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      This is an incredibly basic skincare routine. We’re not talking retinols and vitamin c …

      linda alden

        I think your hair look great, did you say you did it your self, can you tell how, there are so many people on YouTube doing it, I just don't know which one to copy, my hair is similar to yours with a few front face layers.x


          Ruth, how would you use the Collagen Booster, the same was as the hyaluronic acid? E.g before your moisturiser? Xx

          Anita Hadley

            Clearly, Simple needs to change the name of their moisturizer.

            Aoife Oxx

              I love the ordinary squalane cleanser.


                Even with “this” hair you look really glam! 🤩

                Rose Webb

                  I love your dress. Where's it from? 🙂 xx

                  Andrea Welford

                    One, your hair looks lovely,Two you are lovely and Three I always find your videos informative,helpful and entertaining. Thank You so very much.

                    Cristina Andrea

                      I love your dress where is it from?

                      Jen Smith

                        Thanks! Your hair looks great! And as you said, it will grow😊

                        Mystery Rosebud

                          Your hair looks lovely. Really suits you.

                          Amy May

                            Where’s your lovely dress from? Looks great on you x

                            Sara Purdey

                              As a single mother, I find Insta much easier to access than YT, and I don't see a quick click in your drop down box. I do come on here for your channel when I can but time is limited- an easy to find quick link to your Insta would benefit more than me. Thanks!

                              Zoe White

                                Thank you Ruth. Would it be possible to save your Instagram videos and post them here? x

                                Sarah Everitt

                                  Super video Ruth, how about a routine with SPF and retinol? Could you do it for under £50

                                  Gail Spear

                                    Love your u tubes. My skin has become wonderful since lockdown even though I have worn light makeup throughout


                                      mark zuckerberg is an ahole but y’all keep supporting him w ig ….

                                      Keiran Ward

                                        Can you do a routine for a 30+ people ya no them closer to 40 people ☹️ who have fine lines loss of plumpness and like thinning skin under the eyes I don’t no what to use what goes with what I’ve ended up buying a vit A serum and a vit A cream both with Retinol in them and fried my face of from medik8 I’ve been looking on YouTube to try find a routine to try for older people with good treatments in them not mega expensive xxx


                                          Always looking foward to your videos 🙂

                                          Jenna Rose

                                            I much prefer YouTube to insta so thank you. I swear you have de-aged in the past 12 months!


                                              Finally headed to my hairdresser this morning and I cannot wait (Boston, MA)! P.S. Your hair looks gorgeous!

                                              Joanna Chung

                                                Great video Ruth! Very short and to the point! X

                                                Nazeeda Kors

                                                  Love your channel!💐

                                                  Cee Kay

                                                    Ruth, Thank you for thinking of those of us who do not use Instagram or prefer Youtube. Your videos are always so helpful and informative! xo

                                                    Theresa Mohawk

                                                      I love your hair 😻 You look pretty in that length 💜 Thank you for the skincare tips!

                                                      The Skin Geek

                                                        Love it! Short, easy & basic! You look lovely as always Ruth! ❤️

                                                        Anca Vrinceanu

                                                          Nice dress!!

                                                          Jim Williams

                                                            You look amazing!

                                                            Erin Mc

                                                              You look fabulous!! Your skin is glowing here.. gorgeous!!! 💙

                                                              Daniela Lutea


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