Sister is Bitter About Not Being the Maid of Honour! | Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids

Main Sister is Bitter About Not Being the Maid of Honour! | Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids

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    Say Yes to the Dress
      Sister is Bitter About Not Being the Maid of Honour! | Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids

      Robbi Goodson has brought her sisters with her to choose her bridesmaids dresses, but a large entourage comes with more opinions and even more drama!

      Rawan ahmed

        she looks like haley berry

        Ichigo MG

          If I ever get married, I'll be pulling a Meghan Markle no bridesmaid entourage. Just flower girls and little boys as bearers.


            Thanks God the bridesmaids are not a think in my country 😀

            Shani Jh

              Can we talk about 01:07 and the pocket reaction, cause same 😂😂

              Missy Rabbit

                my maid of honor told me "I am there for you. If you want me to wear a potato sack, I will do it, because I am your friend". I didn't ask her to wear a sack. Told her to pick out 3 dresses. We both agreed on a blue dress that she looked WOW in. Her husband couldn't stop smiling. She is my friend, and she helped me to have a beautiful wedding. I can never thank her enough.

                Ash J

                  The bride needs to learn how to use her big girl voice and put her foot down and stop letting these people run over her .

                  Revanth Muntha

                    We have some fistey bitches here 😂

                    Emily- kate

                      I would hate to pick out my dresses here, it makes me so uncomfortable how judgmental the consultants are 🙄

                      Pink Heart

                        For the 1st time I liked tafada🤣
                        I liked the dress the bride chose as the ball gown was cute.
                        Many dresses on this show are ugly that's why in comparison this is nice😊
                        Also for the pockets I'm sure you can add them🤷‍♀️

                        Deanie Harris

                          This was kinda funny

                          Jewel Abraham

                            I love all the consultants😂😂 n I like the way the bride took over again…bridesmaids though😯😂

                            annakaren s

                              all the dresses were horrible color and style wise.

                              Mj Rose

                                I can see Courtney’s views thou. I mean she is doing her job, being there for the bride and to keep her bridesmaids and sisters in line. The girls should be respecting the bride AND THATS NOT HAPPENING

                                GL0-UPS !

                                  omg the bride is such a beaut! she looks like halle berry.

                                  Heather Mueller

                                    My little sister is not my maid of honor for a few reasons. She is only 19 years old so she cannot come to my bachelorette (her fake ID is my old ID lol so it wouldn't really work if we went into bar together with the same name and birthdate). She is a freshman in college and trying to adjust to college life and taking on maid of honor duties would be too much to handle. We had talked about it multiple times before I was engaged and every time she said she understood completely why her being maid of honor wouldn't be the best thing. She's still one of my bridesmaids and on my wedding website I listed her at sister of the bride.


                                      “Well it’s cut low enough”

                                      “Low enough for what…”

                                      Debbie Cooper

                                        this poor bride.

                                        Camille Tourdot

                                          When the consultants find out the real problem = Sister is jealous

                                          Camille Tourdot

                                            I love how all the consultants are team Bride. Honestly, I don't know why she has all these bridesmaids if there all annoying and opinionated.

                                            R K

                                              Can I just punch the consultant in the face

                                              Jay ジェイ

                                                Screw this. When I get engaged, I’m asking for my bridesmaids’ measurements, and I’ll get them the dress I like in the color I like and I don’t care if it’s not their style. It’s my day 😪

                                                Raven Blue

                                                  Who else is not even getting married but still loves watching these!!LOL 😂

                                                  jazz moharana

                                                    I love consultant opinions

                                                    Tamika Driver

                                                      Jealousy is all they doing

                                                      Leslie Manjarrez

                                                        The middle sister sounds kinda like Beyonce

                                                        Mariam M.M.

                                                          I have a headache just from watching this short video … I wish the bride didn't suffer during her wedding with this gang of girls…

                                                          Holly Ess

                                                            all: 'she said taffeta'
                                                            consultant: 'ok, yall aren't too hot on that?'
                                                            all: 'hmmmmmmm' synchronised eye roll


                                                              'You dont pick a dress for its pockets'
                                                              You underestimate the importance of snacks


                                                                I think a bride should go by herself, pick a color, pick three styles it’s available in, then bring the bridesmaids.

                                                                Everybody can vote.

                                                                A, B, or C

                                                                PeaceMakerDJ 13

                                                                  Fucking gold

                                                                  Gennesis Lucero

                                                                    “Now we can carry snackz” that’s all me 🤣

                                                                    Karen Lawson

                                                                      I would never have more than 4 women in my bridal party.

                                                                      T cnBrooklyn

                                                                        Pretty sisters

                                                                        Judith Boltz

                                                                          They will wear what the bride wants and shut the hell up

                                                                          ciera clark

                                                                            currently watching this while waiting for my pizza lol 🍕

                                                                            Emily Kitchin

                                                                              this consultant is a lil sassy

                                                                              Julie the great

                                                                                Seriously, those dresses were all hideous

                                                                                Julie the great

                                                                                  1:55 that eyeroll though..😂

                                                                                  Grace Denson

                                                                                    "YoU dOn't pICK a dReSS for the POcKETs." Actually, BraNdOn, you do.

                                                                                    Heather Hartley

                                                                                      I hate bossy people and that sister is getting me tight AF.

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