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    Rachel Turnmyre

      Praying for your dad, you and your entire family. May God direct you to the right doctors to help your dad beat this! 💖💝

      Edit: My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017, went through a double radical mastectomy and is currently cancer free. You've got this… even when you're unsure how to feel or even if you're silently grieving. Just say a prayer and let your love show through.

      Tabitha Marie

        Prayers for your father🙏🏾 Great Video beautiful 💗

        Carli Bybel

          Thumbs UP for simple makeup routines!! *What are your go to products when you are in a rush?! Comment below!! *WANT TO KNOW HOW I DID THIS HAIR?


            Prayers 4 ur dad and family

            Hanna Tran

              Sending you lots of love <3

              La Lilly Hernandez

                Prayers for your Dad♥️

                Sydney Nelson

                  What brush are you using when applying the il makiage baked bronzer? 🙂 love you so much!!

                  Y B.M

                    Why is the audio of your videos still so bad really want to watch your videos but I just can’t because of the sound

                    Nardos M

                      I’m so sorry about your dad I’ll keep him in my prayers 🙏🏽


                        Sending lots of prayers and love to your daddy!

                        Manuella Tronci

                          My stephfather who I live with since I was 4 survived and beat long cancer 8 years ago. A couple months ago he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and now they removed the prostate, so we have to keep praying for all the results but I totally understand how hard it is. I wish you and your father much much strenght and hugs. Keep strong Carli <3

                          Shannon Beyerbach

                            Carli, I know exactly what you're going through. My gram just got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on Wednesday and she's already had kidney and breast cancer. It's so hard to stay positive but you have to for them and just make sure you spend as much time as possible with them. Your dad is in my prayers <3

                            Kimberly Gomez

                              pleaaaaaaaassse try a more easily accessible foundation!

                              Jamie Parker

                                Sending prayers for your father 💜💜

                                Rita Moreira

                                  Any small channels want support eachother?

                                  tropical girl

                                    I hope he gets well soon ☺ that's true life is unexpected…health is the most important thing


                                      I pray all goes well for your dad🙏🙏

                                      Antonia Banuelos

                                        Stay strong, Carli!❤️ He will be okay!

                                        Lena Ngo

                                          The fiona stiles link doesnt work 🙁

                                          k k

                                            He's gonna be fine! Sending love xxx

                                            Lahelle Raib


                                              Ang Camacho

                                                hey beautiful I saw you at best buy and we took a picture one day and i’m sorry about your dad. i’ll keep him on my prayers, I watch you al the time and I love you, you deserve the best and will always have my support ❤️❤️

                                                Lilybeth Murcia

                                                  Praying for you and your family. You're a strong woman and have endured so much and probably more than we know over the years. Much love always beautiful!


                                                    Hi Carli, we will pray with you and hope for the best! Sending you a lot of love ❤

                                                    Adwoa Asare Konadu

                                                      I will pray for you and your family. Whatever happens, I know God loves you.☺️ I loved this video.💕

                                                      Sarah Hedman

                                                        ❤️❤️❤️❤️ praying for you


                                                          Love this look, I'll have to get my Kat Von D palette back out! 💋 Lisa


                                                            Beautiful in and out ❤️🌞

                                                            Samantha Moloney



                                                                Before going to hospital treatment do this 7days then see magic your father cancer will be finish listen from youtube surah rehman in qari abdul basit voice 3times a day on fix timing for 7days use headphone close eyes and think what ever you did in past good or bad and express your self to god and keep water with you and after you listen little open your eyes and take 1sip and say god than again take sip and say god 3times u should say and forgive everyone and weep and pray 4your self carli its your luck otherwise i dont write such things to random do this and your father reports will clear i bet you just 7days

                                                                Hamda Belhal

                                                                  I'm sooo sorry to hear about ur father. My grandmother had cancer and we take her to India there are many gooooood hospitals over there and I recommend u to go and search about it, it reallllly reallly very good on this case's.


                                                                    I really really hope and pray with all my heart that your dad gets through this🙏🏽💖

                                                                    Queen Of dreams

                                                                      Im sorry for your dad i know you are in other religion and there is no cure for cancer ♋️ but try to put your hand on his body and read Allah words and if you know any poor family help them and put in your mind you did this good thing to help your dad, love you your ❤️❤️❤️❤️

                                                                      Lacey Stine

                                                                        So sorry Carli, will be praying for your family beautiful! 💜

                                                                        Sonchee Sarkis

                                                                          I’m sorry to hear about your father, but he will be okay he’s a strong 💪 man 🙂 love your videos & love you 😘 take care of yourself xox

                                                                          Badger 1899

                                                                            Have you tried the Flower beauty concealer?



                                                                              Sim G

                                                                                Praying for you dad. Everything will be okay. ❤️🙏🏽

                                                                                Laura Zavala

                                                                                  Ever since you showed your dad on a vlog i believe where you made him and yourself some vegan burgers, I felt like an automatic warm feeling towards him. He seems like such a kind person with a loving soul. He really reminded me of my grandfather. Im praying for him, you, and the rest of your family. Love you!

                                                                                  RealBeautiful Beauty

                                                                                    Best wishes & love to your dad..

                                                                                    Jazzmen Norrington

                                                                                      Omg your soooo BEAUTIFUL!!! In love with the makeup look and so sorry to hear about your dad. Sending prayers to you guys.

                                                                                      Scary Sheri 581

                                                                                        That does not look natural

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