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      Sharing My Secrets... TRUTH OR DARE MAKEUP CHALLENGE!

      Last year I did the TRUTH OR DARE makeup challenge and shared quite some tea! But today it’s again time to find out what happens when you have to choose …



        Amy Yost

          Anyone else SLAM the thumbs up when she was answering question #3?


            Please adopt!! You and dylan will be amazing parents


              22:31 idk why but this part made me laugh so so hard ksjdfksjdfsklfd


                God I was just so stuck at looking at your eyes today! Your eyeshadow and those lashes are sooooo pretty

                Michelle Taylor

                  4:05 to 4:48 You are wise beyond your years, Nikkie. This 32 year old takes a whole lotta inspiration from your attitude.


                    Nikkie Is Me talking about my forhead😂😭❤️ I love her!

                    Lozzy Todd

                      All i can think is Nikkie saying "it's non of your god damn business" some of these questions 🤦‍♀️ Nikkie, Hats off for the 'juicy' questions you did answer, you area brave women

                      Aswathy suresh

                        Your brows were lit bit off… But beautiful😍

                        Holly Nesvat

                          I’m in the same situation hunni and I love u ur so strong
                          I’m trying to be a makeup artist just like u love u o

                          Roxette ZAHARIA

                            what is that weird line around her neck? do you guys see it?


                              How do you style your hair? It's stunning! ❤


                                Wel, die waarheid maak vry 🙂

                                katy miles

                                  wish my father was that supportive lol

                                  Eudoxia Von D

                                    the waarheid is, I'm Dutch, so this is a bit of cheating for us :,)

                                    Sam Rikfa

                                      That left eyebrow was so high up I needed a time out😳

                                      Savannah Meinke

                                        I love hearing the Dutch word and most of the time I can guess what it means because I speak German. For example in German it’s Wahrheit. In Dutch it is waarheit (sorry if the Dutch is wrong)

                                        Sellys Lifestylechannel

                                          Nikkie I literally love u so much ❤️❤️❤️

                                          holly nguyen

                                            I want to know where nikkie got her earrings from

                                            Kevin Bragan

                                              Waarheid….Nikki u r the best!

                                              Kiki Sagita

                                                Your bare face so cute and beautiful


                                                  Your face is orange

                                                  Shawna Fairchild

                                                    I wonder if the setting powder would settle better if you used your beauty blender?

                                                    boinggers s

                                                      22:31 can’t relate 😂

                                                      Shawna Fairchild

                                                        You are so beautiful and your hair has such a gorgeous, vintage vibe! ❤️

                                                        Megan Verbeek

                                                          This took me back to ‘doen, durven of de waarheid’ en dat je dan geen idee had wat je nou precies bij ‘durven’ moest doen😂

                                                          Rosie Ramos

                                                            thanks to Nikkie, I think it's safe to say that I'm tri-lingual and I can check off speaking Dutch, Spanish and English in job applications. It's the "waarheid".

                                                            Tsitsi N

                                                              I love how Dylan came as soon as he heard you scream just to make sure you are ok
                                                              That was Sweet

                                                              Your local asshole

                                                                Nikkie is so cute I can’t 🥺

                                                                GooD GooD


                                                                  Russel Sarahjane Camsa

                                                                    I was shocked by your WAARHEID Nikkie. It doesn't show, I can usually tell if someone was a part of the LGBTQ community, but with you, I've been watching you for yearssssss! And yes, I think you are an amazing person. Love you! -from the Philippines

                                                                    aimee trudgian

                                                                      How can anyone have beef with nicki!? She seems so lovely, down to earth and loyal.

                                                                      Although we all know that Ellen was in the '3 celebrities' question 😂

                                                                      Louis Michaels

                                                                        i would love being adopted by nikkie and dylan, and that's the waarheid.

                                                                        mk tmy

                                                                          Yes, you rock that look

                                                                          zara zara

                                                                            You have opened up with you… but what about your voice you have a women sound nd I can't found you any difference your soo perfect…

                                                                            Cyra DeLaRev

                                                                              The Waarheid is you are TRULY one of the most inspiring people on YouTube. You are kind, funny, talented and gorgeous (Of course!!). I love this look and I think I will be starting a makeup YouTube for fun. In my life, I spend a lot of time very depressed. But, I think that playing with makeup (something that I have always loved), will help lighten up the dark…. Just like YOU do for me!

                                                                              Dyja Ahmad

                                                                                Omg 22:48 GOTTA LOVE THAT! 😂

                                                                                Carmen Pedrocchi-Ferrer

                                                                                  Dutch word of the day : Waarheid
                                                                                  "vérité" in French 😉
                                                                                  Send you a lot of love and support 💖💖

                                                                                  melanie andreotti

                                                                                    I love how you share things in your own time… that's how it should be! Love you so much!!!

                                                                                    Lola Dickson

                                                                                      I love that you are doing your own wedding makeup that’s such a mood 🤍

                                                                                      Aliza Mundaparambil Alias

                                                                                        I never realized how tall you were until the Nikkie to the Rescue series which I only watched recently. But I feel, because you're so tall, you would give the best hugs. I say this as a very tiny woman. Love you, Nikkie!

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