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    Say Yes to the Dress
      Shared Appointment Turns Ugly After Both Brides Want the Same Dress | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

      Terinni and Jenaya have been best friends since college, but can the stress of a joint bridal appointment be enough to tear this friendship apart? Catch Say Yes …

      Cassie Lynn

        They can both order the dress……?

        L Lol

          They should both chpose a different dress and make it fair

          Candy Monay

            Why can't they both get the same dress?

            Billy’s Family

              I cried I can't denied

              Cute Kawaii kitten

                I love puffy dresses and I love say yes to the dress❤️❤️

                Sweet Heart

                  Should of both got that dress.

                  Kwalabear ventures

                    jenaya is a bitch. terrine will see that I can bet on it


                      We need an update….

                      Kassandra LW

                        this didn't turn ugly, it just showed real beautiful friendship

                        anonymous wanderer

                          Friendship goals though ❤️

                          anonymous wanderer

                            Friendship goals though ❤️

                            Garden Plots

                              Terinni: I want this dress so much but I will sacrifice my dream because friendship is more important than my dreams. Janaya: Find her something else so I can get this dress.

                              Deanie Harris

                                I love this show it's so good

                                Deanie Harris

                                  Im not sure if id let my bestie know the dress im in love with for my wedding thats a bit match lol hopefully we have different taste lol

                                  Mylene Malyon

                                    I cried big time!

                                    Nina Davis

                                      That's true friendship at it's best.

                                      SULAIMAN ANSAR

                                        Wow,.what a melodrama created


                                          HORRIBLE IDEA to share the same bridal appointment, since they both have the same tastes in clothing. Glad they were such good friends. I did not like the dress AT ALL. I think it looked better on the first bride. I don't understand how she's gonna wait til Tiffany gets her dress before she purchase this dress. Soo, Kleinfeld's is gonna hold the dress for her without a deposit out of the goodness of their hearts?

                                          aishwarya rupendran

                                            What an ugly outfit…and people are fighting for it…crazy..!!

                                            Minem Tan

                                              Why share it to save money? 😅


                                                Why can't they just grow up and both get the dress

                                                Lilliana Mercedes Ochoa

                                                  Shit it’s not homework that I should be doing BUT I should be going to bed and sleeping instead of watching this!🤫

                                                  Terry Baby

                                                    That hardly turned ugly.

                                                    gilda kidson

                                                      Addicted to this show.. Even am married Indian.. Why the heck do I weard saree 😵

                                                      azlan Ajahar

                                                        Such a beautiful friendship…they both looks stunning on that dress..

                                                        T Leigh

                                                          Why can't they both order the same dress? It looked better on the first girl. It was suited more for her figure.

                                                          Giga Fall

                                                            the dress is not even that great tbh.


                                                              lol that dress is hideous

                                                              Granny T

                                                                I bought 2 dresses exact same style, 2 different sizes, for my daughter. Brand new old stock dresses, mega clearance. Wasn't sure what size would fit.

                                                                One if my daughters bridesmaids was getting married the month after. She had bought a dress but ended up hating it. She knew we had an extra, asked if she could try it, loved it, bought it, wore it. 🙂

                                                                I had shortened my daughters with pleats, and changed the neckline and added sleeves. Her friend wore it stock, added a lace bolero. Same dress, two very different looks. Both gorgeous.

                                                                People attending both weddings had no idea they were the same dress.

                                                                It's a bonding thing for friends, having the same dress. 🙂

                                                                I think the dress on the show was gorgeous on both and they both should have got it.


                                                                  either they should agree to wear the same dress for their weddings or both agree to forget that dress.

                                                                  Tuxedo Cat

                                                                    They should both get the same dress. It doesn't matter. In their wedding photos they will not be together in the same outfit and they both look great in that dress.

                                                                    Debra Klarmann

                                                                      I think they are both setting themselves up for disaster . Why would y’all both like the same gown ?

                                                                      Kellie Swor

                                                                        It fit better on the first girl

                                                                        Courtney Mayo

                                                                          Talk about amazing friends

                                                                          HoreChata Riceu

                                                                            finally, something wholesome.

                                                                            Sindhu RajThilak

                                                                              Amazing friendship…


                                                                                They should both pick different dresses – no one gets this dress, just leave it. If someone gets it, you know the other one made a sacrifice and it's just not cool.

                                                                                Virginia Bruce

                                                                                  OMG What noble and loyal friends. I mean, could they both buy the one dress and just share it? They bring their own character to it.

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