏻‍♀️ they look fantastic and suit you so well!! They just look so natural and not super fake and fit you perfectly. Also makeup look was gorgeous as usual. Bring back tutorials!!

                                                Cheyenne Hull

                                                  HECK YES

                                                  Kiki Masaki

                                                    I kno i said this once ina previous video.
                                                    But plz show all ur past collabs makeup. Want to go down menory lane❤❤

                                                    Karina Yulianti

                                                      Ummm mama… Is that new tattoo in right arm i see it?? 😮😮 Gorgeous make up thooo ❤❤❤


                                                        i would love to see an updated makeup routine for super hot weather 🙏🏻

                                                        Brooks2beautyxo XoXo

                                                          You almost look identical. If you have yourself bangs, you’d be twins

                                                          aesthetically turquoise

                                                            Kathleen u said it wrong… its Haus LAB or a tories 😂


                                                              Oh WOW THIS LOOK 🤩


                                                                1:20 I'm here to confirm that yes, that's Jade Thirlwall from Little Mix. Love her!!

                                                                Dee Luther

                                                                  🥰LOVE YOUR VIDEO♥️
                                                                  😻PRETTY THUMBNAIL THO🤩
                                                                  BEYOND BEAUTIFULLY YOU ARE
                                                                  UR MAKEUP ALWAYS ON POINT
                                                                  NICE Ass Cheeks Bones
                                                                  Enjoy your night as well
                                                                  Have a Fabulous weekend ahead
                                                                  😇Stay Bless N Be safe Always😇


                                                                    Love the look 🥰. Do u ever use Dominic Cosmetics products? Never seen on ur channel.


                                                                      Oh my Gawd you look absolutely flawless ❤

                                                                      glitz n glam glass skin

                                                                        Wow u look phenomenal 😮

                                                                        Jennie Siegel

                                                                          Consistent queen – loving all the videos this year. ❤❤❤❤

                                                                          Denise Sheffield

                                                                            I was just about to say that I can see you being inspired by her since you look a lot like her, lol. You nailed the look! It's very pretty and I'm going to recreate a similar look!

                                                                            April Newman

                                                                              Omg yes jade from little mix!!!

                                                                              Amy Frazier

                                                                                It’s not the forehead Kathleen, it’s the nose. The nose is the main thing that stands out to me as similar out of anything

                                                                                Jaime Mishkin


                                                                                  Natalia Głowacka

                                                                                    WOW, beautiful look❤😘

                                                                                    Lindsy C.

                                                                                      You did it better Kathleen ❤️‍🔥

                                                                                      La LaLa

                                                                                        Can’t take my eyes from your chest … 🤓

                                                                                        Broken Easel

                                                                                          To me, you look exactly like young Madonna.


                                                                                            Nice makeup


                                                                                              Updated perfume collection please!


                                                                                                I LOVE LOVE LOVE makeup tutorials like this ❤ hope to see more with your Disco Fox palette bcos I have it!

                                                                                                Jasmine Gaunt

                                                                                                  Please do an update perfume collection! Love this look ❤

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