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    Sarahs Day
      *SO SWEET!* Valentines Day VLOG + Life Update & Emotions...

      SWEAT IT TO SHRED IT EBOOK FITNESS GUIDES!! Also check out my website for secret blog posts, stories, tips and more!

      Rachel Curran

        We love your channel no matter what you post!!! Post about your baby!! Post about your life!! Don’t feel pressure to give us a particular thing to watch. We will still be here for you

        Breanna Lee

          I cant believe there's only 5-6 weeks left until BABY TIME!! ❤


            Trying to attract my own Kurt into my life 😍

            Selene Perez

              You’re too adorable 🥰🥰

              Natalie Stephens

                SO funny Kurt!! Lol he even went to the health food store! #winning


                  Love the natural scenery of this video..so beautiful !

                  Alexandra Alvarez

                    Zezzy! We don't want you to feel stressed. Specially now that you're 35 weeks pregnant. If you have a lot of things to do, we can wait.

                    Jasmin Bobs

                      Please put the music in the description! It’s always the best!

                      Lydia Fox

                        Love all the different types of videos!!
                        Any chance you can do a detailed boxing video? With tips and techniques. I really want to add boxing with my hubby to my training. Thank You! ❤️

                        Paris Cutler

                          The beginning was hilarious😂

                          Kaytlynn Plummer

                            Kurt doing the vlog was the greatest thing I've seen!! Absolutely love this video!

                            Catalina H

                              Opening your baby shower gifts!


                                Totally need another Kurt takeover!!!

                                Sonia Colinot

                                  don't feel bad. Take a break if you need it. You're not a robot and we can be patient. Take care. Xoxo from Paris

                                  Paige Evers

                                    That date was cute! More than enough. We understand sissy! Take your time we will always love anything you put out. We waiting on that baby too!!! Peace and love and blessings. 💛

                                    Cher Chavez

                                      Loved this. Super sweet ❤️❤️❤️

                                      Clarina Bowers

                                        Your kicking butt, don’t feel pressured! -even though you’re my favorite. Love ya Sezzy ❤️💛

                                        STEPHANIE ALBERT

                                          brb sending this to my boyfriend hahahaha you guys are perfect


                                            Kurt, that drone footage was beautiful. I'm nervous to fly mine over the water. I'm very tempted but I had an issue last year when my RTH function failed on the 3rd flight (with a brand new drone) & consequently, I lost her (in many pieces).

                                            cassie hamsher

                                              This vlog was so fun and chill, I loved every minute of it! Everyone morning I wake up and watch your vlogs with my LBDA and it is my quiet /happy time lol! Thanks for the good content Sezzy and Kurt!!!

                                              Jessica Simoneau

                                                Was hoping this would be an engagement video! The whole date and setting was perfect for it!

                                                Dayna Watts

                                                  Can you and Kurt do an assumptions videos😍

                                                  Holly Smith

                                                    You guys should do a trip down to TAS. Our beaches are so untouched and the definition of beauty. Love what you guys do!

                                                    Cynthia Chandra

                                                      Do the belly cast!!
                                                      Love you guys 😘😍

                                                      Erin Herpy

                                                        I love the outfit/head wrap you wore on the beach!!! Where is the leopard head wrap from? 🤗😍

                                                        Daniela Urbaneja

                                                          Sezzyyyy could you make a video about keeping your knees and back safe while doing plyos? Maybe a little segment when you talk about all the things you keep in mind to aboid an injury

                                                          Kanisha Walton

                                                            LOL Im loving Kurt's intro to the video…. guys are funny creatures.

                                                            Ashley G

                                                              Kurt's a great vlogger! Love you guys! You're so sweet and simple. Keep going Sezzy you're doing amazing!


                                                                Those drone clips really reminded me of how beautiful this Earth is; they made me feel so calm. I am quite a nature/sea lover but I don’t have much access to it b/c of where I live. You’re so lucky you can access it anytime you want 😫❤️ I came back to your channel after about a year, and I finally subscribed haha. Keep up the great work❤️


                                                                  Ahhh these flowers 💐 🌸😍

                                                                  Marissa Woods

                                                                    As much as I love your fitness and what you eat in a day videos, I think I'd be happy with anything you post! 😁 I was never into watching YouTube until I found your channel over a year ago. Love the genuineness of you and Kurt. I'm on day 3 of using Body Bloom and hoping it helps with my hormonal acne. I never had acne as a teen, but have struggled with it on and off for 10 years…it's time I figure this out!

                                                                    Dragana Stankovski

                                                                      Kurt's vlog in Sarah's style 😂 loved it. Such a beautifull beach! I honestly haven't seen those glass gems/rocks before o.o maybe in the EU we don't really have that..
                                                                      Definitely take it easy xx we love you. Thank you for your hard work but we don't want to see you getting burned out 🙁

                                                                      Anastasia Tremaskina

                                                                        Loooooove the video and the content you create!!! Rlly wanna see some kind of cooking videos, especially some baking/healthy treats ones! And btw there is our baby name clue?

                                                                        Regitze Kjeldal

                                                                          You're such a darl, just wanting to create fun content for us and stuff! But it's okay to chill a bit (especially since you only seem to do it like.. once in a blue moon 🌚)

                                                                          Hayley’s Habitat

                                                                            The most lovely couple! I would die if you did some sort of video series or even an e book or online course on editing because your videos blow me out of the water. When I watch your videos it gets me so pumped and makes me want to do so much more to my videos because well yours are BREATHTAKING but I’m pretty lost.
                                                                            Anyway I love you and your beautiful family sezzy

                                                                            Kirsty Johnson

                                                                              Sarah I love you videos!!😍 would you ever do an absolute beginners guide on what to buy for food? Like easy things to sub into your diet instead of unhealthy products?!! Xx

                                                                              Dominate Fitness

                                                                                Kurt is such a sweet human being. God really brought you someone special Sarah!!! You’re both going to be the best parents!

                                                                                Shannen Morris

                                                                                  The footage and editing on this is PERFECT!! and I agree with just doing cool stuff on Valentine’s Day! Chill dates are the best dates 👌🏻 also Kurt’s teeth look amazing!!

                                                                                  Heidi Brown

                                                                                    Love starting my morning off with a new Sezzy video!!

                                                                                    Chelsea Louise

                                                                                      You always have the best music in your vlogs! I don't know how to describe it haha. it's like, fresh. And I would love to see a what I eat in a day video! I want to see what your cravings and stuff are and how random it is. Love you!

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