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      SHOP WITH ME | Head-to-Toe Luxury Consignment

      That’s it. I’ve died and gone to designer heaven. #ad Get $25 off your first purchase at The RealReal: Thanks to @therealreal for sponsoring!

      Mbalenhle Ngcobo

        Walk away slowly lmao

        Michael Vaughn

          I’VE WAITING SOOOOO LONG FOR THIS VIDEO!!!! skskskskdjsksjk

          Antoinette De Waal

            Think a chilled situation..Those bags.. Oh my goodness.. Literally finished me.. Hope u bought that blazer and that green dress.. Love love loveee it on you..

            blanche mhonda

              Jeanine Mai also shops at this shop


                Fitness video PLEASE!!!!!!


                LOOKING GOOD!!!

                Patricia Ortega

                  Make a vlog of your day. Like a day in the life of Adrienne!!!!

                  Patricia Ortega

                    Yean I would never shop there. JS

                    jaecelyn H

                      What lipstick are you wearing?!?!? It’s so perfect for fall I WANT IT

                      Mary P

                        I would feel weird putting on used clothes or shoes yikes how do they sterilize the stuff? Do they sell stuff that’s not been used with tags on? And the jewelry I kind of feel it might be jinxed lol rather shop new at Walmart or target hee hee that’s just me

                        Beautiful Bre

                          Definitely the complete opposite of casual. & that dress was a nay lol

                          Alexandra Leal


                            Jessydoll MUA

                              You lost so much weight I love it!! Please do what I eat in a day vid


                                Yass to the hot pink dress and crystal bag 💕😍!!


                                  When you said Prada I thought “ Prada or Nada Mama” Cheetah girls lol

                                  Semmie Elston

                                    It doesn't matter if it's name brand or not. Your Fashions look tacky.

                                    Maggie Dean

                                      I can't afford The RealReal either or have anywhere to go where I dress that fancy, but it is a fun video to watch. Women should lift each other up and not down! If you watched her assumptions video, she said that she doesn't spend a ton of money on clothes, and she's frugal with her money.

                                      Alondra Gonzalez

                                        Buy the green dress!!!!! Looooooove

                                        bjktk obfgj

                                          I would love to get styled by Adrienne!

                                          Beverly Wilkinson

                                            I think you will do a Casual elegant look, simple yet elegant 👍🏽👏🏼💖

                                            Sahar Elkadri

                                              I would love to watch you do drugstore makeup shopping!! 😍😍

                                              Alg People


                                                Rachael Santiago


                                                  Krys Chavez

                                                    Such a big fan! Te adoro !

                                                    Paloma Healing

                                                      The colored bags you were looking at..those are the ones I love, love, love!!!!

                                                      Paloma Healing

                                                        Your choice is evening wear!!💖


                                                          OBSESSED with this look on you 👏🏼 love the fall feels


                                                            Flamingo 💃🏼

                                                            Lauren Delise

                                                              Sis lowkey looked Caucasian in the thumbnail lol

                                                              Viva Voom

                                                                loved this

                                                                Sal Mah Sal

                                                                  I don't understand these celebrities. She's employed at a major show in a huge network. She doesn't need the money to do these brand deals. I am not hating but why can they keep their yt channels as a medium to communicate with their fan base instead of a marketplace disguised as a beauty channel.

                                                                  Marjorie Coleman

                                                                    Girl I would shop there if I could afford it. You looked beautiful in the green dress! 😍😍 More shopping videos please. ❤️😘

                                                                    Julia Arian

                                                                      I love you but I HATE the outfit you put together. Horrendous!🤢
                                                                      The green dress was EVERYTHING!!

                                                                      Melinda Colon

                                                                        I love the pink bress it looks good in you.

                                                                        suit shawna

                                                                          Like, I’ve been trying to personally shop with you for a while. Can we please, link up? Greatly appreciated in advance.

                                                                          Daisy Nuno

                                                                            Dressy look!

                                                                            basma hanna

                                                                              Girl that was not Australian 😂😂



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